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  1. Well, this is something I've been mulling over for a while. So I guess this is the best way to unleash those ideas.

    The first thing that has to be figured out is who our playable roster will be: so, to keep things simple and basic so we can build upon it in the future, I'm going to keep things to the main trio: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. I'm not going into characters like Shadow or Omega or what have you, because for this game, we're going to keep things simple to try and build a working formula that can be expanded upon later. With that introduction out of the way, let's get to one of the most important aspects: the controls

    For Sonic, I was thinking a scheme like this:

    Something like Sonic Adventure 2, but mixed with Sonic Generations to make turning at high speeds and taking corners just a bit easier. I've also spread out Sonic's moveset a bit, doing away with the action button to make those situations where you accidentally Bounce/Roll/etc. into a bottomless pit because you weren't close enough to the trail of Rings fade away completely.

    This also gives you a greater sense of control over Sonic. Much as I love Sonic Unleashed, the Adventure titles (primarily what Modern Sonic is known for) give a much greater sense of control and movement.

    I also really liked the Gems of Sonic '06, giving Sonic extra abilities to make his adventure just a tad easier or for more experienced players to  get to areas they couldn't before and even sequence break. They key here is to award skilled play, while channeling in what made the Genesis trilogy so great: a high skill ceiling, and a low skill floor. Gameplay, in a game, should be paramount, especially in a game like Sonic. Your skill is rewarded with speed and spectacle, therefore you can get better.

    Now, for Tails:


    Not as robust as Sonic, but that's kind of the idea: much like Sonic 3, Tails stands in as the games "Easy Mode", letting players better come to grips with the game's controls and levels, while also  bringing his own uniqueness to the table, with his ability to fly giving him access to areas and routes Sonic normally couldn't reach. Not super combat focused like a Shadow would be, but he does have his tailspin attack from Sonic Adventure which is one way he can get up close and personal with enemies. (I considered giving him the Dummy Ring Bombs, but ultimately regulated that to the Gadgets section, which is a good segway into this)

    Gadgets are sort of the Tails take on Sonic's special items/Gems: little trinkets that make the game just a tad bit easier, but in this case a bit less game breaking. Just things like the aforementioned Dummy Ring Bombs to take out enemies from a distance, or a Tails exclusive ability to stack items like Shields and powerups like Speed Shoes or Invincibility. Different from Sonic, but still close enough to not be a drastically different gameplay style. Handling is pretty similar to Sonic's, too, albeit a tad bit slower.

    I would add Knuckles, but I'm pretty sure I hit the file limit so I'll save the rest of my thoughts for a super secret in production video.

  2. On 7/19/2019 at 8:04 PM, DabigRG said:

    Mephiles was supposed to be one of the returning villains, but was likely removed due to the circumstances of his debut.

    Yeah, I remember posting an early draft of the script here like...a year ago I think? That referenced Mephiles. It was unearthed by Windii and Speeps. A lot of people doubted it (and I don't necessarily blame them, Mephiles just showing up out of nowhere after 11 years and Rouge speaking like she knows him even though he technically shouldn't even exist is kinda dumb) but it turns out that may have some weight to it.

    And yeah, a lot of people kinda suspected most of that "four years" development went to the engine. For as much as people tout that about Forces, it feels like a game that was slapped together within a few months, and that's largely because it kinda was.

  3. Because that's not really the style of gameplay Sonic is built for.

    Things like the Red Rings in Generations are fine, they're completely optional and sprinkled along the paths, but like, when we get into things like the Sun/Moon medals or the Treasure Hunting where slowing down to find things is the entire point? That's counter intuitive for the kind of game Sonic is.

    If you make someone like Knuckles the star and not Sonic, then sure, maybe?

  4. Maybe not base Sonic, but Indigo Rush made an interesting suggestion on Twitter not too long ago: maybe let Super Sonic swim underwater, sort of with NiGHTS Into Dreams controls?

    That could be fun. Opens up a lot of possibilities for level design. Sonic Colors' handling of "swimming" where Sonic can just jump infinitely is just really weird and I don't think I like it very much.

  5. Missed opportunity? Kind of, yeah. Sonic Runners was great fun at first. But of course, we all know what happened there.

    There's not much that I can say that the OP doesn't already.  I even remember getting SRA on the anniversary and like, somewhere within the span of three days after getting it I published a review on my review tumblr blog and a status here that basically said "Wow this game kinda sucks", and the replies I got were agreeing with me. SRA feels lesser in just about every degree. Sure, they used good music, but Green Hill just doesn't get my blood pumping for a good run the same way that Beyond the Speed Of does.

    It's the worst. It's just the worst. They removed the microtransactions, but they ended up charging for a game that looks, sounds, and plays a lot lesser than the game it was supposed to replace.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Polkadi~☆ said:

    For all of this film’s faults, I’d suggest knocking off this suggestion. Time and money has been invested into this, making a redo very costly, no matter the eventual failure of the film. That’s why the film will run it’s course and release the way it’s already designed to be, a fact that has to be acknowledged. A redesign is simple enough, but a completely redone film is too much to ask.

    Then there is no way to "fix" the movie. If Paramount insists on putting out a nightmare, well, just another addition to the ever growing pile of crap this franchise already has, I suppose.

