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  1. I actually went and looked at the Patreon page of the Sonic Omens team and uh... wow.  35 patreons!  Heist of the century!!!!!

    It's definitely an awkward issue as to whether it's okay or not but they aren't exactly making bank and it's not like the product is a low quality scam or anything.

    (And I use the word "product" to mean "the thing they are producing", not an actual like, product-product, because it isn't one.)

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yup, and it’s so hidden that ironically the fans themselves are gonna cause Sega to take action sooner than anything. Might be good news to some, but for those actually worried about how SEGA will respond... yeah...

    2. JezMM


      Really doesn't seem worth bothering with, they're not charging for the game, the patreon is clearly intended as a tip jar, and they may be making as little as $35 a month on it.  The fact that there is the option to give money to the creators doesn't make it any more or less competing with official games than any other fangame.

    3. azoo


      If a sonic game came out exactly like this game (but without the “obvious fangame” qualities) the fanbase would be shitting themselves full stop

    4. DanJ86


      From what I've heard, Omens was originally called "Sonic 2020" and was more explicit in putting the game behind a paywall.

      If Sega caught wind of such activities, their is a risk of them pulling a Nintendo and killing the fan game community as a whole. I think that is a fair concern to have.

    5. Natie


      its not really about being considered a scam or anything, people are just afraid its gonna piss off sega and damage their relationship with fangaming, as patreons for other fan material have been DMCA'd and are technically against copyright law

      nobody would mind them making money for their work if it were allowed

    6. azoo


      Feel like if it were really that big of a deal sega would’ve done something by now. I dont even really support it myself but I also know fan art and remixes make profit and are in the same legal grey area. It’s not as deep as the wacked out and vocal side of the fan base are making it out to be, even if a bit dubious.

  2. Since everyone was talking about Sonic Omens I gave it a try and man it's 90% impressive stuff but that does mean the 10% of annoying "fangameness" just is all the more frustrating.  It's wild how consistently fangames like this that come so close to feeling like official products just can't help but do weird shit an official game would never do like use the Sonic X dub lemotif in cut-scenes or give Eggman visible eyes behind his sunglasses or whatever.  Stuff like this are pretty minor pet peeves but they still take me out of the experience.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      lol I noticed the X music in some footage and had a similar reaction. It's like the fan made Sonic OVA sequel (now cancelled) that went out of its way to make sure that we saw Sonic, Knuckles and Tails' bare feet, with all of them being uniquely design. That project never looked official, but it was trying to be worthy successor to the original OVA. I get it; these are all fan projects that and everyone is free to express their creativity any way that they see fit. But yeah, when they have such good production values or are at least trying to match the standards of official productions, quirks like these really hurt the whole experience. Eggman only ever had visible eyes in '06, but even then it was rare that you got to see them and Eggman had a very different design for that game. 

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Does this mean in the 2030s-2040s we're going to get a bunch of cutting edge Sonic Boom fangames?

    3. Soniman


      Tbh I'd love for character letimoffs to be used more in the series in cutscenes and stuff. But that fucking 4Kids Sonic theme is the worst one you could've picked. 

    4. DanJ86


      The idea of Sonic having a phone or living in a house didn't fit my head canon for some reason. Lol

    5. JezMM


      Yeah, the Eggman eyes were weird as hell in 2006 but they weren't so weird since it was a different art style (and they at least made the wise choice to keep the sunglasses opaque from the front).  This game seems to really want to look Unleashed-esque in terms of art style and then they make an odd choice like that.

  3. This video on Amy's worth as a character was really nicely done and deserves more attention than it's getting. Worth a watch whether you like or dislike Amy I feel!


    1. Speedi


      The world could always use more Sonic character propoganda.

  4. I'm bummed out that this Unleashed Wii mod for Generations no longer is downloadable because this footage of it has FINALLY confirmed something I've been obsessively suspicious of about the Wii/PS2 version of Unleashedfor years:

    As seen at 17:26 and 20:32, those mini, mission-exclusive acts that take place in areas never seen in the main day stages... they're all connected!  The developers were straight-up sitting on full length "Act 2" day stages for at least some of the countries and they never dang use them as such, even though it would've done wonders to balance out how horrendously Werehog-heavy the Wii/PS2 version is.

