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  4. Figured a button-press would've been a strange choice - yeah that's a bit too much to do every time you enter a flying/swimming segment if you want motion sword/weapon/aiming but stick controls for character movement (you know, that thing that they felt the stick was perfectly servicable for any time Link isn't in the air or under the water). Latter half of your post is interesting though, because the motion control in Galaxy is definitely a little iffy too - I feel like it might be something to do with how these motions were designed with the Wiimote's shape in mind, and what was comfortable and worked well there does not go so well with the small, light, less chunky joycons. Obviously the programming behind it in all cases has been calibrated for the joycons, not suggesting they just slapped the old input behaviour onto a new controller and didn't bother to rework it, but I feel there's something about their shape that just makes the feeling be a bit "off" for doing stuff other than short bursts of gyro aiming and such. It might be entirely in my head, but that doesn't actually make it less real if it causes a disconnect between player input and game output.
  5. Oh, is it literally just a button-press then? Anything that requires opening a menu every time you dive into water/go to the sky is too intrusive.
  6. Only skimmed the footage but I'm glad they're FINALLY doing tutorials where the instructions for simple inputs like moving the camera are given on-screen, during gameplay, without pausing said gameplay. It's only been the standard in most games for a decade or two, lol. Hearing that motion controls are all or nothing though and you have to use them for flight/swimming if you want to use them for the sword is a huge bummer though. In a surprise to myself, because honestly I thought there was a fair chance of me backpedalling after the amiibo annoyance and buy it anyway... there's still just not enough going on here to justify paying for it over again, so I'm sitting this out for now. I look forward to giving this game the second chance I was sort of looking forward to with this remake in 10 years time or so when it's in truly bargain bin territory (so, y'know, 10% off on the eShop).
  7. That's the on-board memory for the cheapest option, and it's only about another £30 to bump it up to 300GB via SD Card if you want more than one AAA game installed at once. Granted, I'm sure there are some hardcore gamers out there who will be miffed to not have their entire library installed at once but, if I were to get this, I could easily see myself using it in a way where I have my current, big modern game that I'm playing installed as the main attraction, and then a bunch of old reliable favourites like The Orange Box, and smaller pick-up and play games like your Peggles and Audiosurf, installed at all times on the side for when I don't fancy playing the larger one I'm working through. I could see it being an inconvenience if you have several modern AAA pick-up-and-play games you cycle between (if you have a selection of current multiplayer games that you regularly jump between as your primary PC gaming interest for example) but not always having immediate access to your entire library without additional preperation* is nothing new to the handheld gaming experience. *In the old days we were talking a big/risky carry-case for all your game cartridges - the context of how one manages their handheld-games-to-hand have changed a little since then I suppose but it's the same basic situation, lol.
  8. I'm definitely interested, I'd love to have one. The only part that makes it a tough sell for me is that I already have access to the entire library of games that I'll be able to play on it. It'll be a really rare occasion that I would use it for anything other than playing a PC game while sitting on the sofa. In order for them to truly be able to market it as being able to play your entire Steam library, they need something that allows you to emulate traditional mouse support for games that aren't controller compatible. While touch screen is a theoretical option there, some games might require more precise input than that and aren't designed with using big fat ol' finger in mind. It might have been an idea to offer a cheaper model that doesn't include them at the cost of only being able to play controller-supported games, but if this thing has the horsepower to play AAA games on the go in there anyway, the size of the device would probably be the same either way.
  9. Generations has gone on sale a bazillion times on Steam, I've come across free codes for it more than once in my life that I gave out to friends (and then never once saw them playing it, case in point lol). There are lots of people who own it just because it has gone so cheap that they might as well, etc. I'm sure it was as little as £2 during one sale. The fact that Forces has a higher completion rate only really serves to suggest that most of the people who bought that one were hardcore enough fans to care about playing it through - like it or not. Whereas Generations has a massive userbase of players (and... not players, lol) who only casually care about Sonic but they heard this one was good or that it has the old levels in they remember etc.
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  11. Certainly looks fully featured but I just wish there was literally anything here for people who found the original too easy as is. Maybe Metal Sonic will surprise us but even in that footage it seems like they barely manage to keep him on-screen as he so leisurely trundles behind Sonic.
  12. I sure hope they made the interaction optional where Always felt that one was particularly unnecessary!
  13. The Simpsons would definitely be a number 1 pick for me, I'm more forgiving of the modern stuff too. I've recently taken it upon myself to experience the full series in order now that I am finally able to easily with Disney+, and the episodes that I hate are few and far between - much rarer than episodes that I feel live up to Simpsons' reputation. The majority past season 10 are "just fine". Entertaining but don't live up to Simpsons reputation. I'd mark halfway through season 11 as being the point the series falls too (Saddlesore Galactica, the Jockey Elves one, being the first true "Simpsons is bad now" episode). Granted I'm currently midway into Season 30, which is widely considered the worst, and there have certainly been more outright bad episodes in this one than the other modern seasons, so bare with, it might break me, who knows. Beyond that, while it does lose it's way in Seasons 6-7 (and 9 lets not even count because 8 was the intended end, 9 is just an unnecessary bonus season), Scrubs would be up there as one of my favourites, as well as Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (though I'm a season or two behind on that now). I'd categorise those three as fantastic "extremely silly sitcoms with a huge amount of heart" that I'd easily recommend to anyone. To go more modern as well since I mentioned P&R and it's by the same folks - The Good Place. If anyone has slept on that one and somehow not had it spoiled, just, go dive in. I found it a little cringey at first with a mixture of good and lame jokes, but like... it goes places. Watch a bunch of episodes and have faith, see if it pulls you in. Sure as hell did for me. Not sure if I can think of another TV show that had me a bit "not sure I'm into this" at the start and crying at the end.
