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  6. Just put the dancing in as a minigame or use it for some other purpose, like simple key puzzles (like ocarina songs in Zelda or something). Something cleverer than that as a proper tertiary mechanic would be cool but I'd settle for the former.
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  8. It's definitely not for me, the idea of playing some of the bigger AAA titles like Zelda and Mario handheld only seems insane to me, playing those for the first time on a TV was incredibly important. But... now that I've finished my first playthrough of them, I almost entirely play my Switch handheld, especially for more casual/non-atmospheric games like Sonic Mania, Mario Maker, Baba is You, etc. I completely understand that a LOT of folks just see video games as an entertainment to pass the time - playing their first playthrough on a TV for the atmospheric experience is not important at all to them. It's definitely a cool alternative to have for those who want it at a cheaper price point. The lack of kickstand is definitely pretty bizarre though, that's the only major fault I have with it - that one thing tips it over from encouraging single player to actively DISCOURAGING local multiplayer". Having said that, pretty much every multiplayer game I'm aware of has multi-console linking so PROBABLY from a business standpoint, Nintendo are more interested in encouraging family-members/friends to buy a Switch Lite each rather than extra joycons for one.
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  10. The only part of the intro that bothers me is the weird scrolling slideshow of her waking up and looking out her window etc. It went by too fast for me to parse what was even happening until I'd watched a couple of extra times. Embracing the slideshow and using flashes to cut between each panel would've made it a lot clearer, the fact that it scrolls from moment to moment just messes up my ability to interpret the scene for some reason. It's definitely a shame that it's only 30 seconds long, but still, a cool thing to have.
  11. JezMM


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  12. A difficult thing with Mania is that, like many, I first played it at launch where it was an incredibly disjointed experience narratively. It still isn't perfect but I wish I could judge the final product with fresh eyes, where the foreshadowing of the Titanic Monarch halfway through would be, y'know, foreshadowing coz I didn't know what the final stage was when I first played - now I do. Etc Etc. I think Colours, Lost World and Forces are all about on equal ground. I definitely appreciated the ATTEMPT at something more serious in Forces but they all fell kinda flat for some reason or another. For Colours, it was nothing becoming of Yacker's disappearance, and the fact that the overall plan is solved by an accident/coincidence that occured in the first zone of the game. Lost World was just all over the place, with Tails being completely overdramatic and the story sending a lot of mixed signals as to whether Sonic was supposed to learn a lesson about acting before thinking or not. And Forces just had a bunch of holes and failed to live up to a bunch of promises the promo material implied (like the returning villians being at all significant). Honestly, Fire & Ice wasn't bad. It didn't resort to a macguffin plot, instead opting for the overall cut-scenes being influenced by a game-long chase sequence, there was plenty of humour and to the GREAT credit of a handheld spin-off title team, all the cut-scenes were fully voiced and animated, no talking heads and text boxes to be found - a series first on handheld. It's only downfall is that there isn't anything to be emotionally invested in and no big drama as the game comes to a climax (instead feeling kind of more like you're just playing a more action-focused episode of the TV show), but at least, unlike the mainline games, it wasn't TRYING to achieve that and failing.
  13. The specific issue is that they were building for more powerful consoles, then SEGA shifted development to the Wii U as part of their three-game exclusive deal going on with Nintendo at the time, and the engine being used for Boom (I think it was Unreal?) had next to no documentation or compatibility with being port to the Wii U. They spent a huge deal of time just trying to get the game to run on the Wii U at all, so if anything major got cut it was likely due to that timesink (although content gets cut from in-development games all the time and it's important to not get too attached to stuff that doesn't show up in the final game - it's often for a good reason or ended up changing into some other content as development progressed).
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