    The Jungle Joyride one in particular has haunted me for years because that area that follows the goal ring at 20:32 always LOOKED traversable, but you never got a good look at it in-game to be sure. Not only is it exactly what I thought, it leads straight to the cave area used for the ring collection mission.  You can even briefly see the long tree branch path area used in the secret final mission awarded for 100% completion way up in the sky a little beforehand, but the video creator didn't noclip up there (or past the final dead end room of the cave - I wonder if there was stuff beyond).  Wish I could explore this for myself but the mod is nowhere to be found now.

    1. jungle_penguins


      Nooooo, the fact that this has happened more than once for the series (Unleashed and Colors Wii). Dang

    2. JezMM


      Yeah I was likening it to Colours Wii in my head too!  At least that one - I think - doesn't leave any areas unused, even if they do break them apart into short levels.  Really wish I could noclip around and explore the maps of Unleashed Wii to find out for sure what's used and what wasn't on all maps, and whether the final secret mini Jungle Joyride Act is connected to the cliff/cave area as well or whether it's just contained on the same map file.  Also whether Holoska has a 2nd act at all... the only country that doesn't have any missions that take place on a different map from the story stage.

  5. Played so much Mario 35 today out of morbid curiosity for how long it lasts and/or trying to make sure I have a really satisfying final game.  I'm almost burned out on it but... as of 20 minutes ago, it was still playable. Is this really going to last as long as people don't turn off the game, I wonder?  Sleep mode didn't affect it when I went to work today so I'm fascinated to see if I can still start a game in the morning.

    1. Harkofthewaa


      Maybe it's like when Microsoft shut off the original Xbox Live so people went to play Halo 2 online for the last time. It turned out the games stayed open as long as people stayed on so people literally stayed connected for months till their Xbox's died.

  6. I'm thinking if "Balan Company" even go on to make another game under that name... they uhh... shouldn't have banked on their first game to represent their identity like that, huh.

    1. Strickerx5


      Well, tbf the character designs and animations are really the only highlights the game has so the name and logo themselves aren't terrible

      but it's highly unlikely they'll be doing anything after this imo

    2. Blue Blood
  7. Re-reading the Shadow "plothole" thread again, I realise now the real plothole is Shadow's eagerness to use guns considering his only experience of them prior to the game was his best friend/sister-figure being killed by one.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Maybe he wanted to exact "justice" the same way GUN did. Idk. The first gun he picked up was just one that was lying on the ground after a GUN soldier took a laser to the face. Maybe it was drastic measure?

    2. Soniman


      So he's not batman 

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      The real plothole is the friends he made along the way

  8. From the very start, Balan looked extremely reminiscent of *that* era of Sonic Team games to me - Sonic Heroes, Billy Hatcher, NiGHTS JoD, warts and all. Charming and well intentioned but just not good enough. Being proven wrong would've been a great thing, what a shame.

    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      I was never one who latched onto the whole "Balan is NiGHTS done right!" train, but man, does it suck that my doubts aren't looking unfounded so far.

      I'd kinda lost a bit of faith in Yuji Naka and was hoping this would mount it back up. Sadly doesn't seem to be the case so far.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Does this mean the "Sonic/SEGA needs Yuji Naka" stigma will be laid to rest, or what?

    3. Kuzu


      But muh ambition and passion. 

      So I guess you didn't enjoy what you played?

    4. Cayenne


      As soon as I saw Arzest's name in the development team, I knew that it wouldn't be well received. Most of their games are forgettable at best.

      I still want to give a chance to Balan...but not at full price. I may buy it in a sale or something.

    5. Piko


      I really wanted to like this game but it’s not looking too hot. That said, I still wanna give it a chance; I’ll just wait until a huge sale or something.

    6. JezMM



      Only been reading impressions so far and watched a bit of someone streaming it, but I'll definitely give it a go at some point just in case it turns out to have some surprise appeal to me.

