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Hey everyone! :3 In my spare time I like to draw and I live in SC. My brother bought a Dreamcast years back and Sonic Adventure was my first Sonic game I played. Shadow the Hedgehog is my favorite Sonic character and Sonic being second. I'm a shy person, but I try to comment here every now and then. :3 When it comes to drawing, I don't draw Sonic characters much but the Draw Badly topic is inspiring me to draw them more. SSMB has a lot of talented artists here and I thank you all for being my inspiration.

I like cooler weather and weather that's not too hot. Sweet potato pie is one of my favorite desserts and red rice with greens and fried fish(with a biscuit) is one of my favorite foods.

"Everybody knows that chili dogs are the food of champions."- ebongrey23

Redbubble: Autumnlynx   https://www.deviantart.com/ebonlynx

 Thanks for reading! *throws Sonic confetti*







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