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    Nintendo, Sonic, Writing, Drawing, Cats and Mollfie are the things that make me much happier than the things that don't make me happy.
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    Broadstairs, UK

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Draws, jokes, plays games.  Slightly bitter about having to grow up.  In love with and married to Mollfie.

Check out my art here or my weekly humour comic series here.

Gaming Info (previously in signature but removed on account of anti-socialness and most of it being barely relevant to my playing habits):

NNID: Jez-MM (Splatoon, Smash, MK8) | Steam (L4D/L4D2) | Battle.net: JezMM#2785 (Overwatch) | PSO2 JP (Ship 02) Username: JezMM - Characters: Beatroot, LiFi)
Please message me here before sending friend requests on any of the above (or other social apps/services) if your displayed name does not match your SSMB one.


I am most well known on Sonic Stadium for not actually being a girl, pizza analogies and drawing porn.

...Is what I once closed this profile out with, but most of these refer to events/in-jokes that are years and years old now.

And I don't draw porn as often these days.

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