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  1. No, probably not. A lot of what you said can easily be applied to every game after like, Sonic & Knuckles. There was a time when Sonic Adventure was the biggest Sonic game ever released, but that most certainly was not the last Sonic game. 

    Usually finales are planned (let alone announced) way ahead of time, even if they weren't it wouldn't really make sense for Sega to suddenly stop with their big flagship franchise.

  2. The Freedom Fighters? Maybe, there's a...decent chance they could come back, I suppose. At least, Ian Flynn has expressed interest in their return.

    But pre-Genesis Wave? With all the legal trouble with Ken Penders? Absolutely not, that's like, the entire reason they were wiped from the comics to begin with and I doubt Sega is too eager to speak with Ken any time soon.

  3. Mania was just improved, as without the patch and Plus it's still a great, solid, fun game with some minor  hiccups. 

    Forces' problems weren't that it was buggy or whatever, the issues were much more deeply rooted into factors like the level design, controls, mechanics and story. You'd need a pretty massive patch to "fix" that, and at that point you may as well just make an entirely different game.

  4. 1 minute ago, Conquering Storm's Servant said:

    You do realize that he was in the lighthearted game that was Heroes, right? Game with colorful, saturated colors and was about as dark as Colors, Lost World, and Generations put together.

    That is straight up nonsense what you’re saying, and is transparent as hell in what you’re implying.


    And you do realize that the overall tone of Team Dark's story was pretty serious, right? Filled with Shadow's identity crisis? 

  5. 8 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

    You do realize it literally happened in Sonic Forces, right? World didn't exploded.

    Just saying, if there was DLC to Lost World that allows me to beat the crap out of Deadly Six with Shadow, all dialogue removed (If I really want to I'll do edgy narration myself) then I would call that a 100% positive result.

    Yeah, a post apocalyptic Green Hill with everything going to a more Sand Hell type of motif. Not entirely the same thing. 


    3 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

    He was both edgy and lighthearted in LEGO Dimensions.

    "First you'll need to hone your senses in order to find the ULTIMATE FLOWERS."


    "Yes, THESE are the flowers we need! Now to figure out which will look best WHERE... It has to be the ULTIMATE ARRANGEMENT. Are you REALLY up to the task? Or are you just another faker?"

    Sure, that COULD work, but that would require competent writers on the game's side, something we really don't have.

  6. I think it's because, in general, his character has sort of run it's course.

    He had his redemption arc in Sonic Adventure 2, died, came back to life, and then a whole lot of garbage happened. 

    Shadow in general doesn't really fit super well in the more Modern Sonic titles like Colors, Lost World and Generations because of how he's designed and the sort of era he comes from, the era of super dark and serious Sonic games where, aside from Forces, more recent titles have been pretty light on the story, let alone the seriousness? Tails and Knuckles could fit into newer games fine, sure, but it would be super jarring to see Shadow blaze through Green Hill. 

  7. Pulling the plug on Sonic Boom is certainly plausible, and even makes sense and (as sad as it is for me to say as someone who loves the show and comics) might even be smart in the long run.


    Sega and Sonic Team are pretty much known for trying to forget their failures, they tried to do this around Sonic Colors' and Sonic 4 Episode I's release most famously. (Ironically this never happened, I still see copies of '06 and the Storybook games and Rise of Lyric sitting around store shelves. But oh well!) 

    It almost makes too much sense that everything is lining up like this as EmmBee mentioned; Sonic Boom Season 2 has gotten like, zero promotion either, Cartoon Network kept it in it's awful time slot of "earlier than anyone should ever be awake on a Saturday morning" and then changed networks to Boomerang entirely, and I don't know...really anyone who has Boomerang.

    Sonic Boom Fire and Ice, while recieved better than Shattered Crystal, still didn't do so hot in sales, and as much as I hate to sound like one of those weirdos from the SA3 page, that can mean one of a few things, especially since they didn't market it, like, at all: my guess would it that it has to do something with that. Sanzaru are incredibly talented developers and it would be an awful waste of their efforts and resources to just cancel the game outright, but that does make you wonder why they didn't market it given the extra year of development time it got.

    The Sonic Boom comics ended like...a year ago, I think? But I always chalked that up to Archie having troubles, probably financial.