  9. Another "Throwback Collection" Sonic EP that's just re-packaged bonus tracks from previous releases, bleh.  Wish they'd actually use this to release some deeper cut stuff, like some of the Mario & Sonic remixes.

    1. The Master

      The Master

      I honestly think after all the trouble Richard Jacques made for part 1, they have chickened out of experimenting. 

      At least they released one of the M&S remixes this year.


    2. JezMM


      Eh that drama was probably pretty small-scale in the grand scheme of things.  Only a select portion of the fanbase has any idea that it happened.  I'm guessing it's more that they just want to make a little extra easy cash by capitalising on this little "mini brand" they made but Tee and Jun aren't available to keep churning out remixes together so we get cheapskate efforts instead.

  10. Some fan art of Lah from Night of the Werehog for halloween!


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I didn't know she got an alternative outfit, so that's neat. Nice work!

  11. They released the presumed "Volume 2" of the Sonic Throwback Collection after the Tee Lopes/Jun Senoue tracks were released as "Volume 1"... and it's just a repackaging of bonus tracks from Sonic Gems Collection, Heroes and Shadow.  What a disappointment.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Eesh. First I'm hearing of this.

      It sounds to me like they had a release and production of new tracks planned, and unfortunately something got on the way thus meaning they had to hastily put something together in an effort not to lose money. It's not impossible that it was always planned for volume 2 to be this shoddy, but I'd be surprised if that was the case considering what went into volume 1.

    2. JezMM


      I just find it strange because there was no precedent that Volume 2 had to come any time sooner than it needed to.  It felt a bit more special than the random (but appreciated) compilations they throw up on Spotify all the time, I dunno.  It's a small thing but feels like it throws off the "brand" of what was established with volume 1.  You could make a case for the Gems Collection tracks (although one was already included in a compilation previously), but the Heroes and Shadow remixes aren't even throwbacks in any definition - they were made at the time of the original games' releases and were available on those soundtracks.

      They could at least have thrown in Ohtani's 2019 halloween remix of Pumpkin Hill which only ever got obscurely put onto the Japanese Sonic youtube channel.  Really nice little song (even though I now have to detach myself a bit to enjoy any of the SA2 Knuckles rap thanks to Hunnid-P's douchery).

  12. The time limit in classic Sonic games would be fine in theory if not for the exceptionally dumb decision to make the timer count up rather than down, and the slightly dumb decision to have it a flat 10 minutes regardless of how long/difficult the stage is, ensuring that it's a complete non-factor in gameplay until the player reaches the point where they are already being tested just fine by the game as is, time limit or not.

    1. Milo


      i'm not part of the group that really emphasizes this philosophy; but i imagine those who emphasize sonic 1/2 as being more "arcade-style" in structure (unlike CD/3&K/M) would say the ten minute limit is a component of that design; when the stages were shorter and were more linear/less segregated in routes and the games didn't have save states.

      as for the timer counting up....got me there. i'm not really bothered by it but i can't really give an explanation for that choice either. maybe it's something to differentiate from Mario where the timer counts down? or for speedrunners to show how fast their level playthroughs are (where that might be harder to discern from a timer counting down)?

      but with all that said, the time limit stuff is among the things i would like to see addressed and changed around for a new genesis sonic game that had its system mechanics reworked for the modern age of platformers. a wider range of time limits to accommodate the length/difficulty of stages as you said; the timer reworked where when the time runs out, you don't die, but you lose the time bonus score mechanic; boss fights having their own time limits instead of sharing one for the zone, monitors/powerups that replenish lost time, etc.

      and then if necessary, you could have the modernized approach as the "standard" difficulty mode, but then have the time limit system as it is in the original games as a "hard/classic" mode for purists and challenge seekers

    2. Celestia


      It's funny because I'd wager if I hadn't played 3&K/Mania or possibly CD, I wouldn't have even known about the time limit's existence. And even in 3&K I think I only found out because of the cursed barrel.

      I don't like time limits in platformers unless it's specific levels or possibly even an entire game built entirely around them, which you can do fun stuff with. Otherwise they just bother me on principle, like ok I get it I have to get a move on, alright, fine!!