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  15. Man, did they tell you what a Stamina Fruit was each time you booted up the game in the original? I don't remember that. I thought it was just the spoils used for crafting that were an issue, in which they showed you them appearing in your inventory as if it was the first time you were collecting one each time you booted up the game. Hopefully they just picked a bad example with the stamina fruit and they meant to illustrate that change. I'm not passionate enough to do a deep dive, but I guess if someone was to find that particular treasure chest in the first dungeon in a longplay video, we can see whether originally Fi gave you a mandatory hint at that spot (I know she tends to re-explain items after you've just collected them and read the description, but the chest is clearly closed there so it's not one of those).
  16. Yeah these are all very reasonable issues - the only one I'll say I did consider is when it comes to characters that don't fit the body-type... for K.Rool etc, I would just say it'd just be a case of "sorry this character is unfeasible because they don't fit onto the templates without editing their proportions significantly". They get suck with the Mii Costume treatment as it currently is. I think this is more something I'd want to apply exclusively to characters who PRETTY MUCH look like the real deal but with a dumb Mii face. Essentially, Sans and Cuphead, if they just gave them facial expressions, are what I'm suggesting already, and it's probably thanks to them that I'm now dreaming of a situation where more Mii guest characters look as good as they do. I guess in that context, all I'm really asking is that... yeah they should've given Shantae a "helmet" like you say, lol. I guess doing it that way, you could still just call them Mii Fighter costumes, even if basic emoting was added to the "helmets" as I'm suggesting. And if IP owners were iffy about people getting silly by mixing and matching them, they could just release some as full body costumes which can only be worn all at once. I don't really see the point of Mii/custom fighters either actually - or at least I didn't until I got one who was literally a pipe dream wishlist character for me lol. So now I'm basically trying to figure out "how could this have satisfied me without being significantly harder to make?" I can't say I'm interested in more costumes for the real fighters as an alternative though, neither option results in more beloved characters being playable (although I admit more variations on characters who have had multiple designs over the course of their series like Zelda is fairly appealing, since they are technically seperate characters - but I don't think that applies to too many of the roster ultimately). EDIT: Oh, I knew there was one more thing I wanted to say - the comment on "they get so much shit for clone characters as it is" - I guess I'm coming from a place of naivety here when my proposal because clones have never bothered me at all. I was actually disappointed by what a small deal the naming of "echo fighters" turned out to be due to how few there actually are in the game. I dunno how many Mii costumes are worth one echo fighter but even if it's something like 10:1 I'd kill all the Mii costumes for some more echoes in a heartbeat. Apart from Shantae and Sans I don't think they'd make echo fighter and I need Megalovania and Burning Town in the game.
  17. I was thinking, it's kind of a shame they couldn't have introduced the idea of a "basic" character - even lower than an echo fighter in standing - to compliment Mii costumes. Basically the idea being what we've gotten out of Mii Fighters, but without the annoying imperfection of them having a dorky looking Mii face. It would've been cool to have generic movesets that less popular guest characters could have been applied to - set small/medium/large sizes they have to adhere to for hitbox purposes, etc - the most barebones of facial animation (basically normal, exerting themselves and pain expressions are all you'd need - maybe happy and sad for the match results screen but you could live without those). The only other concession would be them using the generic victory theme like Mii Fighters, unless securing licensing for a unique victory theme taken directly from their source game is feasible for every one. I think it would have been more enjoyable to get the characters with generic movesets but at least 100% looking like the character, than Mii outfits at the end of the day, but admittedly it would've been a hard sell. Something about the context of the Mii fighters just being "costumes" I think allows them to get away with this, whereas some might interpret treating them as "the character" but with a generic moveset would be seen as misrepresentational/disrespectful. The mii costume thing gives a sense of distance from the "well it's not really them". I think if it was just marketed as an evolution of the Mii Fighter system though, it could be reasonable as an idea. It's funny that I didn't think of this at all until I finally got a wishlist character of my own in as a Mii Fighter. It really is a bittersweet feeling, lol.
  18. While it's a shame the Shantae dream is dead, I never expected her to place alongside the gaming alumni that's made up the rest of the DLC, so the fact that she even got the deluxe treatment of coming with a song is fine by me, and she's one of the less goofy looking costumes (unlike say, the Sonic characters for example). While I still wish wish wish they would do an update that gives you free reign over My Music and let you use whatever songs on whatever stage you like (or at least allow "other" category songs onto any stage you like), Burning Town being added to the soundtrack at all is fantastic.