  7. Yeah, I'm not buying the whole "We were with you!" thing. Sure, Sonic looking less like something I'd see at the foot of my bed during an episode of sleep paralysis is nice, but that still leaves a cavalcade of unfunny jokes, dated CG, annoying, bland and dumb human characters that take center stage...the design is only the most obvious and most horrific problem that we can see from the one, single, bad trailer they put out.

    The problem with the movie is the very concept. Just as a band-aid won't heal a broken arm, a simply design fix won't fix a movie that's doomed to fail. The only way to truly "fix" this movie now is to scrap everything and start over from scratch. Maybe get better writers this time.

  8. 1 hour ago, Miragnarok said:

    Nor Zavok or the Wisps or Cubot or so on and so forth, so I don’t see too much of a difference. And it’s up to the writers to make people care about characters like Jerry the Used Car Salesman.

    The difference is those are now established elements of the franchise. You can argue they're poorly established, sure. But they're established all the same and at least were kind of worked in to fit into Sonic's world.

    What's Tom the Cop and *flips through IMDb* Minivan Kid's excuse?

  9. 38 minutes ago, Miragnarok said:

    Live-Action Sonic, What a wonderful phrase


    Live-Action Sonic, There's no Pontaff to see

    It mean's no Classic

    Sonic in this film

    It's Our Zavok-free, philosophy..

    Hakuna No-Wisp-a!


    At least those are familiar elements (for better or for worse) that would make it feel more like a Sonic thing. This has none of those things. There's a reason none of the games with G.U.N ever focused on individual troops and had them team up with Sonic. Because nobody cares about characters like Tom the Cop or Jerry the Used Car Salesman

  10. 1 hour ago, Kellodrawsalot said:

    So if this is to be believed, it sounds like they may just be giving him slightly larger eyes and gloves.

    Which...if this is true, it doesn't really change my mind on the movie at all? I still think it all sounds like total and complete garbage, just with a Sonic that's slightly less horrifying to look at now.

  11. Hmmm...

    Sonic Jam. Mostly for my love of the Saturn controller, the Easy Mode for games being good for just kicking back and relaxing on an afternoon, and the Sonic World is a pretty cool feature, especially with all the content you can view with it and the context of it being an early prototype for Sonic Adventure.

  12. Sword and Shield are a hard pass from me. Unfortunate, as I really did like Sobble and was looking forward do it, but so much of what I hear in favor of removing the National Dex are just flimsy, poor excuses.

    Mr. Amateur Game Developer here, but Game Freak has had the Switch development kits since like, what, 2015? But they still made the decision to split off their teams to things like Home, this, LGP/LGE...it really makes me scratch my head and wonder what they were thinking.

    Obviously I'd never advocate for harassment and death threats, especially as someone who has been on both sides of the fence as far as developers vs. consumers go, but a response that basically amounts to "Yeah, we hear you, but we aren't going to do anything about it" feels like a really half-assed statement. Which, if that's to get back at the people who have been sending those things...well, fair play, I guess, but what about everyone who hasn't been doing those things?

    That's my take, anyway. I'll probably wait for the inevitable third edition where this is all curiously not a problem anymore, but until then...well, at least I'll always have Gen 1-5.

  13. Like Diogenes said, if it's good, then sure.

    I'm a big fan of the Classic series, but I also like plenty of the Modern games like Unleashed, Adventure 1 and 2 and Generations. I even like Sonic Advance and the Rush games. I'm less concerned what perspective the camera is in and more that the game doesn't suck. I truly don't care what gameplay style it is, either. Just give me something well designed and fun to play.

  14. Because Mario's fuck ups are nowhere near as atrocious as Sonic's. Like, okay, even if we look at stories exclusively and not the games themselves, Sonic stories are almost universally awful. The go-to examples are Sonic '06 and Shadow, which are riddled with plotholes, inconsistencies, things that simply don't add up or make sense...there's a lot less that can go wrong narratively with "Princess captured, go save her" than constantly introducing new McGuffins and new world ending threats.

  15. Gonna have to go with Sonic Mania. It's a simple story that doesn't really have that cheese factor that I love from games like Sonic Adventure 2, but it's charming, albeit falling short of the same kind of charm and storytelling Sonic 3 had.

    The Heavies are fun characters, much more enjoyable than the D6. So I guess that's my vote.

  16. 2 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    I still believe people should see the movie first before saying it's bad. So what if a few CGI movies were bad.

    This is the exact kind of goal post moving that gets us nowhere. If fans can deduce from a few seconds of footage that Sonic 4 doesn't play like the Classics, then I don't see how it's unreasonable for fans to think that a movie, based on a trailer, plot synopsis, casting, leaked style guide, among other things, will be bad.

  17. 2 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    Edit: I'm not sure if this counts as an Easter Egg, but the text "Every Hero has a genesis" is the same as in Bumblebee trailer "Every hero has a beginning". I have seen the trailer just now. Which reminds me Robotnik's truck is called an easter egg too as it resembles one of the car-bot 😉 And the genesis refers to the console where Sonic started... so I guess just another useless reference that is a complete misunderstanding!

    It feels like we're back in 2013 and are learning that the writers know next to nothing of the franchise beyond what you can skim on a Wiki. "He's blue, he's a hedgehog who runs fast and wears red shoes, he's a video game, he started on the..."

    I'm not handing out brownie points for the bare minimum. Easter Eggs don't make up for the bad writing.

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