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    Nintendo, Sonic, Writing, Drawing, Cats and Mollfie are the things that make me much happier than the things that don't make me happy.
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  1. Man the Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 remixes are very cool but so teasingly short lol My Sweet Passion and Palmtree Panic were probably the highlights for me but there's not much to them. The Supporting Me remix is pretty awesome too (though it's mostly an original melody with some backing elements from the original song).

    Also wow they really went hard on the title screen theme lol, love it.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I've peeped it a little bit, I haven't had too much time to play through it yet, but I do like it so far. What I really want is to know how to add friends and see that I'm last place out of all of them XD

    2. Faseeh


      There's some genuinely great stuff in here, I'm surprised they made so much music for this mobile game.

    3. DryLagoon


      I'm convinced the games are just an excuse for the artists to make as much music and remixes as they want. lol

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