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  3. Advance 1 I agree with the general consensus that it's probably the best of the games objectively speaking, though it isn't my favourite of the three. I have a distinct, potent nostalgia for it though due to playing it a LOT on a particular summer holiday to France as a kid. Despite the ice level it feels like a relaxing, summer afternoon sort of game, I really enjoy how chilled out the soundtrack is for most of the game. The special stages are way too well hidden with awful depth perception though, and considering how nicely made the rest of the game is, the true final boss is boring (the heck was up with that music, it sounds like pre-boss cut-scene stuff rather than an exciting finale - at the very least, the regular and true final boss themes probably should've been swapped). Advance 2 is my favourite, but due to entirely subjective reasons. I had no idea it was coming out and my Dad was kind enough to buy it for me after I saw it at the supermarket one day. I felt like I had discovered an entire Sonic game that no-one knew about that had just appeared out of thin air (the fact that a new character I'd never seen before and looked really interesting was on the box helped enhance this a lot too), and it was really cool to take it home and dive into this game I knew absolutely nothing about. Again, the fact that this was during a holiday off school helped to boost the nostalgia value as the game became my life for the next week or so. I was really blown away by the speed - after recently being blown away by Green Forest on Sonic Adventure 2, it was exceptional seeing that kind of pace of gameplay on a handheld console for the first time in my life. The gameplay is definitely too simple, I don't really go back to it much these days, but I'll always have a personal fondness for it. Everything related to the Special Stages is crap, including how basic features from Advance 1 got made into unlockables through them. Oh, amazing soundtrack though, and while I never got to hear it in person, the true final boss didn't disappoint this time. It's definitely a game that's style over substance but... nowadays, looking back, one game that does that is fine in the grand scheme of the series. I'm happy to settle for "it's a mediocre game objectively speaking but it sure blew my mind as a young teenager" because that experience was still valuable to me. Advance 3 I don't care for. Feels like it tried to find a middleground between the first two and they didn't gel. I haven't played it in maybe a decade now because the last time I gave it a second chance, it let me down, so I can't really talk much detail about it other than recalling that apathy. Despite the improvements, the special stage system still asked far too much of the player and I never managed to beat the whole game. Great soundtrack as usual, with Chaos Angel being one of my favourite final stage themes in the series (with the progression between Act 1 to Act 2 to Act 3 being *chef's kiss* perfect - shame Act 3's gameplay was so shite, that should've been Act 2). Unlike the other two games though, there is a dip in quality in the middle - I find Toy Kingdom and Twinkle Snow to be fairly forgettable songs, and I don't like the remixes of Techno Base from Advance 2 as much as the original - so getting three variants of it got tedious. Actually, on that note three acts per zone felt very much like quantity over quality. With the exception of Chaos Angel Act 3 (again, shite) there's nothing of interest between different acts, it just makes the visuals and the novelty of each zone's unique gimmicks wear out interest before you're done with each zone. The only benefit to the three act system is that, for the zones I do like the music of, Act 2 tends to do a good job of bridging the neutral Act 1 and intense Act 3 themes (again, especially in Chaos Angel's case). The hub world was also pointless filler and to be honest, I never really cared for the character system. I'd always rather have one character that is always fun to play as than a bunch of choices with weird quirks, where you end up either finding out that character choice doesn't really matter because every level must be beatable by every combo, or matters too much, where you find a certain chao can only be reached by certain character abilities when scouring levels for them is already a chore (I don't think this is the case though... which just goes back to the first issue). So yeah, Advance 1 is the best, Advance 2 is my favourite, Advance 3 is Advance 3.
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  5. Probably no point beating this dead horse much further than this but the quick catch-up version is that for people who grew up with the Playstation and Final Fantasy VII, he's the most iconic video game villian of their generation. I know next to nothing about him because I don't care about Final Fantasy and never had a Playstation, but I know that much that he's a huge deal. So... yeah that's why your original post was met with such surprise. I actually thought you were just making the old sword-user comment as a joke to be sarcastic about what a huge deal he is, lol.
  6. I'm not into Final Fantasy much but I really enjoy Midgar as a stage and I'm excited for it to have more than two songs.
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  8. Eggman really felt like a shoe-in for a boss-styled Assist Trophy, swinging his ball and chain back and forth from Sonic 1 (especially since that made a return for Forces), but perhaps they felt he'd be too similar in style to Wily. Knuckles made perfect sense as the second best choice for AT, although giving him the Homing Attack was a little strange. As someone who most values stages and music in Smash, I'm definitely bummed by what Sonic got in Ultimate, but if major franchises like Kirby and Pokémon didn't get a new stage it's not like Sonic was gonna lol. Even though Generations and Mania were of great success, it does seem like Sonic has slipped down a few notches in terms of public conciousness lately - maybe they just didn't feel he was worth the effort. It's disappointing that there aren't any new remixes for him AGAIN but I can respect the decision that Sakurai kind of let the musicians take on whatever tracks they fancied doing (I think he mentioned that somewhere)... even if everyone on the music team ended up having massive boners for Mega Man and