  13. After seeing mention again of Sonic's real name in Archie Sonic being "Olgilvie" I was about to make a joking update about how I'd be fine with every Archie character getting added to the canon games if I could just get through the remainder of my life without ever being reminded that Archie Sonic introduced that horrific piece of lore to the public.

    But after looking into how it came about, I see that it was actually an intended but unused piece of Ken Penders bullshit and has been officially confirmed as non-canon since and I've never been happier.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Nicky is the far superior real name, but now I can't help but notice the coincidental disney joke if you named him Nicky Needlemouse

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I always thought it was supposed to be "Sonny," which is what Uncle Chuck always called him; and Sonic was his nickname for reasons none of us could ever imagine.

  14. While it's theoretically a shame about the Michel Ancel news, I'm not the biggest Rayman fan and wasn't super keen on what BG&E2 was turning into anyway so I'm not too bummed out if this affects the future of those games. Good luck to him with his noble career switch.

    1. Thigolf


      Ancel seemed like the one person in Ubisoft who wanted to work with the Rayman IP still. Ubisoft themselves couldn't even bother with a single tweet for his 25th anniversary. The future for the franchise seems even bleaker than before.

      I'm happy Michel is following his passion, but fuck does this sting as a Rayman fan.

  15. Dreamt that I got 3D All-Stars and I'm pleased to confirm some features that went unreported previously:

    - Sunshine let's you unlock Rosalina (in a long Mario dress) as a playable character

    - Galaxy now has full voice acting (and Toadsworth is in the intro for some reason)

    - Wind Waker lets you create your own mini custom overworlds by slotting new & old islands together on a map like Dampé in Link's Awakening Switch.


    ...Yeah the dream lost track of the narrative a little towards the end there I think.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Dreams are weird. On the morning of the Mario Direct, I coincidentally had a dream that the 35th anniversary game was a  3D Mario Maker. It had options to make the game look like 64, 3d World, and Odyssey, game play mechanics and all.

      By the end of it, it was demonstrating Amiibo compatibility, and the return of the costume mushroom, and this time, even the bosses can take on the form of whatever Amiibo you use. The example in the trailer was Doomguy over King Bob-Omb. It was... quite a sight seeing Mario tossing DoomGuy onto the ground.

  16. Man, Sonic 3D in 2D is disappointing. It looked pretty well put together and I was looking forward to having a decent game to enjoy the soundtrack of a mediocre game to, but the level design is obsessed with punishing the player by throwing them onto an earlier part of the stage. Played the same bits of Rusty Ruin Act 2 over and over to the point I got a Time Over. The only solace was that I got it literally right next to the last checkpoint I passed (about 5 minutes prior, I went round in circles that much) so I lost no progress lol. In the end I quit after I thought I had finally found the path forward and it pretty much just lead me straight back to the beginning of the stage, which I was already sick of seeing.

  17. A random thought, but now that all controllers have a control stick (unlike the original where Wii Remote alone was a control option), it'd be cool if 3D World on Switch provides the option to "unlock" the directional movement so you're no longer restricted to 8 directions.

  18. Sonic Games: No Ice Cap because we don't own the music

    The Music: Here's Ice Cap

  19. Imagine a world where Sonic Mania came out a bit sooner, in time for Smash Bros 4, so we could have Green Hill and Studiopolis for Sonic's stages instead of Green Hill and Green Hill (but in the sky)

    1. Diogenes


      green hill and green hill (mania version)

    2. KHCast


      I’d have honestly taken Green Hill (beach version) over Green Hill (sky version) tbh. I find windy hill so boring and sterile to look at. At least seaside hill would have had a whale doing shit in the background. 

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Windy Hill being in Smash feels like the tone deaf demands of some executive and not the choice of anyone who has any real interest or passion for Sonic. Sonic has so many iconic, creative and distinct locations and they chose Green Hill and Basically Green Hill. What about Casino Night? Labyrinth? The Egg Carrier? The Ark? Death Egg? Chemical Plant? Grand Metropolis? Rooftop Run? Windmill Isle? Water Palace? Planet Wisp? Egg Fleet? Station Square? City Escape? Sand Oasis? Literally anything from Colours? Those are just a few from the variety of the distinct locations from series that series had pre-Smash 4. 

