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  1. Okay, I find that cool for some reason. Playing online sounds so much fun. Thanks for the answer.
  2. I'll be honest, I don't know if this was the same game I saw in the most recent indie report on the Switch, but I saw this and was like, i'm done with the indie report. I don't need to see anymore. In other words, i'm totally excited. Okay though, this is going to sound like a really dumb question, but i'm too young to remember the beat-em-ups from the 80's, so bare with me. Do you play as all 4 turtles, or do you control just one while the other three are computer controlled?
  3. I'm surprised no-one said "Shadow the Hedgehog" yet. I re-bought it to give it another chance a couple of years ago, and I didn't like it. I can't place my finger on why though. Maybe it was the unskipable LONG cutscenes UGH, or maybe when Shadow uses the chaos blast (or whatever it was called) he goes straight head first into the screen and whooshes forward.
  4. I was first introduced to the wonderful Yoshi when I saw my friend play SNES at his house (I had a Sega Genesis so I never owned an SNES) and he was playing I think Yoshi Island and I was like "I want this game." It looked so cool EXCEPT crying Mario. It was annoying to lose baby Mario. When I got an N64, I rented Yoshi Story a lot. He was adorbz, and if anyone knows how to unlock black and white Yoshi, you're a legend. And the music was weird but cool. I like different paths you could take to get through the story book. My brother loves Yoshi. He would always choose Yoshi for Mario Kart and Mario Party and Mario Tennis. Good times. I loved Yoshi too. The DS version of Yoshi Island was hard. I never beat it. o_O; I wish I still had that game. I think that's all I have to say about the Yoshi. I never got the newer Yoshi games likes crafted world or woolly word or whatever they were called. But yeah, that's my tribute to Yoshi. Such a great character.
  5. Yeah, we got our Mario 3D All Stars. Hey Sonic Team, where's OUR "Sonic 3D All Stars" huh?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      SEGA will shit one out eventually, and it'll be worse than you can possibly imagine.

  6. Wow! Sonic is approaching his 30th birthday. If Sonic were to get a new title, please don't make it be a rushed title. Surprise us, add some spice and flair, but don't forget to iron out the kinks too. It's a huge reason why I avoided his newer 3D games like Forces. I played Mania once, but it got me dizzy playing it on the Switch. It was so weird cause it was really, dizzying. And yeah, I played the Genesis titles as a child, but to continue with the "Classic" route I believe at this point needs to be correctly executed. Because they gave us good Mania games, but a Mania 2? I just don't know. (I'm NOT just saying that cause I got dizzy). And also, I really want an Adventure 1 or Adventure 2 remake now that Mario got his "3D All Stars." I think a 3D collection would be stellar with Adventure 1, Adventure 2, and Heroes. One can dream, right?
  7. I feel like scalpers will buy this, wait a few months after March, then sell the game at top dollar. I thought about that myself, but I decided against it. I'm still deciding if this will be something I buy for myself or not. Mario's a classic though so *maybe*?
  8. Just out of curiosity, which games are you selling? You can PM me if you want.
  9. Why am I so obsessed with Kevin from Trials of Mana all of the sudden? I never even played the original games, but he radiates something to me, and I can't explain it!

    1. Sean


      The dudes in Trials of Mana are pretty hot

    2. Zaysho


      Kevin's pretty great. Good wolf boy.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The character design from that game is something else.

  10. Ok, this is going to sound really dumb but you know, when I first played Sonic Adventure DX, I pressed A too many times to skip the intro cut scene and Sonic just whipped across the title screen and I screamed bloody murder and hid behind the couch. It's like his silhouette just popped out of nowhere. .... that's it. EDIT: I got proof
  11. Well, I might as well put my two cents in due to the fact that i'm more of a Pokemon fan than a Sonic fan these days (but I still love Sonic btw). It was fun to a point. I'm up to the last gym, but sadly, i've seemed to have lost interest at this point. Idk why, but I just...did. Yeah, i'll go back to the game eventually, but I want to take a break from it. Dexit was a horrible idea. They should've kept the national dex, but that's just my opinion. Also, I have one word that describes this game: RUSHED! I mean, the story is decent, but I think they should've fleshed out the towns more and not make the routes so linear. The wild area is interesting. If there's one thing I should've done is explore it more, but right now, I just need a break from it all. Sorry if this was a bad post.
  12. Hmm, this Sticks Avatar I have is cute so why not. As for my signature....idk what to do with it...yet.
  13. I had an original copy for the Genesis. Hidden in mom's basement now with the Genesis itself. Same with Mega Collection and the broken Gamecube. The only "working" copy I have is a downloaded copy for my 3DS. Hey I can save on this one.
  14. Can someone PM me why the Switch version is very worse than the PS4 version? I played the PS4 version before, but I might get a Switch Lite soon with this game. Please Pm with DETAILS as I need to make an educated purchase. Many thanks.
  15. Say, while we're on the topic here, can someone PM me which Sonic games are for Gamecube only? If anyone can provide me with a complete list that'd be great. So far I have/will be getting: Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders...I think that's it for Gamecube...PM me if there's more. Thank you for your time.
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