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  1. 2 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    I still believe people should see the movie first before saying it's bad. So what if a few CGI movies were bad.

    This is the exact kind of goal post moving that gets us nowhere. If fans can deduce from a few seconds of footage that Sonic 4 doesn't play like the Classics, then I don't see how it's unreasonable for fans to think that a movie, based on a trailer, plot synopsis, casting, leaked style guide, among other things, will be bad.

  2. 2 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    Edit: I'm not sure if this counts as an Easter Egg, but the text "Every Hero has a genesis" is the same as in Bumblebee trailer "Every hero has a beginning". I have seen the trailer just now. Which reminds me Robotnik's truck is called an easter egg too as it resembles one of the car-bot 😉 And the genesis refers to the console where Sonic started... so I guess just another useless reference that is a complete misunderstanding!

    It feels like we're back in 2013 and are learning that the writers know next to nothing of the franchise beyond what you can skim on a Wiki. "He's blue, he's a hedgehog who runs fast and wears red shoes, he's a video game, he started on the..."

    I'm not handing out brownie points for the bare minimum. Easter Eggs don't make up for the bad writing.

  3. 4 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    It's weird and smells fishy:

    • the movie is bad because I don't like the design/it doesn't reflect my vision. => "completely" ignore actors, VA's, CGI effects, pacing, action sequences and everything else like only one aspect makes the whole movie 😉
    • we are getting the re-design but will still hate the movie (what was the point then?)
    • the "FIXED" redesigns are porno-based or clearly insulting => It feels it's just for the sake of trolling or getting popularity
    • calling people by names for looking forward to the movie and forcing them to not go
    • sending hate mail to people wanting to enjoy it
    • saying "nobody likes it" without any proper data (numbers or something similar)
    • being weird out about plot-points/hints that were officially hinted/revealed weeks/months ago (I mean, I'm not that hard-core fan yet I feel I know more about the movie than actual fans XD)
    • talking bad about certain points without taking a minute to think about them (see missiles x gun scene) when there is "logic" (but yeah, movie logic can be weird, but not that nonsensical XD)
    • complaining about the changes despite they (will) make sense in the movie (see some theories about the Movie Sonic that are able to cast a light on them ;-))
    • The trailer has around 10 easter eggs yet fans yell - Show me the easter eggs, don't talk about them! (Strange, as I, who needs the egg to hit me, saw one well hidden - or it was just a coincidence, it's still worthy of being called easter egg ;-))

    We've discussed for over 400 pages why the movie looks like shit. If all you took away from it was "it doesn't fit our vision" and "we don't like the design", then that's your problem.

    And yeah, even with the re-design, the movie will probably still suck. Sonic looking like a nightmare demon was only the most obvious problem, there's still the lackluster writing, the annoying and dumb human characters that will inevitably take up most of the plot and screen time, eye-rollingly terrible jokes (that are again the focus of the movie), and the list goes on. Fixing Sonic's design at this point is the equivalent to slapping a band-aid on a broken arm.

  4. Crypto's back, baby. This was one of two (as far as I know and at time of writing this) remakes from THQNordic, the other being Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated revealed a few days ago.

    This one, as the title would suggest, is a remake of the PS2/Xbox cult classic from 2005. You play as a homicidal, wise-cracking little alien named Crypto, who comes to Earth in the 1950's and finds himself traveling the country, going up against the police, the military and a secret government agency. It was wild, off the wall and completely self-aware how ridiculous the concept was, and it has fun and revels in every second of it.

    I'm greatly looking forward to this one, especially since it's coming to PC, something that all other entries in the series passed on.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Witto150 said:

    Well, so if fully 3D is better - does it mean this hybrid Movie plot works better in the 3D? Would it be accepted by fans? It's hard to think 3D is all it needs when so many people shout - It's going to suck even with the redesign! After "asking" for the redesign "to make the movie better".

    This plot probably would suck in any situation, but yeah, a fully animated movie where Sonic actually looks like Sonic would definitely be less repulsive to look at.

    3 minutes ago, Witto150 said:

    Or what plot you, as a fanbase, wants? I'm finding the origin an interesting.

