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  1. Also that saga began in 2005, so it was much closer to the prime of the franchise and the original series and Kanto than we are now, 20+ years later. It also only happened because the DP games were delayed a year from 2005, otherwise AG as a whole would have ended with the Hoenn league. I also get the feeling the writers originally intended to bring Misty back to the cast after Hoenn ended, but then changed their minds and kept May and put the Contests in Kanto when they didn't even exist in the FR/LG games. Remember back then Misty had only been gone 3 years and was still making regular cameos and appearances in specials, it was rather obvious had May or the Contests not become as popular as they did, the original trio would have been reunited right after Hoenn, same way Brock was brought back after being replaced by Tracey. I don't know if Dawn would have still been introduced after though, so who knows.
  2. SM got really good as it progressed so hopefully next saga can take the better elements of SM and bring back the battling of XY and we’d have the best of both worlds. Also limiting the cast to just Ash and Go next saga should help with the development since SM having a bloated cast of 6 plus like 10 recurring characters was a bit too much. Also this November marks the 17th anniversary of the end of the original series and Misty leaving the anime. Lol, can you believe there was once a time people thought the anime couldn’t go on without Misty and all those people who used to troll Pokémon forums in the early 2000’s, raging about Misty leaving or claiming people couldn’t like another female companion more than her? Heh, feels so absurd thinking about that now over 17 years later, now that we’ve had 8 more female leads in the series. And now the entire series is after Misty left, so she retroactively became a short lived character in the franchise. Sometimes I legit wonder what happened to those people, but I guess they’re just not online anymore or moved on from Pokémon in general, it is two decades later after all and we’re not in 2005 anymore. Looking forward to the next series, and I would like to see all of Ash’s old companions like Misty/Brock, the SM cast, etc appear for a few eps next saga. Bonnie/Clemont had better appear in Kalos at least.
  3. To be fair everything between Johto and pre-XY animation wise has aged terribly. Kanto’s hand drawn animation still holds up, and XY and SM both got huge production value jumps for their different styles. I actually went back to rewatch some DP eps after not seeing them for a few years and was honestly a bit surprised with how dated the animation looked because in my mind I didn’t remember them that way. Iwane’s eps still look good but a large chunk of DP especially the first half is shoddily animated. Granted these eps aired in 2007-2009 so we’re speaking over a decade ago now. Characters moved like stick figures and were off model all the time.
  4. But other than maybe Lillie, most of them have no reason to go traveling. They're all likely to still be there especially if their endgame are to become the trial leaders like they are in the games. Lillie could go either way if the writers follow the game path for the character, but anime Lillie has friends in Mallow/Lana unlike the game version, so she may have no reason to go traveling. We'll probably find out in the last SM episode what they plan to do with the character. Either way I see a lot of people on pokemon forums and twitter/tumblr jumping the gun assuming this saga is going to be filled with generous cameos of all old main characters when Ash revisits old regions. And while I think we may see a few old characters, I don't think we'll see all of them. Lest we forget Battle Frontier where Ash traveled through all of Kanto again and there were like 3 locations revisited (Pewter Gym, Mt. Moon, etc), while virtually no other Season 1 references or characters showed up.
  5. The last picture amuses me, because Ash is going to leave the Alola region....just to return to it immediately in the next region, lol. We've never seen that happen before, I guess all the SM characters will get cameos immediately after they left though, because no way is Ash going to return to Alola and not visit the school and see Lillie/Mallow/Lana/Kiawe/Sophocles again. So technically other than Misty, we'll see Lillie and the others cameo probably early into the next saga. Poor Iris and Serena are the only two girls to never get cameo returns after they left. Unlike others I don't really think we'll see much in the way of old main character cameos even with regions being revisited, since most of Ash's older companions are traveling various places. Other than the SM cast when Ash revisits Alola, we'll probably see misty/brock yet again in Kanto unless the writers feel we got our fill of them in SM.
  6. SM145 might be the last SM ep, if not maybe one more. As for the above convo, it is only because we’ve never had any battle oriented goals for the female leads since the Contests were dropped a decade ago. The Don battle tournaments in BW were a good idea but only lasted one gen. Misty and Brock of course did very little battling in the kanto/Johto era as everyone knows. Next saga could be a goldmine for character cameos if they do it right. And hopefully other characters than just another misty/Brock appearance. If Kaori has recovered May hasn’t appeared in 11 years, and Iris and Serena could get their first cameo. Dawn they might wait for the inevitable DP remakes, I guess.