      If they weren't willing to go for anything from that list, I don't see why they'd have picked Studiopolis. The next time a Sonic game has some old locations remixed (which hopefully won't be in any mainline game in the foreseeable future...), Stupiopolis really should be a shoe-in. It's such a good showing for Mania.

    4. JezMM


      I do think Windy Hill was... fine in the context of it being Sonic's only stage in Smash 4, like, sure, fine, represent the latest game, that's how they pick the new stage for most franchises, and Windy Hill is the most iconic stage in the game (which says something for how generic the other stages are in Lost World that none stand-out like your Chemical Plants, Rooftop Runs or Planet Wisps do).  The only issue was the fallout from this decision when they made Ultimate not have many new stages.  Sonic was left with one iconic stage and one stage from a random release at one point in time that was fine when it wasn't alongside the very stage that inspired it.

      I feel in this very specific scenario I came up with, Studiopolis would've been a reasonable pick considering that was the song chosen to represent Mania in Ultimate.  Essentially like... yeah I agree, Windy Hill was a tone-deaf executive decision, but had Mania been the most recent game, that same tone-deaf decision-making WOULD have probably resulted in Studiopolis lol.


      The biggest thing that ticks me off is that, while Windy Hill is the only real "top-tier iconicity" choice for Lost World, Frozen Factory's Casino is on that second-tier below and would've nicely represented one of the franchise's most recurring locales.  And at the very least in Ultimate, it would've provided somewhere to play all the Sonic music that just does not fit either Green Hill environment (such as... all three new songs they so graciously spoiled us with).

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I dunno. Personally, I think that as long as GHZ already existed in some form in Smash in the past (not to mention that it was in Smash 3DS which Nintendo treated as equal to Smash Wii U), then Windy Hill should have been totally off the cards.

    6. Milo


      Almost any other zone from Lost World besides Windy Hill (and Sky Road, since it's just Windy Hill surrounded by clouds) would had made more sense. Even Frozen Factory, which is just Windy Hill with ice and factory gears, would had been an improvement.

      And not creating any new stages from Mania or even Forces (in regards to the non-rehashed stages, like the white Metropolis Zone and the Egg Empire Fortress; even Sunset Heights/Park Avenue despite being "destroyed City Escape/Rooftop Run") was an equally lame decision.

      It's lame representation like that which makes feel we would had lost nothing from Sonic not brought back for Ultimate or any future Smash Bros. games; because the creative allowance is so minuscule it may as well not even matter.

  20. Battle of the "Low-Def" reworked Sonic games!  Unleashed Wii/PS2 vs Colours DS vs Generations 3DS vs Lost World 3DS

    How would you rank 'em?

    1. JezMM


      While Sonic 1 8-bit almost qualifies, I didn't include it since only 50% of the zones match the "main" version, and obviously, if Sonic 1 8-bit was included, it'd defeat the purpose of asking which of these games is the best.


      Anyway, while I'd probably go for Unleashed as my desert island game if I only had these to choose from because I'd take a poor man's version of that over nothing, I'd say Colours DS is probably the best of these four in terms of objective quality. Not a bad little game at all.  I'd say Generations 3DS is probably the worst. Lost World 3DS has about one act per zone that is terrible but the good stages are much better than Generations 3DS' entirely bland experience.

    2. Guy Strong

      Guy Strong

      Colors DS>Unwiished>Lost World 3DS>Generations 3DS.

      The only one I've played extensively is Unleashed since I had it on ps2 before the ps3 version came out. But as a Rush fan, Colors DS fails to be a Rush 3 removing the tricking system and tension gauge, but it still isn't bad to play. I've never played Lost World 3DS but having owned the 3DS Generations I'm inclined to say that yeah, I doubt it's worse than that. Plus I like that it's actually a 3D game.