    While I don't necessarily want a straight adaptation of something like Sonic Adventure, Sonic  has a ton of world, characters, and lore to draw from. It's not impossible to come up with something that's at least interesting, as opposed to just "Sonic X, but live action, and worse".

    4 minutes ago, Witto150 said:

    And this may seem off-topic, but Ratchet and Clank have 3D movie, with a plot I enjoyed (never played the games), yet it seems it failed so miserably it resulted in canceling Sly Cooper fully 3D movie in 2016 was supposed to be air. I found the teaser trailer on YT, and after digging around a bit, this info was often mentioned. On wikipedia, is mentioned a TV series to come out in October 2019 and the possibility of the movie airing/getting finished after the release.


    So, does fully 3D would convince people it's a great movie?

    What you also failed to mention is that they failed to market the movie, like, at all, so that definitely didn't help. You can't just drop a movie into theaters and expect it to get amazing returns, that's not how it works.

    5 minutes ago, Witto150 said:

    And if the majority of fans shouted - fully 3D is better, and the majority of fans shouted - we want Sonic using guns/weapons - why was the reaction so negative (when majority wanted it? Or it was just a handful of them?) when Shadow got guns and Sonic sword (even before people playing the games)? I can't just wrap my head around this.

    For one, the majority of people didn't want Sonic or anyone to use guns. Kids sent in letters to Sega asking for that, sure, but there's a reason they created Gamma specifically for that, because it doesn't fit Sonic as a character. And for two, just because people want something doesn't mean they should accept it if the execution is bad. A lot of people wanted another game like Sonic Adventure, and they got Sonic 2006. That game was terrible, but they asked for more Sonic Adventure, so does that mean you think they should accept it?

  6. 3 minutes ago, Witto150 said:

    So, what do you suggest? What is the right direction for the majority? For you?

    Definitely not this movie.

    Sonic is only recognizable if you boil it down to the most broad of details, "They're both blue! They both wear red shoes!" Okay, but that doesn't make for a good adaptation because for one, completely changing the look of the character to the point where it just barely resembles the character it's supposed to represent, is not good.

    As for what I personally would want, other people, including myself have stated countless times that a fully animated movie would've been much better. Hell, Sega even owns a damn animation studio (and it's not like they're unproven talent, either).

    If you truly didn't get that, you just weren't paying attention. Despite us going over this countless times over the course of this thread.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Witto150 said:

    Yes, so we have to try it, to see how it works. So, each game brings something new to test the possibilities. That's why I said, "it could mean a bad thing". I thought it suggests it can be good or bad ^_^;

    No we don't. Even just beyond this nearly 443 page threat, fans, non-fans, casual onlookers, the creators of Sonic, several people who work at or have worked at Sega, have stated loud and clear that it doesn't work and have given an extensive list of reasons why.

    We don't owe them a chance. They're a company that's making a product that they have to convince us is worth our money, and they're failing to do so.

  8. 5 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    To sum it up - You don't like it. Okay. Be civil about it. Don't go bashing it. See what is okay, and what not. Present your opinion in a civil way. Even the "so-called trash design" has some work behind it. I don't like Mario, and I don't go how ten-rated human-like he is. I let people enjoy him for what he is. Do the same 😉

    I'm going to continue bashing it because it's a bad design that should've never been greenlit.

    And I don't care if work went into it, that's a given. You can put all the work in the world into a school project and still have it be terrible and get a well deserved F.

    Effort =/= Quality


    Why is bringing something new seen as bad in Sonic? Sure, it may not be flawless, some bugs here and there, but it's something new to discover. Some new way to look at the universe.

    Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worthwhile. In fact, most "new" things Sonic has tried have been complete flops. If fans can tell from a few seconds that Sonic 4 plays nothing like the Classics, then I don't see how it's unreasonable for fans to deduce that something sucks based on a trailer that makes it look terrible, a plot synopsis, casting, leaked merch, and quite a lot more to work off of than what fans had for Sonic 4.

  9. 3 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    Sonic is like the wind, everchanging. If he wouldn't, we would have nothing but pixel games with classic Sonic, barely any story (only simple ones), and hardly any other cast except for the main core.

