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  1. That's not exactly inspiring any confidence either when everything they've shown and said about the movie is varying levels of terrible.
  2. A random thought that occurred to me was, in my grade school years, 2nd, 3rd, maybe 4th, we took a field trip to the WasteManagement plant and got to see the dump and how everything is processed. I think it was for some environmental unit or something.

    It's all so vague and distant to me now it almost feels like a dream. Of course, it was over a decade ago and I'm reaching -that- point in my life where major events are starting to have 10th and even 15th anniversaries.

    1. Kiah


      Same with me only it’s also 20th, 25th and even 30th anniversaries for me!

  3. Maybe Sonic will look better in the se-pfff, can't even imagine this getting a sequel with a straight face.

    1. Kiah


      I was laughing before I even finished reading this status...I still can’t believe this is actually happening as it shouldn’t be.

    2. Dejimon11


      You know it will. It's gonna make more money than we think due to fans wanting to see to much of a train wreck it will be and morbid curiosity  plus the fact that the general public not knowing any better

    3. Polkadi~♪


      This movie is the only time I'd openly accept pirating. I'll watch the movie without giving it a single cent.

      That way, the film won't make as much money, that a sequel will not seem profitable.

  4. God, I really hope this movie bombs. Not because I want anyone out of a job or anything, I'm sure there are plenty of super nice and talented people trying to salvage what they can... But this? This isn't a good mark on the franchise. Polkadi already mentioned it, but this is already irredemable, unless you plan on making a drinking game out of it.
  5. I'll be the legal drinking age when the Sonic movie comes out. My theater has a bar. Something tells me I'm gonna need it.

    1. Panda in a Pear Tree

      Panda in a Pear Tree

      I wouldn’t call that a mature joke.

    2. DreamSaturn


      Yeah, I edited it to remove the spoiler tag because it's probably not THAT bad.

    3. LongcrierCat


      I'm not sure what to even think now. Even me as a furry artist who's seen realistic takes on Sonic is completely unsure of where they're going with this but fuck. I'm interested now. They went against the design conventions and now even Sonic Boom looks tame in comparison. 

      ... TBH, the CG integration is a hell of a lot better than Eddie Lebron's movie though but I'll chalk that to Hollywood budgets. 

    4. Kiah


      You’re fine. Nothing you said is anything that’s required to put in spoilers. 

      That said it’s good to keep in mind that we do have a significant amount of minors here so consideration of them is never a bad thing 🙂

  6. Wow this movie Everything is pointing to it being a disaster. The thing that bothers me a lot about the "Don't judge it yet" arguments is that they just never seem to have an end. I went through this with people in 2014. Saw the Sonic Boom designs. Thought it was gonna suck. I was told that there wasn't a trailer yet, so I can't judge it. The trailer came out, still thought it was gonna suck. Was told it's still early in development, so don't judge it yet. We drew closer to release, still thought it was gonna suck. It's not out yet, so, don't judge it. Came out, and it sucked just like most people guessed it would. Well, don't judge it just yet, maybe more patches are coming! The whole point of promotional material and dropping info is to sell people on your product. And absolutely nothing they've shown or said about this movie inspires any sort of confidence. This design, as late as I am to the party on this just...is everything wrong with this venture. I echo the sentiments of a lot of people and say, you should've just let Marza go full animated with it, but it's too late for that. At worst, this movie will be a bomb that makes everyone groan and another black mark on the franchise, at best, it'll be an annoying CGI cringe-fest like the Yogi Bear movie or 2014 Turtles that will go down in history as "One of those weird things Sega tried one time"
  7. DreamSaturn

    Is Sonic still "cool"?

    Oh yeah, definitely! My point was more so how easy it is to cringe at how cheesy that "cowabunga, totally knarly, dude!" stuff is. But I still love it!
  8. DreamSaturn

    Is Sonic still "cool"?