    3. NegaMix


      Colours DS is my favourite of the four, no contest. I genuinely prefer it in many areas over the Wii version and, while a step down from the Rush games before it, I still go back to it every now and then for my Sonic fix.

      The other three are all kinda just... there to me. I can't compare Lost World 3DS to the console/PC version since I never played the latter, but it had a lot of frustrating moments near the end that soured the experience for me. I barely remember my time with Unwiished (the PS2 version, specifically) and Generations 3DS is just so bland overall, but at least it gave us some more cool music tracks.

    4. Sean


      I'm not too crazy about Colors but it's the only one I'd consider decent in its own right and having some worthwhile advantages over its main counterpart. I haven't played SLW beyond the demo but Unleashed felt somewhat worthless.

      EDIT: Almost forgot about Generations, I thought it was fun but half-baked, I'd probably rank that one the best

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Unleashed Wii/PS2 > Generations 3DS > Colours DS >>>>>>> Lost World 3DS

      Lost World 3DS is terribad. The normal game is already clunky and boring but at least it's over quickly. The 3DS version feels better but takes way longer with the most non-Sonic level design the series has ever seen. Rise of Lyric feels more like a Sonic game to me than Lost World 3DS and that's just sad.

  21. Was chatting IRL about how good the IDW comics are for telling a more serious Sonic with story and how it's a shame such stories are confined to spin-off media, but then I WAS hit with the realisation that if these kind of stories were in the games, they'd have to be... uh... voice acted.  Maybe it is for the best they leave this stuff for the unspoken medium, unless they overhaul the quality of the voice acting and tone down some of the goofier cartoon character voices (Vector, Cream, Big etc).

    While I do sort read the comics with the character voices in my head, they're a more more subtle, well-acted version lol.

    1. Sean


      Maybe it's because I'm a fucking weeb but imagining the comics using reasonable facsimiles of the Japanese voices helps me take them a bit more seriously than if I read them using the current English VAs

    2. shdowhunt60


      That is sort of an issue isn't it? Reading over a lot of Sonic's lines with Roger Craig Smith's perpetually insincere version of Sonic doesn't sit well with me.


    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I mean that's the thing with comics and book adaptations in general. You can make them say whatever they in whatever tone the situation calls for without fear of it being read in the characters ear bleeding voice-


    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It's true

      Doesn't stop them from trying.


    5. StaticMania


      Man, that would be neat.

      These comics should be VA'd.

    6. Dejimon11


      Ok so the official localization of that comic Donald just straight up says "It'll just make everybody confused so just go with it".  

    7. shdowhunt60


      For what it's worth though, Ian says he writes his Eggman lines with Mike Pollock in mind, and my god, it totally fits.

    8. Ferno


      biased here but tbh i wanna hear the current voice cast under the direction of like, Funimation or Viz tbh. the same VAs of the current sonic cast does voice work for those anime dubbing companies all the time and sound great, but something seems to go weird whenever whatever game recording studio they record at directs them for the games

    9. Soniman


      So we shouldn't have good stories unless the entire cast is replaced??

    10. Ferno


      not replaced, just, directed better imo. heck even the 4kids cast sounded better once they started getting better direction

    11. JezMM


      Yeah I should clarify, I like the current voices for the most part, but better direction is definitely needed, and performing a line with a believable sense of human emotion needs to be deemed more important than putting on a particular cartoon voice (for characters like I mentioned, Big, Vector, Cream etc).

      I recently replayed Heroes and I really wish that voice actor for Vector stayed around.  He only let that "cartoon crocodile voice" come out when he was yelling and such, whereas his normal speaking voice was fairly subtle.  I remember playing Team Rose first, so his cut-scene where he goes "Excuse me Miss, I was wondering if I could ask you something" and actually being blown away by how much he sounded EXACTLY like what I imagined Vector sounding like in my head reading Sonic the Comic as a kid.  Meanwhile, all VAs for Vector since are "goofy crocodile voice first, nuance second" and it makes it impossible to imagine him giving a serious performance when necessary.