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  20. I am absolutely certain that almost all long-running franchises have fan forum threads scrutinising little details in products - it's just you're not within those fandoms to see it so you assume it doesn't happen. The scrutiny is also more intense here because this is a remake of an existing product - we have something to compare to. Humans love to play "spot the difference", it's how our brains are wired. So there's an extra element to this pre-release discussion that isn't normally there in brand new games.
  21. One track I forgot to mention in my thoughts on the concert - Starlight Carnival in the Colours medley.  That was a surprise one where it's just a "good" song for me with the original but the orchestral version REALLY worked and I wouldn't have expected it to.

  22. Aw man if Zaysho had phrased it "We don't really allow these topics, they just end up spammy" that topic lock could at least have gone along with the song!

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      Damn. lol. Yeah, @Zaysho did have the perfect set up for a rhyme there!

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  23. Really was a wonderful set of music. There were a few cockteases in there I admit - while I'm blessed that they included something from my first and beloved Sonic game, Sonic 2 8-bit - Underground Zone has been remixed several times now while the rest of the soundtrack is lacking in revisits, and they moved on to the next track just before the chorus. In general, some medleys, Unleashed probably the worst for this, were just a bit too eager to cram a load of songs in without taking any time to really explore them, which is a shame. I'd have rather had more fully featured 2-3 song medleys than teasing 30 second renditions of favourite tracks. There were some songs that really didn't work for me in the slow-paced orchestral format too, such as Rooftop Run and Dragon Road. Meanwhile though, some songs worked astonishingly well - Believe in Myself ~ It Doesn't Matter was outright beautiful (and kudos to Falk too - the first half was clearly a spiritual successor to when they first explored the concept of an orchestral Believe in Myself for Cloudy Crowd Zone in their work on the fangame Sonic Before the Sequel). Another surprise for me was Titanic Monarch in the Sonic Mania medley - hot dang would that work as a fantastic cut-scene theme for Eggman. My only other gripe is that the first two thirds of Crush 40's set really didn't do much to distinguish themselves from the originals. The problem with a digital live event is that it's pretty much like listening to studio recorded music on the audience end - you need to do a little extra re-arrangement to make it special, and Jun doesn't seem to be eager to do that with his work that often it seems (see Emerald Coast, Egg Emperor, Speed Highway Act 2 and Seaside Hill Act 2 in Generations). While this slightly comes from a place of privilege, having seen Crush 40 at two Summer of Sonics, I felt like I'd seen that first lot of songs before plenty of times. When the orchestra came in for the last few songs though it was all better, glad they ended on that high (and I did find it the encore framing funny - like, c'mon, AS IF they wouldn't do both Escape from the City and Live & Learn). Of course, the reason the lack of re-arrangement felt so lacking on the C40 songs is due to how hard Ohtani went on re-arranging his 3 songs - what an absolute treat. Reach for the Stars was REBORN with that guitar solo the original sorely lacked, Speak with Your Heart was awesome with the orchestral backing but then threw a curveball with the pad remixing at the end. And of course, the orchestral + rock Endless Possibility combo is so popular that we've already had fan musicians exploring the concept for years - finally getting an official one was sublime. Just a personal taste thing - I know C40 has a fan-favourite legacy, but Ohtani's work is my personal favourite "sound" for Sonic now. Even their aesthetics feel more true for the franchise - I wanna play a modern story-driven RPG adventure as these four, their looks were all so hip and fun! But yeah, I sound too unappreciative - the above nitpicks are honest, but they're all pretty much personal issues where the concert momentarily didn't cater to my exact tastes and expectations, the overall product here was still utterly amazing, and what a triumph from everyone involved to provide it to the fans for free. I hope they do release a soundtrack version because I'd LOVE to pay them for this.
  24. I like what I'm seeing here. I love how grounded in the games the AESTHETIC is - that Eggmanland-esque location looks fantastic, but we've also got classic badniks which look right at home here. I liked Boom as a show, but this is so much more visually interesting than the generic beach/jungle/canyon locales every episode took place on in that. The various Eggmen are very charming, and the character redesigns are inoffensive. At this point I kinda hope they haven't completely rewritten Amy to have an amazonian backstory and that the concept here is just a multiverse thing. While mainline canon Amy has had her fair share of bad writing over the years, I'm bored of this attitude that you need to start from scratch on her to make her a good character. IDW Sonic has proven that isn't necessary for me, and it's such a thing in fan re-imaginings over the years that I'd hate to see it here. Having said all that, it's not like I'm not gonna give them a chance to win me over if this is the show's main/only iteration of Amy. The only thing I'm iffy about is Sonic not having his iconic horizontal white stripe on his shoes. They're just... such an iconic part of his design that his shoes look unfinished without something resembling them, to me lol.
  25. It's still unclear to me as to whether we get the digital deluxe bonuses with physical deluxe versions or not.
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