    Why don't we just ask Sonic Team how constantly reinventing the wheel simply because they can works out.

    No, people like consistency. People didn't just like Mania because it was Classic Sonic, they liked it because 1) It was good 2) It builds off a formula that's proven to work.

  10. 7 hours ago, Witto150 said:

    I'm sure it can't be that simple. That would make both quite 2D. Sonic is charming with his personality, but you still have to ask - Why he has his powers? How does it work? Can he break his bones? How he can see? Who are his parents? He couldn't just pop up out of a thin air XD I mean, isn't past and background a part of the charm of every character? Isn't that why authors explore this? If it's so "irrelevant", they can just concentrate on the present and ditch the past altogether. I don't think Sonic is an exception.

    Why does Eggman want to build the Eggman Land? If it's just for "I'm so evil and mad scientist", then that is a bit dumb. Sure, we can be simple, but "being evil just to be evil" is one of the most hated aspects of all villains and many authors avoid it like a plague. I often read about this and how many readers run away from it. Sure, Eggman has his quirks too. He is funny, sarcastic, and his mustache is a great visual indication of his mood XD But the theme park is something you don't see villains try to do. So why?

    It can be that simple and it is. We don't need to know where his powers come from because it ultimately doesn't matter. It's a video game that's not trying to be realistic, rules and logic are allowed to be bent if it makes it more entertaining. Sure, a Sonic backstory could be interesting, but it's not necessary and given this series' track record with deeper stories (most of them aren't very good), I can safely say pass on that.

    He wants to build it because he's an egotist and wants to take over the world. Even outside of EggmanLand in Unleashed he slaps his face and emblem everywhere he can and has modeled more than a few of his creations after himself. Simple, and that's all it needs to be.

    Not every character needs to be super in-depth or fleshed out. That just ultimately bogs down a story if you try to make everyone super developed.

  11. 5 hours ago, Rabid-Coot said:

    Yeah I was here for all of that none of it is particularly unusual for hollywood to have ignored.

    Well, it wasn't just some vocal minority, it was literally everyone. When the people who own the fucking character you're making the movie about, the fans, and non-fans are telling you "this looks bad", maybe it's not a smart move to just assume they're wrong?

  12. 3 minutes ago, Rabid-Coot said:

    From the perspective of the film studio how is that early hate any different from all the other times some aspect of a film gets similar crap thrown at it. Sometimes fans are right and sometimes they're wrong but any course correction is going to come late because that early hate can always be written off as people not seeing a more complete version yet.

    To quote our very own @Badnik Mechanic



    People who have spoken out against or said the movie Sonic design isn't very good

    Yuji Naka - Co-Creator of Sonic. (multiple tweets)

    Naoto Oshima - Co-Creator of Sonic (multiple tweets)

    Shiro Maekawa - Sonic Adventure & Supervisor of Sonic X Scripts (Multiple tweets)

    Gurihiru-san - Character designer & illustrator for Sonic Unleashed (tweet)

    Nakamura_Shun - Producer at Sonic Team/Sega of Japan (Tweet)

    Hirokazu Yasuhara - Sonic 1 level designer, also done work for Naughty Dog (tweet)

    Jun'ichi Kanemaru - Sonic's voice actor in Japan, 1998 - Present day. (Tweet)

    Kate Burning - Former Sega of America Community Team (tweet)

    Former Sega Community Manager --- Based on the tweets they have been 'liking'

    EB Games Australia - Major Video game Retailer for Australia (tweet)

    Multiple videogame publications including GameXplain & Polygon

    People who have spoken out in favor of the design.

    Ken Penders - Attention seeker

    3 fans. <--- I couldn't find anymore who didn't have some problem with it.


  13. 14 hours ago, Rabid-Coot said:

    Even with some non fans in the mix the hate for the pre-trailer materials is going to look like all the other cases of we hate x change it that productions have to deal with. They took the gamble that they would find an audience and lost now we get to say told you so.

    The problem with that is it wasn't just some vocal minority making fun of it, from the moment the first poster dropped, everybody hated it.

    The fact that the writer had to condescendingly tell people to calm down is indicative of a much larger issue.

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