Castlevania music it turns out lmao. At least the three tracks they added were sensible picks from the two games since Smash 4 but yeah, it's all still way too "main theme song" heavy. As said, stages/music are the most valuable thing for me in terms of new Smash content, and Ultimate definitely comes off as a little unrepresentative for many franchises due to a similar issue to the whole "characters never grow out of their initial movesets" thing BlackLightning mentioned. A lot of franchises are hugely represented by stages/music/assorted content that highlighted the game that had just come out for that franchise at the time of a certain Smash game's release, but that game turned out to be a bit of a footnote in the wider picture of the franchise (Gamer, Windy Hill Zone, Pac-Land (which was fine when accompanied by Pac-Man Maze on 3DS, in Smash 4's grander picture, but not so much standalone) etc. I mean... I fully respect it would've been so much work to fill in those gaps for each franchise with either a newer stage or an obvious stage that never got picked the first time around (still SO WEIRD that there's no Bowser's Castle stage after all this time) but it's one of those annoyances that I can only appreciate when I put my entitlement aside and think about the development challenges. As a consumer, with the game in my hands though, it just feels like stuff is missing for so many franchises, in terms of what we had come to expect to be added in each new installment. And... Ultimate was very much sold as a new installment, not "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch", the deluxe version of Smash 4, etc. And even following that conclusion... I still have to add the disclaimer that this post is putting a magnifying glass on a nitpick and that the amount of entertainment value I have gotten out of Ultimate has been phenomenal overall.
  9. Min Min was not an Assist Trophy, so this does nothing to suggest that Shadow has a chance to get upgraded. The only time that's ever happened was with Little Mac, and it happened between games rather than via DLC.
  10. I put tons of hours into it on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle back in the day, and I treasure those memories fondly, but I don't care at all whether it comes back or not now. I wasn't interested in going back into it properly when the HD release of SA2 came around - I powered through it as efficiently as I could just to unlock Green Hill and that was it. Even if I lose my save data for the PC version of SA2 now, it's so easy to obtain a 100% save file compared to back in the console days, I can safely say I will probably never play the Chao Garden again for the remainder of my life - which is a little sad but, as said, it had it's time for me. Even as early as when Sonic Adventure DX came out, I barely touched that version of the Chao Garden (I tried it out a bit, but the unrefined nature of the the SA1 Chao Gardens bugged me since I played the games in reverse order as a Nintendo player). I used to be right there with everyone that making it into a mobile game is a genius move, but with each passing year the nostalgia for the chao gardens by casual Sonic players grows smaller. They're not the MOST marketable creatures to non-Sonic-fans - they're cute enough but I don't think they have the most widespread appeal - and tons of people don't even know how to pronounce their name properly. I'm not sure if it would be the hit it once had the potential to be. And I think casual mobile market has different priorities to the hardcore gaming market, which most diehard Sonic fans who want Chao Gardens back are. I feel appealing to one would alienate the other, and unfortunately the former is more likely to earn revenue for them. I'd be impressed if a mobile Chao Garden game could capture both audiences. As for bringing back Chao Gardens for a mainstream game, I think that'll only work out if the main game is high quality too (or at least percieved as high quality enough by the fanbase... Sonic Adventure 2 is not a high quality game in objective terms or widespread opinion, but, as history proves, it was definitely good enough). Can you imagine if Sonic Forces had been the game to finally bring back Chao Gardens? How annoying that would've been if the chao garden was decent but it was tied to this uninspired hallway simulator of a platformer for your resource gathering? So... yeah, it's tricky. And with the limited resources that it seems Sonic Team have available to them, no surprise that they don't take on the challenge of reviving the Chao Gardens. But yeah, for me personally, I'm completely indifferent. If the trailer for the next Sonic game dropped and chao gardens were confirmed, it'd get nothing more than a look of surprise and an "oh they actually did it huh?" from me, not a gasp of excitement.
  11. I felt the voicework was on par with BotW, which... isn't high praise. Zelda got the most flak in that game, but I felt some scenes she did well and some she didn't, which gave me hope that she just needed time to settle into the character. But here I still find that same inconsistency, she just can't do dramatic scenes with any kind of weight to her voice at all, or a voice director just isn't letting her. We don't need anime levels of overdramatics or anything but just let her yell stuff once in a while please. Poor girl really needs to vent some of that self-hate. Most of the other stilted moments just came from weird ways of talking that felt a bit like they were just struggling to match the pace of the cut-scenes with the dub so had to phrase things in weird ways of talk faster/slower than would be natural. I have to admit, characters having special move catchphrases that they say every time without variation is something the series did well to do without for so many decades. It's a shame that now that the series has finally embraced voiceover, they aren't able to maintain the same high standards the series is known for in almost every other regard. (Story-unlock character spoiler, responding to Blue Blood above)
  12. Another "Throwback Collection" Sonic EP that's just re-packaged bonus tracks from previous releases, bleh.  Wish they'd actually use this to release some deeper cut stuff, like some of the Mario & Sonic remixes.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I honestly think after all the trouble Richard Jacques made for part 1, they have chickened out of experimenting. 