  22. I know mocking SA1's cut-scenes is pretty low-hanging fruit but this one doesn't come up much:

    I can't get over how this tracking shot that's clearly designed to just follow the character somehow goes wrong and has to be manually corrected at the end

    1. JezMM
    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Looool I've never noticed that before 

      I can forgive the extreme full facial animations at a time when many 3D games were still being praised for Thunderbirds-esque lip quivering instead of bobbing heads, and the hammy voice acting when the entire concept was still a novelty. But this? Lol no. It's a set camera file. If someone wrote in a script to make the camera pan from right to left like that and then suddenly pan back right at the end to correct the positioning, the script could have been slightly re-written to stop earlier. It can't really be excused no matter how you try to slice it.

    3. Thigolf


      Ahaha, that's hilarious. I love it.

    4. N000


      Now I don't know what was and wasn't available to them in their animation software back then but for a basic tracking shot like this you can literally parent the camera to the character and then no matter what kind of crazy stunts the character does, that camera will stay locked on to a fault. 

      It feels like they literally had the engine running, set up Amy's default walk cycle and screen recorded them controlling the camera with directional keys or something. It'd explain why Amy walks in and the track is fine, she then catches the artist off guard when she stops and they quickly hit the opposite directional key to go back.


  23. It's neat that Sonic & Tails' endings in Sonic Adventure are all retro and evoke the endings of the older, voiceless, (relatively) storyless games... but it drives me nuts how they play their main themes for a minute and then start the track over again when the credits begin lol

  24. Kind of in the mood to replay Sonic Adventure 1. What mods would folks recommend? I'm sure I could find widescreen or Dreamcasty stuff by googling but just wondering if there's any other stuff that improves the game that might not be so obvious.

    1. Wraith


      The dreamcast conversion mod does a lot of bug/collision/camera fixing and comes with some stuff you can toggle so I'd maybe mess around with that first and see if you want something more specific after

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Which version of SADX do you have? Obviously I recommend the DC conversion mod and Better SADX, both of which restore features and graphics lost in the multiple ports over the years and add in proper widescreen. And beyond those, I'd not really recommend anything else for a vanilla SA1 playthrough. They bring everything else to a really good standard. 

      You could download the randomiser for some fun after you've beaten the game already, but it's pretty hit and miss in terms of what's fun. Modifications have been made to ensure that it's all beatable as any character, but no matter how you slice it it's not fun trying to navigate through the tiny platforms of Sky Deck as Big...

    3. Tracker_TD



      I may have gone a little overboard.

    4. JosepHenry
    5. JezMM


      Lol I downloaded Better SADX which comes with all those to begin with it seems so I just left them as they came.

    6. Sean



      The mod installer streamlines the process by installing everything for you (while guiding you through options you may want to enable/disable).

    7. Plumbers_Helper


      The first thing I recommend is the SADX Mod Installer, It conveniently installs the SADX Mod Loader(needed to use mods), SADX Fixed Edition and the following optional mods:

      Lantern Engine: recreates the Dreamcast version's lighting system. (Highly recommended)

      Dreamcast Conversion Mod: In addition to using the original game's textures, it fixes nearly countless bugs and special effects. (Highly recommended)

      SADX Style Water: If you prefered how the water looked in the Gamecube version of the game, then use this. If you want a more authentic Dreamcast experience, and selected the Dreamcast Conversion Mod previously, then uncheck the box for the SADX Style Water Mod. Here's an article explaining more about the water differences in different ports.(Optional)

      Dreamcast Character Packs: Adds the Dreamcast models for the playable characters back to the game, here's a blog post explaining why you might prefer to use the Dreamcast Models. I personally prefer the Dreamcast Models. (Recommended) If you prefer the models from the SADX version and the inconsistent use of the models doesn't bother you, then I highly recommend the MimicDCTextures Mod. It adds the more detailed Dreamcast textures on to the SADX Models.

