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  1. For some reason I’ve had the strangest urge to play Sonic 4 again.  Specifically Ep 2 but I’m too particular about my gaming so obviously I have to play Ep 1 and Metal again before doing so coz otherwise I feel like I’m starting the game halfway through.

    Anyway I do like Sonic 4 (only like) but man every time I play I have to re-get used to ignoring Classic Sonic urges like rolling around and trusting in the scripting to get me places where I’d normally secure my route through the air with an air dash (where doing so 90% of the time will send you into spikes or a pit rather than the exact aerial path the developers intended).

    Also I’m on a new PC so had no save data thus played through the Special Stages again.  It’s one of the only game experiences I can think of where my default hand position is left thumb on the d-pad, right thumb on the start button because cheaply pausing before I die/run out of time is so necessary to play all the Special Stages during the adventure due to how limited your chances to get into them are.

    Also finally on this playthrough I figured out the trick to the spiky water chamber in Lost Labyrinth 3.  I’ll probably forget how to do it again next time.

    1. JezMM


      Good thing we have that handy Read More on the main page to not clutter up the statuses with this.

    2. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Sonic 4 is my guilty pleasure game. I love the game but damn it has major flaws. 

    3. TheOcelot


      Haven't played Ep1 for ages. Time to rectify this.

      Oh and I never use the restart option for the special stages due to pride, I guess :)

      It's a big ask to get 7 emeralds in 12 acts so I understand why people use restart.

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