    Depends on your definition of "Cool". For me, Sonic is like, the embodiment of the 90's. His rebellious attitude, impatient foot-tapping after a few seconds of not touching a button, the way he speaks with lines like "Aw yeah, this is happenin'", he's a 90's teenager. Of course, a lot of the 90's "attitude" today is stuff we look back at and cringe at decades later, but for Sonic, that 90's cheese factor is what makes him so enduring?
  9. Wowie that design.

    Just one oof after another, this franchise.

    1. Kiah


      Ain’t that the unfortunate truth...

  10. Beat Sonic Unleashed for the first time in years again tonight. Goddamn if it isn't still incredible, even if the running sections of the Dark Gaia fight are complete bullshit.

    1. Kiah


      Sonic Unleashed definitely does have its flaws but boy do I love that game!

    2. Ferno


      you really feel like you accomplished something once the credits start up with the shot of sonic and tails running/ flying off at the end. the whole credits sequence just screamed "we're proud of this!" actually

    3. Blacklightning



    4. Ferno


      @Blacklightning you best believe there was Goku-level yelling while I was doing it

    5. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Unleashed is honestly still my favorite after CD. While CD always captures the tone and attitude, Unleashed always captured the love of adventure. And yeah, you definitely feel like you accomplished something by the end and those credits are also still some of my favorite to sit through. Now you got me wanting to play again 😄

    6. Failinhearts


      Still a beauty after all these years.

    7. Ferno




      X x60




    8. Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      Blue Knight/Bluestreak

      @DreamSaturn I beat Sonic Unleashed again about a week ago (with a malfunctioning A button on Xbox 360, so no point of trying S Ranks). The running sections during the final battle, the 1st and 2nd were easy. The 3rd is usually hard for me, but I did it this time without losing or problems.

      Now I do agree about the when Sonic starts running, the credits start and hear Endless Possibility play. A great way to end the game

      Yeah pressing X 60x was kind of ridiculous, but the entire boss battle, especially the Super Sonic section and music (of course I sometimes swap it with Sonic Forces Death Egg Robot Phase 3 OST, which I did this time). Made it one of the best Sonic game endings.

      @Failinhearts Yes it is.







  11. Can we have Klonoa in Smash now? He's a good boy he deserves it.


  13. I've seen a Christmas Story so many times in my life that it's basically background noise. Conversely I've actually never really seen Home Alone.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I'm the exact opposite. Home Alone is background noise and I may have seen 5 mins of a christmas story

    2. Kiah


      I haven’t seen that movie in at least 20 years! Showing my age here, I know lol. 

    3. Panda in a Pear Tree

      Panda in a Pear Tree

      I’ve never seen Xmas story but plenty of Home Alone

  14. I was kicking around ideas to a comic eerily similar to Sonic Legacy for years now. It's because of that that I'm immensely proud of everyone involved with it, but also immensely jealous.

    Of course, I suppose I really only have myself to blame for not acting on my thoughts sooner, and I really have no right to complain all told. They went out there and made things happen and I didn't.

    This sounds incredibly bitter and self-deprecating but that's really not how I'm trying to come off. 3:18 AM is just a time for introspection I suppose.

    1. Kiah


      That’s very much understandable and I honestly wouldn’t call it self-deprecating at all. It’s normal to feel envious of others and regret with ourselves with things we both do and even didn’t do. Especially considering your initial ideas and intentions which more times than not aren’t easy at all to put into action.

      Those feelings of envy and regret just need to be kept in their place. Regarding the regret try not to kick yourself too much because what’s done is done and dwelling on something that’s untouchable via the past isn’t going to do you any favors and can end up having you feel really bad. 

      Just try to move on. Much easier said than done. Who knows? Maybe a similar or even better situation may come up for you in the future.

  15. I was super unhappy with Sonic Genesis like most people were, and I remember Stealth making his own POC version. I kinda wanted to try making a disassembly of Sonic Advance and building my own sort of demo of the same thing off that.

    Is there much of a point? No, and it probably won't set the world on fire but I could use the exercise.


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