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    ebongrey23 reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Chronicles: Remastered - A Fan-Made Remake From The Ground Up!!   
    Our first update in forever, looklooklook, lookatit!!
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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Just drew Sonic and Tom having donuts together.:

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    ebongrey23 reacted to Kellodrawsalot in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Idk man its kind of rude and uncalled for when someone is happy or excited for you to respond with ''yawn'' as if to make their opinion less valid then yours, you are free to say you don't care or aren't as excited but you can do that without mocking someone'else.
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Jeff Buchanan in City Escape Solo Jazz Guitar Cover   
    My jazzy rendition of the music from City Escape. Hope y'all like it 😎
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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Picture of Sonic having BBQ with Tom and his wife that I draw.:

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    ebongrey23 reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Chronicles: Remastered - A Fan-Made Remake From The Ground Up!!   
    New update with new stuff, come check it out!
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    ebongrey23 got a reaction from Zaysho in What music are you currently listening to?   
    Arni Village: Home. Played the game years ago and wanted to listen to the music again. 
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Ellipsis-Ultima in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    This is from the Sonic Comics Squad on FB-

    ALSO the cover for Tangle & Whisper #0-

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    ebongrey23 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in There is a giant Sonic statue lurking in the woods in Japan. "Location published on Page 4"   
    Oh my GOD! You guys... This happened on the Sonic Livestream today!
    The chat erupted with people chanting for the Sonic statue... And they talked about it! It was the first thing they talked about! In fact the chat was so relentless they had to address it multiple times!

    Aaron said he was aware of the story and thought it was amazing. He also said that, he would tell ask his counterparts in Sega of Japan if they could look into it, because it's clearly outside their field of influence. 
    So to Review...
    In less than a year, we've found the statue.
    Got great pictures and video of it.
    And now Sega are aware of it and have responded positively to calls to save it.
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Adamis in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    The second volume is coming in France on April 18th !

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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Since, the Sonic movie and Team Sonic Racing are both releasing this year, I decided to made a nice picture of Tom and the girl who is yet to be named from the movie racing with Sonic and the others in Green Hills. 
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart   
    Wow, we didn't have a topic for this yet? Good on you, Tracker, for making one at last!
    Yes, I would highly recommend Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart (what a mouthful) as a racing game to play! The multiplayer is the main sticking point of the game, but singleplayer is still fun, as you can happily play against the times of the people behind the mod.
    The best way I could describe the drifting is like Crash Team Racing. The kart will slide off, and you are fighting to pull it in the direction you want. Chain together these slides to get a huge speed bonus, as the longer each slide is, the more boost power you store.
    And thanks to the power of DOOM modding, you can create your own tracks for this game! Fire away, and see what you make! And Sonic Mania's third Special Stage is a track in this game, and I love it.
    I would love to play this game with you all one day, Sonic Stadium~!!
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart   
    I sure do like kart racing!
    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is a mod for Sonic Robo Blast 2, which is a mod for DOOM. However, it's standalone from either of these - you just need one installer, and you're off!
    So what is it?
    SRB2Kart is a fairly standard kart racing game starring all of your favourite Sonic characters and worlds. Sort of.
    The base game only has five characters:

    Amy is planned to join the roster in the next major release of the game, but that's a ways off yet.
    You might be thinking to yourself, "hang on a minute, how is this a big deal with such a tiny roster?" Well let me introduce you to the power of mods! 
    As it's a DOOM mod, the game supports .wad and .pk3 files for adding all manner of custom characters, tracks, modes, and so forth. The game actually comes with a mod pack included, featuring characters such as Shadow, Blaze, Arle Nadja from Puyo Puyo, and many more. But beyond that, there's a bustling community putting out new characters and such at pretty staggering rate. As it's a DOOM mod, you can also change the colour of the characters to your pleasing (or just hit backspace on the colour selection to get their default colour). 

    Want to play as Klonoa in a look lovingly informed by his original Playstation debut? There's a mod for that! Want to play as Mega Man? There's a mod for that! Want to play as the Hornet from Daytona USA... driving a kart? THERE IS A MOD FOR THAT. And if you don't fancy having to load up the addons you want every time you start the game, you can make a "kartexec.cfg" file to do it for you! 
    The game comes pre-loaded with 100 tracks, and as with characters the community is feverishly working away on new ones. It sees updates from time to time that tweak item distribution, fix issues with tracks, add new characters to the bonus character pack, and so forth. Items range from fairly standard projectiles such as Orbinaut spike balls, to the game's Blue Shell - The Self Propelled Bomb (which it turns out, is actually an extremely deep cut to Sonic 3's Competition Mode).
    The game also supports online racing. Hosting a server can be a bit of a hassle (it requires port forwarding which can be a pain in the ass), but fortunately there's plenty of 24/7 dedicated servers online. The game also has a Discord lobby for organising netgames, showing off mods, and so forth.  There's a Battle Mode too, for those so inclined! 
    (Shameless Plug: I also stream the game a fair bit. The VoDs are here, in case you want to see the game in action.)
    How do I get it?