  7. There's going to be almost 900 pokemon now by the time all the Galar pokemon are revealed. Nobody is going to capture 900 pokemon in the anime. This is counting all mythicals, legendaries, ultra beasts, mega evo's, and whatever other nonsense they add on top of normal pokemon. Mostly likely this "Go" character will capture 4-5 pokemon like most companions after his starter, and that's if we're lucky. At most he might only get 3-4 after the recent sagas have been limiting the main casts pokemon. No, the Misty fans wanted Misty in particular, and while some of them liked Iris, they just don't care about the show unless it's Misty and/or the original trio. These are the same people who refuse to watch any saga after Misty left besides the eps she cameos for (like the recent SM episodes), and that's it. The difference between now and well...17 years ago, is it's now 17 years since Misty left, so nowadays nobody takes the rants of Misty fans seriously anymore. Back in the early 2000's when Misty just recently left, we didn't know if Misty was gone for good yet, and we also didn't know we'd continue to get new female companions every series after May. That's why the Misty fans spent the entire span of Hoenn thinking Misty would come back, there was no "set formula" for the series yet to predict. Once Dawn was revealed it pretty much clued people in she wasn't going to return, but even then on forums all throughout 2010 and beyond I would still see Misty fans ranting about how she had to return. Some of the more delusional ones used to go around claiming the anime would be canceled unless she returned, and this was 15+ years ago in the early 2000's when the animes ratings were still high. As I said, the best part of it being a whopping 17 years after the end of the Johto era or Misty leaving, is nobody needs to take these people seriously anymore. Millions of gens of kids have grown up watching all the other sagas since, and all the young fans on twitter/tumblr I see nowadays are people who grew up with DP as their first series, and they basically don't care about Misty much because Dawn was their first Pokemon girl. The "passage of time" basically made this people irrelevant. Not saying they're all like this, many Misty and/or original trio fans like the other female characters or sagas, but I'm particularly talking about the more obsessive ones.
  8. This is what the fans deserve after their antics. After a lot of people disliked Iris, the role for the female companion was severely reduced to waifu love interest (Serena), or 3 SM girls all with limited screentime, and two more female characters who don't really battle or have only 1 real pokemon (Lillie and Mallow). And this is besides Iris' role being reduced from Dawn before that. So instead of reducing the female companions role even more, the writers decided to do away with it entirely. I mean I know people will just be obsessed with Misty returning for the millionth time over the last 17 years, but it's not going to happen either.
  9. Misty battled when she was a main character? You mean the grand total of 10-12 battles she had out of a 275 episode run? I mean I'm excluding Psyduck's stuff here that barely counts. And even though Misty captured a lot of pokemon, more than half her pokemon were barely ever used or completely pointless like Horsea, Goldeen, Togepi (for battles), Starmie (dumped early), etc. Misty isn't an example people want to use when talking about a "female battler and trainer," especially while she was a main character. Besides that Misty was also pretty lackluster at battling till she returned to her Gym too. I'd arguably say Misty's battles are the worst of the series of all the female companions, and I'm not even counting how the animation improved as the show went on either, just her actual battles.
  10. May is my favorite main girl, pre-Johto Misty was good, Dawn is arguably the most developed, Etc. But Bonnie is great. Just rewatched the Zygarde eps and can’t believe she was handled so well. Not to mention they could have made her really annoying similar to the things people disliked about Max back in Hoenn but she didn’t have those qualities. Of SM however I feel Lana is the breakout character. Most expected Lillie to be the best handled girl this arc but Lana surpassed her by sheer personality.
  11. Casual reminder that Bonnie was the best female companion of the anime. If next series does focus on old characters, I hope it’s not just another misty/Brock nostalgia fest. We just got them for 4 episodes in SM, I’d rather they show the other old companions who haven’t appeared in years.
  12. Rotomdex will be the new Brock, the character who overstays their welcome and everyone gets sick of.
  13. Well keep in mind Sun/Moon's writing style has every character cheery/happy most of the time, it's the same reason SM Ash isn't like Kanto Ash either despite him being more carefree and younger again. Yeah Misty doesn't have a temper anymore but she still feels more "lively and energetic." It's a lot better than she's been prior to Johto at least. Brock is more or less the same, but again feels better than how stale he got during the DP era especially.
  14. Sun/Moon managed to breathe new life into Misty/Brock, in particular Misty. Now that Togepi is gone it's amazing how Misty feels more lively and active again like she did in the Kanto season. Not seeing Misty lug around a baby pokemon in her arms for 200 episodes straight is something. Johto Misty was such a drag compared to her Kanto/Orange or now her SM self. Even in her AG cameos she wasn't much different.
  15. Well this November marks the 16th anniversary of the end of the original series in Japan, given the Johto seasons ended in November 2002. It's also of course the permanent end of the original trio and Misty in the series. Ironically enough the second SM cameo for Misty/Brock should air in late November to coincide the Let's Go games, so she would actually be re-appearing on the 16th anniversary of her permanent departure. Saying that, it really is surprising how much time flies. The fact that it's already been 16 years, almost 20 years now, since the original series ended says a lot. It's kinda funny when you stop to realize just how short-lived Misty's character in the overall anime actually was, and how the writers really did give her such an early permanent departure from the series when the franchise was basically in its infancy. I mean the series was only 5 years old at the time, it only feels longer because Johto dragged on with fillers for 3 years. Now that the anime has gone on so long after the original series, literally the ENTIRE series is after the OS now. In addition to that, it's also of course now 16 years since the debut of AG and May was introduced. I still remember when May was considered the, "new pokemon girl," and now she's one of the oldest characters of the show, introduced 16 years ago and practically a classic character at this point. If you told anyone back then Ash would eventually have 8+ female companions, people would have laughed.
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