      At least they released one of the M&S remixes this year.


    2. JezMM


      Eh that drama was probably pretty small-scale in the grand scheme of things.  Only a select portion of the fanbase has any idea that it happened.  I'm guessing it's more that they just want to make a little extra easy cash by capitalising on this little "mini brand" they made but Tee and Jun aren't available to keep churning out remixes together so we get cheapskate efforts instead.

  13. Yeah a couple more thoughts on the story that reading you guys' replies reminded me of. Breath of the Wild spoilers, including the optional diary entries found in Hyrule Castle (in case we have any casual readers in the thread): I'm ready for Link to talk now. I thought I'd never see the day that I'd want that little funny tradition broken, but he was SO awkward in this. In BotW, the supplementary material like Zelda's diary made up the difference, and managed to actively make his lack of dialogue into a really interesting character point, one that makes him my favourite and most developed version of Link. It's also worth bearing in mind that he does speak all the way through the game - conversation dialogue prompts are packed with character. So yeah, I want to see Link speak. We know he speaks, it just happens off-camera, so it wouldn't be conflicting anything. Now here's the important part - he should stay true to his character. The one who only speaks when he's in an intimate position or when it's absolutely necessary. I picture it a bit like Max in Mad Max (Fury Road at least, haven't seen the others). That guy had like 10 lines of dialogue in the entire movie but he still worked as a character. I remember in BotW how much I wanted Link to just say "Zelda..." at that moment before he falls unconscious in the final memory. AoC equally has a few moments where it really looks like he's going to say something but then just nods. Usually with the same neutral expression every single time. Obviously they'd need to NAIL an English voice actor who can match Link's strongly established grunting (or give his Japanese actor some hefty vocal training). I think it's doable though. I think people were complaining about this earlier (I didn't watch the trailers after the first two), but I was actually incredibly impressed by Hestu's voicework in this game. They matched his original voice samples from BotW perfectly. Obviously matching a comedic character is probably a much lower level of difficulty than a serious character, but yeah, food for thought. To dip back into hefty spoilers for AoC:
  14. Finished it the other day. My full thoughts on the story, major spoilers ahoy: As for the gameplay... yeah it's decent. As someone who didn't get into Hyrule Warriors - just played it through once and then never went back for the DLC or re-releases, the focus on BotW stuff is a massive improvement. Having said this, by the end I was starting to get a bit tired of the gameplay loop and how long taking down bosses takes. Unfortunately I'm just not super into combat games where the fun comes mainly through doing the same stuff as different characters. It's all still just pressing X and Y and dodging a bunch with minor variations to me.
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  17. While the artist drew it as a joke, the main thing I like about it is the backstory they wrote below, and the concept of her relationship to Eggman as a rival and having an odd affection for Sonic. The reason it doesn't look much like her is that the ARK incident happened 50 years ago - for her to interact with present-day Sonic and Eggman, this depiction of her has to be about in her 60's.
  18. The question has kinda been covered so I can't really add anything there, but I do want to say that forget anthropomorphised Maria, the coolest alternate interpretation of her character I've ever seen is this art by burnishable.
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  21. Some fan art of Lah from Night of the Werehog for halloween!


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I didn't know she got an alternative outfit, so that's neat. Nice work!

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  23. He isn't no, he appears as a non-playable guest Assist Trophy character as he was in all previous Smash Bros games featuring Sonic.
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