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  1. DreamSaturn

    Your dream remaster

    I'm definitely gonna go with Sonic Pocket Adventure or Tails Adventure. They're both on relatively obscure hardware, and they themselves are even more obscure than that so they never did get a fair amount of spotlight, which is especially a bit of a bummer because I'd rank Tails Adventure in my top 10 favorite Sonic games. For Pocket Adventure, definitely more, actually new levels not borrowed from Sonic 2 would go a long way. And definitely overhaul the Chaos Emerald system and let us use Super Sonic in regular Stages, maybe also a regular, playable Tails + Knuckles usable without needing a Debug mode cheat or another player? I dunno, stuff like that would go a long way for me. And Tails Adventure, as much as I love that game to death, probably suffered a lot from being on the Game Gear and it's terrible battery life. I'd definitely add more levels and make them bigger. And for the love of God, having to backtrack through the entire stage just to get the right items when you realize you don't have them is kind of the worst? At least give us a bigger inventory ala Super Metroid and let us switch our items on the fly. Granted, the Game Gear had a grand total of two buttons to work with as far as control goes, but we live in 2018 now. That's not an issue on any device anymore.
  2. This makes my 100th piece of content on here. And it only took a little under 3 years.

    On a list of things that are oddly satisfying, this would be on there.

  3. DreamSaturn

    Your outlook for the 3D series

    I hope we'll see something good out of the 3D games again someday, but I'm honestly not holding my breath. I have very little faith in Sonic Team, if any at all. Whenever they do release something good, it then becomes a game of "living in fear until they start screwing up again". I've always been partial to the Classic series, and yeah, it definitely seems like Classic Sonic is better off with the Mania team since Sonic Team either doesn't remember why he was good or isn't interested in it, but that's another matter for another time.
  4. Spyro delayed. In a way I'm kind of happy because the original release was on my birthday, and now my petty side is happy that it won't be overshadowed. :P

  5. DreamSaturn

    Good Things in Bad Movies

    The easy example is The Room, a movie so unbelievably awful that it ends up being hilarious. Especially with Tommy Wiseau's mannerisms, it did end up spawning a ton of memes that are super fun to use. Also lead to a lot of inside jokes with my group of friends. I don't know if that's the best example since the movie ended up being good in all the wrong ways, so another example I have is Harry's death in Spider-Man 3. Finally seeing Peter and Harry reconcile after the first two films, seeing their fallen apart friendship come back together in his dying moments is legitimately heartbreaking and bums me out all the more that we never got a Spider-Man 4.
  6. The lack of a Mr. Plinkett review of The Last Jedi is the most disappointing thing since his son.

    1. SupahBerry


      Because Disney will air the review as Episode 10 to kickstart the new direction of Star Wars.

  7. I find the development history of Sonic 3 really super fascinating.

    1. Red


      Same! I really wish we'd know more about it. Especially with all the scrapped levels and that big snake boss.

  8. Holy shit it's alive

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Real talk: I thought the Gems were incredibly interesting concepts for power-ups, and I wouldn't mind seeing them return someday.

    2. MegasonicZX


      I like the little touches here like actually making sonic lean when he turns and the jump dash carrying momentum properly.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Leaning-while-turning Sonic is the best Sonic

      06's model needs to stop bopping up and down while running, though. Dunno why but it just feels bad imo

  9. DreamSaturn

    Super Smash Bros Evo Bayonetta Controversy

    Just the other day I had a discussion with someone that thinks that accepting this sort of thing "makes us look like childish idiots" in relation to competitive Smash players. Not that stomping your feet and screaming does a lot to prove people that don't take the competitive scene seriously wrong. Yeah, most of those big league, MLG "professional" scenes are nothing but elitist assholes. I truly don't understand why people place such importance on them as if how much it's played at tournaments will make the game any better or worse.
  10. Yknow, the Simon Belmont reveal trailer kinda got me kicking around the idea of a short, one off goofy side project “Super Castlevania Bros.” I wouldn’t go all the way with anything, just port the first level from Castlevania into Super Mario Bros.

  11. Goddamn do I wish they kept this in the game. I'm a sucker for Boss Rushes.

    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      I know it'd result in a very very easy section, but goddamn I would love it if Sonic did that Kirby thing where the game just lines up a whole bunch of powerful bosses at the penultimate stage and lets you cut through them all like butter. Its so satisfying.

  12. DreamSaturn

    Your favorite quotes and the meaning behind them

    Three, actually. The first one is from Scott Cawthon in a post around the time FNAF3 came out, the second is from James Rolfe, in his "The Dragon in my Dreams" video, and the third is from the Mega Man games episode, when the Nerd of the future asks the Nerd of the past what he would do if he had a series. The reason these two in particular strike such a chord with me is that I myself am an indie developer, and yeah, there's a lot of struggles going on in my life currently that make that not the easiest thing in the world. A lot of my big ideas are things I can only dream about currently. But I still have to try. Look at Scott Cawthon, like, before FNAF, he was making shitty borderline shovelware games and now he's creator of one of the biggest indie franchises like, ever. Look at James Rolfe, he was once just a bored kid back in the 90's that wanted to make movies, (The AVGN even just started as a joke!) and now he's one of the pioneers in online entertainment and has a game based off of his franchise. The moral of the story is, if you wanna do something creative, do it. You never know where it'll take you.
  13. All I want in Smash Ultimate is Klonoa with the original Door to Phantomile voice.

  14. I wonder what happened to Cybershell? I've seen plenty of creators drop off the face of the earth before but never quite as abruptly as he did. Wonder if he's working on that Sonic 3 bonus video.

    1. Biggs


      Weird to think I wasn't even a teenager when he uploaded and I watched his LPs. I literally grew up during his hiatus. When that Sonic 3 Bonus video comes out I'll probably have two kids and a mortgage

  15. DreamSaturn

    Sonic Mania is better than Sonic Mania Plus

    I'm confused here. Are you seriously trying to argue than an optional side mode that didn't even exist until last month somehow makes the game worse? I'm not sure I follow the logic in that one.

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