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  1. ebongrey23

    ARTWORK: ebongrey's Art Binder

    Mini update: Sorry I haven't updated my art thread in a while guys. Here's some drawings I've done. Lynx the Chao. Part lynx,tiger and butterfly. Autumn the Dog. Traditional and Digital versions. Autumn 2. Had fun drawing her again. :3 Turtle saying hello to his neighbors( a bear and a monkey). A human doodle.
  2. ebongrey23

    What game are you currently playing?

    Recently I've been playing Tomb Raider Anniversary. Haven't played the first one in a long time so I'm playing it again.
  3. Wow this is disturbing. It makes me very sad to see stuff like this. Robbing the store and then destroying it. That's.......unreal man.
  4. ebongrey23

    Foods and Drinks Thread

    Have you ever dipped a biscuit in chocolate? Oh my goodness sooooo good. I was at a friend's house and I had a biscuit and a little bowl of chocolate. Awesome.
  5. ebongrey23

    Foods and Drinks Thread

    Every now and then I would watch the show. Lately I would watch some Chopped episodes. It's incredible what dish people can make with certain ingredients in their basket.
  6. ebongrey23

    Foods and Drinks Thread

    Made Pancakes from a receipe online(forgot where) and it turned out great. Made three good sized pancakes from it lol. *Edit* Found it! How to Make Pancakes for One
  7. Has anyone played the Ys games? What games would you recommend?

  8. ebongrey23

    Badass game covers(and just...bad ones)

    One of my personal favorite box art covers: I just love the simple yellow background. Used Raccoon Mario all the time and he looks pretty neat.
  9. ebongrey23

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Currently I've been listening to Spark the Electric Jester music like MiniBoss 4, Sunset Heights and the others. Enjoying it too much heh.
  10. ebongrey23

    Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    Ebongrey,Ginger and Lee. Currently using these three.
  11. ebongrey23

    What game are you currently playing?

    Currently I've been playing Sonic Runners Adventure and Sonic Forces. I'm in the desert area in SRA. In SF story is completed and I've made more avatars to replay the stages. Both games are pretty good. :3
  12. Congrats to the art contest winners! I had so much fun drawing mine. :D

  13. ebongrey23

    Chao Resort Island [Fangame]

    That would be great if we can play as the other Adventure characters in a future update. A person can dream I guess lol.
  14. ebongrey23

    Chao Resort Island [Fangame]

    I actually downloaded this last night and I really like it. Still have two chao and I'm playing as Sonic for now. Really like that I can use my game controller to play it.
  15. ebongrey23

    Linkabel's artwork!

    That is so neato! It seems so unreal that it's coming out soon.

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