  8. On 11/13/2016 at 9:01 PM, Mad Convoy said:

    Compare to, say, Rise of Lyric, where its pre-patch version is a slog to navigate. The graphics are very bland and lots of assets are reused, so its difficult to identify landmarks, and the level design is downright labyrinthine (not to mention HUGE). As a result, its extremely difficult and frustrating to navigate and I often found myself going in circles. To add insult to injury, you don't even get a map until about halfway through the game-- I would understand if, say, you had to navigate Lyric's lab quite a bit before being able to find a map of it as it wouldn't make sense for Lyric to give something like that away or sell, but surely Sonic and his friends can just go to the store and buy a map of Bygone Island and the other locations rather than have to steal it from Lyric in a fight. Not to mention that the map is not very detailed, so it is hard to pick out landmarks from it. With the patch, a navigation arrow was added, but it only helps so much considering how it likes to lead me straight into walls instead of my destination. Speaking of which, unless a game's world is really big (like GTAV big), or the level is a scavenger hunt or otherwise requires you to track down something critical, the navigation arrow shouldn't even be necessary in the first place because the player should be able to figure out the way to go just with a map. Granted, RoL would be big enough to qualify, but it also demonstrates that it shouldn't be used as a crutch or a band-aid for bad design considering how the arrow not only doesn't always work as intended but the level design and graphics are still bad enough to make navigation confusing. Of note for RoL, the game also doesn't do much to remind you of what you actually have to do for missions, with just a short, vague message on the map that often doesn't even tell you where to go for it. You'd think, with how obsessed the characters are at pointing out the most minor things ("BOUNCEPADRINGSBOUNCERINGBOUNCERING..."), they could at least pipe up about mission details if the game detects that you haven't played it for awhile or if you've been standing around for awhile.

    Sonic 2006 suffers from a similar issue for side missions. Soleanna is not an interesting place to look at and most (see: all) the assets are reused, none of the citizens have anything interesting going on (Compare this to Station Square in Sonic Adventure where we had characters like that girl trying to talk to the guy at the burger joint), no landmarks (Like say, Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins)...not to mention that, especially for the speed the characters move at and how useless the map is, the hub areas are way, way, way too open and spacious for their own good.


    Then we have the process of playing the missions themselves; Sonic goes up to a citizen that needs help, accepts the mission, the game loads the entire hub area and the citizen's model (along with Sonic's) and a text book reinstating the mission. Another loading screen later, we get the mission itself. Then, it loads the the entire hub area again, the citizen, Sonic, and the text book with the success or failure message, then another to load you back into the hub area.


    That's so stupid and tedious! There's absolutely no reason to load an entire world's geometry if you're only ever going to see a chunk of it. Sonic Adventure, for instance, does this well. If you visit Emerald Coast as Big, it only loads Big's section and not Sonic's or Gamma's or anything.

  9. 7 hours ago, molul said:


    I'd rather have Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remastered before a Sonic Mania 2. I really hope Sonic Mania sales make Sega reconsider this remaster while TaxStealth gather ideas for a Mania sequel.

    For as great as that would be, I'd rather they move on to newer, bigger, and potentially even better projects as opposed to keep reminding us that the Genesis games were cool. Make no mistake, Sonic 3 and Knuckles is my absolute favorite Sonic game, but unless they plan on releasing it on Steam (can't stand touch screen controls in my platformers), no thanks.

  10. Speaking as a game developer, what I'll say is about good game design is...quite a few points, actually.


    1. Games Need to Play Fair.
      • Take for instance, something like Crash Bandicoot's collapsing platforms. The platforms shake and emit a noise. The player thinks, "Hey, this platform is unstable. I need to get off of this and keep moving ahead." That's good! That works. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have notoriously difficult games like the Sonic Advance trilogy. Often times the player is moving too fast, or the camera wasn't cooperating because of the GameBoy Advance's small screen, or for whatever reason it may be, they may end up falling into a bottomless pit, or hit by an enemy that they didn't see coming, or will be blindsided and crushed by a moving block. Again, games need to play fair: this is where games like Sonic Rush improved upon the formula. The boost button pretty much eliminates the worry of running into enemies (assuming you keep your flow moving by destroy enemies, collecting rings, and pulling off tricks), but it's not TOO easy. 
      2. It Needs to WORK.
    2. This is quite literally the most important part of any game. To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd, 

      What's the most important part of any game? Well, being able to f*cking play it!"

      This is what sets games about: those that work, and those that don't. And by work, I don't mean "Well, make the best of it!" No no, I mean, they need to FUNCTION. And properly! This is the biggest reason why games like Superman 64 are bad games: They don't work. Going back to my example of Crash Bandicoot, while it may not be mindblowing today like it was back then, it still functions and is a good, well designed, well made, fun game. Nothing about it is especially cheap or unfair.


    I had some more that I wanted to mention, but they're not really coming to me right now! :P

  11. I think they have something great going with Sonic Mania. Aside from me being a total Classic Sonic fanboy who is totally biased, it could be a sign of things to come, maybe a more Mega Man-esque structure of game releases? We have what, Classic, X, Zero, etc....Sonic could use something like that since, let's face it, Sonic never has stuck around in one place for very long. He's constantly changing styles. Classic, Dreamcast, Boost, the things that all the handheld games had going on...you get the idea.


    So Classic Sonic could be making a return like that. But the question is, does Sega have plans to follow that, or?

  12. 3 minutes ago, YoshiParty said:

    So, anyone wanna take a guess of how the Special Stages are gonna be like?

    I'm hoping that they're something new. I really don't want another half-pipe special stage.

    Agreed, although honestly, I can only see them return to that. But if they absolutely HAVE to reuse a special stage...I wouldn't mind seeing the Knuckles Chaotix kind of Special Stage return, those were REALLY cool. But alas, Sega seems to have an uncomfortable lust for the half pipe.

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