      Onion Skin Blur: When Sonic Adventure was originaly released in Japan, when Sonic ran at full speed his feet would blur and stretch like in the the classic games. This adds the blur, but if you want the stretchy shoes then you need the Dreamcast Characters mod and enable it in the SADX Mod Loader. I recommend setting the shoe behavior to LSShoesMorphs so the effect continues to work when Sonic gets the Light Speed Shoes. Additionally I recommend setting Enable EV Sky Chase and Consistency Additions for better model consistency. (Recommended)

      HD GUI 2: adds higher resolution textures for menus, icons, ect. (Recommended)

      Sound Overhaul: adds higher quality sound from the Dreamcast version. Also fixes sound issue and restores missing sound effects. (Highly recommend)

      Super Sonic: Allows you to play as Super Sonic in Action Stages after beating the Final Story. (Optional)

      DLC Mod: Adds the original Dreamcast game's DLC. Each DLC can be enabled and disabled in the SADX Mod Loader. (Optional)

      That's all the mods included in the Installer, heres a few more mods that help improve the game:

      Fixes, Adds, and Beta Restores: As the name implies, fixes glitches, adds additional content, and restores then found inside the game or from betas. (Highly recommended) However, while the majority of the options in this mod improve the game, there are a few beta options that do negatively effect it. Here's what I recommend disabling in this mod with the SADX Mod Loader: Perfect Chaos Extended Attack Pattern - it makes that animation of Super Sonic Attacking Perfect Chaos take much longer and look awkward. Level Clear Ending Animations - it makes Sonic awkwardly walk and jump into the lights in the cutscene after Red Mountain. This is because this normally unused part of the cutscene is based on the older layout for the stage, it can be fixed if you use the Autodemo Red Mountain Mod, but if you want to play the level with it's layout as released without a broken cutscene then disable it. Chaos 0 Decorations - adds trees to the Chaos 0 fight. These trees are not added to the same area in Station Square so disable for better consistency. In-Game Animation, TGS Mode, SPR Task - they are activated by a button combination and could accidentally be activated in game.

      Palette Fixes: Models that aren't effected by the night time lighting in the Lantern Engine Mod are fixed. (Recommended)

      Egg Carrier Ocean Music: When revisiting the Egg Carrier after it's crashed into the ocean, it's supposed to play a different remix of the Egg Carrier theme. Normally this music is only played briefly in Gamma's cutscene when visiting for the first time. (Recommended)

      Disable Upgrade Models: Use if you don't like the look of the upgrades on the characters. (Optional)

      These aren't mods, but here's some setting in the SADX Mod Loader that help improve the game.

      In Cheats, I recommend enabling the following: Enable Global Light Direction Globally, Longer Title Card Display, and Use Tornado 2 Health Bar in Sky Chase Zone Act 2. You can also select Have All Upgrades if you would rather have all upgrades from the start.

      In Graphics, after setting what resolution you want, set Background & FMV Fill Mode to Fill. This will fix a glitch that happens in three or four cutscenes when playing the game in widescreen.

  25. The SA2 Chao music is much more fit-for-purpose, but dang if the SA1 Chao music isn't more enjoyable to listen to out-of-context, so full of energy and excitement. I'm kinda glad I got to hear them in reverse order due to playing the SA games via the Gamecube ports. SA1 feels like the upgraded sequel versions of SA2's twee midi music (I mean... only the main garden theme is the same melody but yeah).

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The SA2 Chao Garden music is just so bleh.  It's fine and whatever, but Chao raising is honestly kind of a boring task where you don't do much except wait. The music for the garden really doesn't help it to be more enjoyable. At least in SA1 you can feel like there's a party going on. 

    2. JezMM


      I used to really enjoy just hanging out in the Hero Garden for a long time watching my chao because the music is really pleasant there.  But mandatorily raising my dark chao downstairs was really depressing lol.

    3. iambitter21


      it think sa1's music is a bit too loud and rambunctious for a peaceful, laidback Chao Garden Sub-Game. sa2's music is a much better fit, it's calm, it's peaceful, and it has a good atmosphere. it's my favorite of the three Chao Garden themes of sa2.

    4. neezTHEhuman


      SA1 has 3 Chao gardens, the Egg Carrier one has to be my fave.

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