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  1. Dreamt that I got 3D All-Stars and I'm pleased to confirm some features that went unreported previously:

    - Sunshine let's you unlock Rosalina (in a long Mario dress) as a playable character

    - Galaxy now has full voice acting (and Toadsworth is in the intro for some reason)

    - Wind Waker lets you create your own mini custom overworlds by slotting new & old islands together on a map like Dampé in Link's Awakening Switch.


    ...Yeah the dream lost track of the narrative a little towards the end there I think.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Dreams are weird. On the morning of the Mario Direct, I coincidentally had a dream that the 35th anniversary game was a  3D Mario Maker. It had options to make the game look like 64, 3d World, and Odyssey, game play mechanics and all.

      By the end of it, it was demonstrating Amiibo compatibility, and the return of the costume mushroom, and this time, even the bosses can take on the form of whatever Amiibo you use. The example in the trailer was Doomguy over King Bob-Omb. It was... quite a sight seeing Mario tossing DoomGuy onto the ground.

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