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  1. One day, I'll be able to brag about something as arbitrary as being popular here.

    Of course, popularity is relative, and maybe it's my poor self esteem stopping me from saying that I am. Then again, that would also feel rather egotistical.

    1. DanJ86


      Popularity is not everything. I'd rather have genuine friends and a place to feel useful. More often than not, the popular people are also very silly.

      So sadly, having poor self esteem like you and I do, can prevent having that outgoing silliness that others possess. Doesn't mean we still can't enjoy our self.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Popularity isn’t something you should strive for, because all you’ll do is end up changing and bending yourself to be something you’re not to satisfy others. You’ll follow along with bandwagons and chase popular trends and generally, it won’t be worth it. 

      Talking from experience, just be yourself and be respectful. Especially on this Sonic board. You’d be surprised how farw you can get if you just balance your own opinions between some humour, and serious thoughts, and explaining those thoughts in a detailed but respectful way. That’s not to say you shouldn’t aim for self improvement and self evaluation but it’s a balance between being yourself, and knowing when to improve a negative aspect of yourself. Aim to make friends who like you instead of aiming to have a bunch of like points, because at the end of the day, that’s just a bunch of numbers while friends will always be there for you.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      This place is a community, not a competition. I came here to meet likeminded people on a series I have grown up with. I'm sure you have too, having seen some of your posts and what you have given your likes to.

      So what if I'm popular, I don't even know if I am, nor would I care. Sure, I'd be thankful that people appreciate my posts, but my intention is to come here to discuss thoughts and opinions on Sonic with others. I want to talk about gameplay, about writing, about all the great music, and to share our love for Sonic in fan-art, fan-games and more.

      Re-evaluate why you joined this forum, and understand why you feel that is the reason. To strive for popularity here feels really pointless, incredibly so.

    4. SaturnWolf


      Perhaps I should re-word my thoughts to avoid further misunderstandings like this.

      I didn't join this forum to be popular. I was just a shy and anxious highschool student when I did. My point being isn't even necessarily that I'm willing to change aspects of myself to gain such notoriety. If nothing else, at least a "Yeah I know that guy" would be nice. Not something I'm necessarily pushing myself for, but a thing that would be cool.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      I know you! Of course I would! I may not know you well, but some of your status updates make me think that you're so nice and friendly~ Plus, a fellow fur, so cool! I am not nearly as much into the furry community as you are ^^;;

      We may have a lot of members on the board, but all the regulars here are like one big happy family! We may have differing opinions on things, but nonetheless, we can all happily bond with each other and have some fun!

    6. Kiah


      It’s actually natural to want to be both noticed and accepted among others. You are correct that popularity is relative and quite frankly some are popular for all the wrong reasons and actually do act like this is a competition. But in the end that doesn’t matter as likes and popular status does absolutely nothing to enhance your life. This is a community where we are to interact with each other and enjoy our time here being ourselves. It’s pointless being here if you aren’t comfortable and/or having fun.

      You don’t have to make a whole bunch of noise as it were to be noticed. While making statuses and posts are good, I can’t stress enough the importance of actually interacting with and befriending fellow members in the community generally speaking. It can not only get you noticed and things are learned about you, it contributes to a positive atmosphere but it also can be the catalyst to some friendships as well which is way more valuable. 

    7. TCB


      Some here take this far notion of being 'popular' too seriously for their own good and it comes back to bite them in the was. I've seen it before. Are some people here just good with their words, expressing themselves, and aren't phased by getting all these likes for some petty little "attention"? Yes. You should be coming here to enjoy what you can on your own merits.

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