    The latest version of the game (1.03) is available here. It doesn't require the regular version of Sonic Robo Blast 2 or anything, just one installer and you're off! Be sure to read the ingame manual for tips and tricks.
    As for the game itself - I've found myself really impressed by it. The drifting definitely takes some getting used to, as it's fairly different to Mario Kart, but the sense of speed it allows you once you get good at it is amazing. I also really love the modding community, as the range of characters now available for the game gives it a fairly widespread appeal - if you want it to be, it can essentially be MUGEN Kart at this point. The track design is also fairly good - they're not all winners and there's a fair amount of imports from other games (as well as the dreaded Map Hell section) but on the whole it makes for a great time in Multiplayer (which supports up to 16 players).
    Perhaps the main sticking point is Single Player, which is unfortunately restricted to racing Staff Ghosts in Time Attack right now. To make up for it, there's actually unlockables tied to besting the staff ghosts - including the lucrative final unlockable, Encore Mode.
    Even if it doesn't click with you in the long run, it's a game I'd recommend checking out. I never tend to spend too long on fangames, but I've put a frightening amount of hours into this game (and even made some mods for it). It's a labour of love through and through, with an artstyle I find quite close to my beloved SEGA Saturn stuff (and even moreso if you switch on OpenGL mode, which supports 3D models for the racers!). 
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in There is a giant Sonic statue lurking in the woods in Japan. "Location published on Page 4"   
    Guys.... We found it!
    (Video is basically a summary of this topic, as well as video of the statue itself which was taken at the weekend and the original location of the statue).
    These pictures are less than 3 days old.

    This is the location of the statue:
    ソニックのオブジェ 〒518-0216, Takao, Iga-shi, Mie-ken 518-0216, Japan

    We were actually amazingly close to it 3 years ago! We got the right area just the wrong road!
    Why Make The Location Public Now?
    On the issue of security. The location is very remote and not easy to get to (it's also expensive!), the issue of theft is very unlikely. On the subject of vandalism... well... see the next paragraph, nature is ahead of us.
    But the main reason... The statue has deteriorated a lot, since the original photos from 3 years ago, and even the one photo from 2016, the statue is decaying badly. It desperately needs some maintenance, moss is growing over large parts of it, some paintwork has completely gone, parts of the statue have broken off, other parts have large cracks in them, even the supports for it are also showing signs of decay.
    It desperately needs someone to take care of it.
    What Else Do We Now Know?
    The statue was originally in a Sega World a few towns over.
    The following information comes from a local resident who lives nearby.
    The area is prone to snowfall, making it look like Sonic is actually snowboarding down the street.
    The Statue was purchased by a group of farmers and industrialists who work nearby, it was then placed (gifted?) to the local area. 
    It's been in that area for between 10-15 years.
    Any Other Pictures?
    Yes Lots! Can someone name a good place to upload a zip file since I imagine there will be a lot of interest in this?
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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Drew Sonic and the gang touring around several famous places in California for fun.:

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    ebongrey23 reacted to Sonikku2k in The Introduction Topic   
    Heh thanks for the warm welcome
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in So.... Is Tails Suffering From Depression In Sonic Forces?   
    Kiah said it would be OK to post this here since it might encourage a bit of discussion about the character and not just a 'look at the thing I made!'
    So I highly recommend you watch the video before replying to this topic 
    *But it's an hour long!
    Yeah it is and whilst I'll give the York Notes version of the video here, it will not cover everything, and it's almost certain that you'll miss something since I can't cover everything in that video in a post without it being the equivalent of a 20 page document. Especially since in this description I'll mainly be talking Forces, but the above video brings in material from the last 10 years.
    Anyway, York Notes version.
    Ever since Forces game came out, a lot of people both fans and non fans of Tails have commented on his depiction in the game, it's almost universally negative. Everybody pretty much hates it.
    Well... last summer I finally got myself a copy of Sonic Forces and played through it, and I sit in the camp of 'Tails isn't done well', but my reasons for thinking that are different from the majority. 
    Basically, Sonic Forces was first shown to us as being a war, Sonic would be fighting in a War in which Eggman was on the verge of winning. We had rumours of the title being called 'Sonic Wars', we had promotional images reflecting real world propaganda and press releases encouraging us to join the resistance, gather our forces. 
    From the moment the teaser trailer was released, they really hammered the idea of war. 
    Considering they had all this war imagery and were hamming this idea of war, is it too far fetched to believe that they would show the characters as we would expect them to be in a war environment? 
    So obviously, the game came out and it's a mess, both technically and narrative speaking, but I think there might be a few clues to suggest they were planning on doing something a bit special with Tails in this game, because when I saw his depiction I saw a few parallels in my own life at the time and to this day.
    Since around Easter of last year, I was diagnosed with depression, really bad depression, it's gone on for much longer and things have not gotten much better to present day. But because of what I've gone through and felt, when I saw Tails in this game, a lot of things I was going through, matched what I saw in him.
    Reminder: If you have not yet done so, I highly advise you watch the video in full... Otherwise you utterly will not agree with this next bit.
    Based on what I saw in the game, I think that Tails is suffering from depression in the game. After the war begins and the 6 month time jump, Tails is showing a lot of symptoms of the condition, both in his scene and from what the other characters say about the world they now live in.
    The plot of the game itself also mirrors the recovery process for someone going through depression. We see that all hope is gone, virtually everyone has lost the will to fight back. However, they decided to fight back and make small victories against Eggman, which weakens him ever so slightly and raises their confidence until they are able to eventually over throw him. Which mirrors real world advice for the depression recovery process, make small progress, then the big impossible task becomes possible. 
    Don't just jump to the big impossible task, or else you'll likely mess it up and feel worse than you did before.
    Now the game does try to show this through 'Operation Big Wave', it's the first major assault against Eggman... and it 'fails' (Knuckles says it was a success... but... come on knux... 80% of your forces are dead...).
    But the journey of Tails himself also mirrors falling and recovering from it. However, some very poor decisions undermine this *again, please watch the video* From the guilt he feels of seeing Sonic defeated and captured, to the stress of the 6 month war and it's destruction. Tails comes down with depression, which would explain his reaction to Chaos and inability to fix Omega, he's so stressed and down, he just cannot do it.
    Now the next big mistake in his recovery process is how quickly he changes mood... But... the journey the two go on mirrors the recovery process.
    When Tails and Classic Sonic meet, they do not go right back to the resistance HQ, they instead go to the Green Hill zone, they have some victories defeating badniks, learning Infinite and Eggmans plan, defeating Eggman (A BOSS), then they make it back to the HQ. This would mirror the advice of getting support from close friends and doing small tasks/victories to rebuild your confidence and ability.
    Now there are a lot of issues in the Tails storyline in Forces, in the video I address them and offer very simple fixes. But I've written way more than I wanted in the york notes version so I'll leave it at that... And I'm completely burnt out after working on this for near 2 weeks solid and depression is kicking in for me so... yay burnout...

    Again I highly advise that you do watch the video because I try to completely cover the argument with a lot of background information and scene analysis as well as character analysis. Not just talk over some gameplay video as a lot of these tube videos tend to do.
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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    So, I decided to draw Sonic and the Gang visiting the Asian Art Museum in SF. Maybe, I might draw them hanging out at some of the famous places in SF, such as the Fisherman's Wharf.

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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Made a doodle of the humans from the upcoming movie interacted with some of Sonic's friends. 

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    ebongrey23 reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Hey, I decided to start this thread because a mod told me to stop posting my art on the movie thread. So, I could no longer posted artwork there.  They wanted the thread to be more of a discussion than a art gallery. However, I could still post my work if, I start a new topic in the showcase section. So, I made one.  I thought it would be fun, if anyone got any movie related fan art to show. If any of you made something interesting that is movie related, feel free to post here.
    Here is one that I made recently. I imagine, what would the movie be like if Cream and Cheese were going to appear in the movie. I could see a scene with them hanging out with the girl who will be one of the main characters for the upcoming movie at Japantown SF, since the movie is set in the city. I could see them enjoy, having fun, and eating matcha ice cream there. I hope you like it. So, enjoy. Oh, BTW, I put Espio there for fun.:

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    ebongrey23 reacted to Red in Sonic Channel   
    It's Tails! I really like this art style.
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    ebongrey23 reacted to PublicEnemy1 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Moar previews
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    ebongrey23 got a reaction from Naean in Naean's Art & Design Topic (Plus Some Audio Stuff)   
    Your detailed art looks very nice! How long does it take you to complete one? Maybe one day I'll try drawing something more detailed lol.
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Naean in Naean's Art & Design Topic (Plus Some Audio Stuff)   
    Art #86 -- Crate Beneath The Crumbling Cliff

    A drawing that I have done on an individual A4 sheet.
    The overall piece is inspired by the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy video game.
    BIC blue médium biro pen on regular paper.
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    ebongrey23 reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Chronicles: Remastered - A Fan-Made Remake From The Ground Up!!   
    Hm, no updates for a while. I could post many things on this topic, but honestly, it'd be dumb. I'd rather deliver updates here in chunks rather than just little bits of stuff.
    We do, however, have this from a while ago:
    Just a sample of what's to come in the soundtrack~! Gecklo is super cool, and as a musician on the project myself, it is so nice to work with him! I haven't worked with him on this song, and this is just a little bit of what he made as like a proof of concept. And it miiiight not be the final version, but still, it's super cool!
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