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  1. Kinda hoping maybe Metal Sonic will spend a few issues as a goal-less weaponless robot. Maybe even imply he's gotten just a biiit friendlier from the events, before Eggman returns and goes "eh, what's this new kindness datafile he got, better delete that" for a slightly tragic scene. Mandates and general status quo mean we can't have Metal Sonic turning good for good, so why not play that for mild in-universe drama?
  2. While it doesn't excuse things like Green Dust Hill Zone Classic, I wonder if the level from the video is particularly... boxy... because they're approaching these three Shadow-exclusive DLC levels with the same level of importance as Generations missions or Colors non-main act wide yellow spring type levels, a quickie filler reuse assets level rather than the main attraction that would feature more focus on new level geometry with all the baked global illumination and whatnot? That'd definitely be a downgrade from DLC like Lost World's Yoshi's Island/Legend of Zelda Zones, but Shadow himself at least has new animations and functionality it seems, so I could see them going "Shadow and his cutscenes are the main attraction, let's toss some prefab objects together to show off his special move" and calling it a day.
  3. For some reason I have a feeling we'll get several one or two issue Universe stories for each Freedom Fighter. ... wait, that wouldn't be right, looking at the 292 cover, that would probably be an Antoine issue, a Bunnie issue, a Rotor issue, and a Sally issue, which would basically be a four issue arc made up of four possibly separate stories anyway. That could be why, perhaps? Four "Freedom Fighters" issues(or perhaps more?) that aren't an ongoing arc?
  4. happy birthday!

    1. Someguy


      Aw thanks! Sorry it took so long for me to respond there.

  5. From what I've read, Conquest features one male character that can marry a male protagonist, Birthright features one female character that can marry a female protagonist, and both of those characters can be encountered and thus married by their same genders with in the Revelation DLC campaign. It sounds like you can also get a higher than A rank, if platonic, relationship status with certain same sex characters, I guess that might lead to some "bromance" style pairings?
  6. Huh? I thought it's been explicitly said, even in-game at one point, that the X series is the direct future of the classic Mega Man series? One of the arcade games outright features an under-construction Zero in one of the endings, even! Now, what I believe has been said on such lines is that Mega Man and X are not the same robot, but two entirely separate ones, and that the X series doesn't start with "Evil Zero being finished and killing everyone in the classic series" as some had theorized. (Also I think that Legends wasn't originally planned to be in the main timeline but got merged in as far far far after the future of the series, while Battle Network and Star Force are an alternate universe/timeline)
  7. The reason we're not getting 7, 8, 9, 10, & Bass, or any other Mega Man game that's not included besides Rock Board is because the entire intention of this is to make use of some kind of module technology thing that the company making this is doing. They have some kind of system that "sort of disassembles the originals and rebuilds them to a modern language" apparently. Not quite an emulator, not exactly a port. The work to get something working well with Mega Man 1 would apply to 2 through 6, then have to be done all over again for 7/& Bass, 8, and then 9 and 10 would outright be ports. Meanwhile, they tried but had no luck on getting a hold of the unreleased(unfinished?) English version of Rock Board. That seems to cement the focus entirely on NES, rather than "retro/8-bit/the favorites" as it'd fall under content that'd work with their disassembling tech. Head of Restoration Frank Cifaldi's Twitter has, among fending off hate and accepting compliments, some further comments that talk slightly on what they're doing. Interestingly there's an implication that there's at least something yet to be revealed that we might see at or after E3 that would please people looking for Complete Works content. Still, that could mean similar bonus gameplay features beyond the NES Remix style challenges, or it could just mean you can unlock the artwork from it, or that the enemy/boss database is inspired by it.
  8. I agree with the post in general, but I believe the awful prices for the mods were due to Bethesda, it was a 25% You 25% Valve and a hulking 50% Bethesda split I heard they told to Valve?
  9. People keep talking about "Not-Knuckles", but isn't Lara-Su intended to be the exact same Lara-Su he apparently legally owns from the comics, rather than a reboot? Thus, the Praytwhatsit, who is her father, should be the same character that was her father in his Archie comics, aka Knuckles who just coincidentally decided not to go by his name anymore, as opposed to the presumably "This guy serves the same role but is totally a different character"? Unlike Evil Sonic, who is a separate character who just happens to look just like a Sega character, story wise this guy's literally Archie Knuckles 20/25/whatever years later, which should be much more of an issue with Sega than any number of "original" Knuckles edits, right?
  10. Just a quick thought, isn't the reason people hated switching to other characters in Sonic games because they changed the genre entirely? In Adventure, Tails made the game a race, Knuckles a treasure hunt, Amy a much slower run away platformer, Gamma a third person shooter and Big a fishing game, while Adventure 2 had Treasure Hunting and Slow Third Person Shooter. So, in a game where all four characters share compatible gameplay, shouldn't character changes not be nearly as bad if pulled off well? Instead of going from speedy platformer to slow paced mech shooter, you'd go from speedy platformer with homing attacks and spindashes to (possibly slightly slower) speedy platformer with wall climbing/flying/swing bars, right?
  11. I'm not sure how it applies to Sonic Boom, but 3D can make some things easier to work with. Environments can be created just once and then used multiple times at any angle, camera angles in general can do some things easier in 3D, and while it can result in early episodes feeling emptier as they start with what they've made, a growing collection of character, prop and location models can be reused and re-purposed as the series goes on very easily. Things like that might attract them to making it CG, but they might have just gone "Kids are liking CG cartoons!" instead.
  12. I'm sure if they had an official response it'd just be something to the effect of "We felt we didn't want to go through making all the animation combinations"... though it does have me wonder what other minigames involve characters interacting at different heights. Also, for every Animal Crossing that allows(or honestly seems to support) crossdressing, there's Pokemon X and Y, though I guess you could say "For every X & Y there's an Animal Crossing" instead if you'd like to be optimistic!
  13. If you can manage to view the scene again, there's one thing I'd like to know. Does the 3D mode work with the cutscenes, or are they not rendered stereoscopically?
  14. I'm expecting that we'll be tossed right into Windy Hill Zone 1 after the cutscene(to keep with the new tradition of jumping into gameplay quickly) followed by a cutscene where Sonic finds where Tails crash landed and Tails explains about how "I'VE HEARD OF LOST HEX BUT I NEVER THOUGHT IT ACTUALLY EXISTED even though the same could be said for Chaos, Dark Gaia, Project Shadow, Solaris..." and then they run off to find out what's up. Maybe the first animal capsule you hit in WHZ1 will be implied to be the one that fell, to get rid of people thinking they died? Even if I find the idea of the plot forgetting about them funnier.
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