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  1. 1 minute ago, Myst said:

    Some people are speculating that the trailer was trolling us with a fake design in order to garner lots of attention online, so they can promise a 'redesign' and win fans over with the 'real' look.

    I doubt it myself, but that 'meow?' scene? Come on. That wasn't an accident. No sane individual looked at that and thought it looked okay and was something the fans would like.

    Yeah, I'm doubting that "all just a stunt" theory myself, too. There's no way they would spend millions on the art, animation, promotional material and merchandise, all just for that to be an elaborate trick. That doesn't make sense.

  2. 2 hours ago, do a barrel roll said:

    There is no room for more crap with this series because our tolerance for SEGA screwing up with Sonic is running thin. SEGA will either get their act together with the Sonic series, or we will not support anything that comes out of Sonic going forward.

    That would be ideal, but that will only get us so far. There are still plenty of kids (and adults!) who will eat up anything with Sonic's face on it regardless of actual quality, and this movie will still have defenders 15 years from now, and probably plenty of young adults and teenagers who are kids now that will look back fondly on it as "their" Sonic.

  3. Just now, Tarnish said:

    What's another black sheep for this franchise? It can join the evergrowing flock.

    Basically this. A grand majority of people expect this movie to be crap because 1) It's a video game movie, and 9/10 of those suck, and 2) It's Sonic, being done by people in this day and age that clearly don't understand anything about the character.

    Just another addition to the ever growing pile of crap. And it's a big pile with a lot of room for more.

  4. What really boggles my mind is how Sega is super strict with Sonic on all other media, especially the comics: Sonic can't cry, Sonic can't lose, we can't see anyone's family, no romantic relationships whatsoever,  all that shit. So the million dollar question is, where the hell where they for this movie? Did the contracts demand they just fuck off?

  5. Just now, StopNitpicking said:

    Come on bro! Let's at least give it a chance, no? After all, we've only seen a trailer. Why should we just a movie by the trailer! I beg you! Please at least give it a chance? You never know, it may be the best VG movie ever!

    Let's not play the game of "keep moving the goalpost", okay?

    "We haven't seen the FULL design!"

    "It could look better in motion!"

    "it's just one trailer!"

    "Wait until the full movie comes out!"

    At what point does it become acceptable to just throw in the towel and admit something sucks?

  6. 1 minute ago, StopNitpicking said:

    Ah, I see. So if my message said "Let's all be positive!", it's no good. But something like "Are you out of your fucking mind", no problem.

    Gotcha, thanks

    What makes me question if you are is how you have the audacity to come in here, insult us, insinuate that we're all just nitpicking and the design is our only problem with it, but in the same breath demand we accept it and your opinions. That's what's bothering people here. There are a few defenders and fans of the movie here. That's not the issue. How you present yourself, conversely, is.

  7. Just now, StopNitpicking said:

    I feel like accepting change is a good attitude though. Also, I feel like we should all respect other's opinions.

    I love Sonic. Most of us here wouldn't be here if we didn't. And it's because we love the series that we don't accept just anything with his face on it because it has his face on it. This franchise can do better, it should do better.

  8. 15 minutes ago, StopNitpicking said:

    Let's break the annoying image of being a group of unpleasable whiny nitpickers. Let's just embrace this in good faith, with positivity, and look towards the future, rather than be stuck in the past!

    With all due respect, are you out of your fucking mind?

    I get that it can suck seeing something you like torn to shreds, but considering that this franchise has seen the most depressing of lows, I'm frankly not willing to accept that just because it's new and different.

  9. I dunno. This seems like a bad kinda bait/damage control. Like, "Sure, we'll fix the design...in the sequel! See you at the theaters, everyone! :)"

    Maybe I'm horribly off base here and maybe they really are taking the feedback into account to make changes to the film. But sadly, the design would only fix one of many problems with it. There's still just about everything else.

  10. I'm honestly reeling from what a spectacularly awful idea Tom is. That's 100% true @Blacklightning, he's a middle aged cop with a tranquilizer, that's...dare I say a bit too niche for anyone to really identify with? Unless he's supposed to be a stand-in for the disinterested parents who are taking their kids to this. In which case, maybe in a few months we'll see videos called "The Secret Genius of Tom the Cop" and calling for him to be brought into the games.


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