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  1. That fucking stingray mission in mario sunshine is the WORST who the hell playtested this and said "yeah this is fair"

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      If you think that's THE worst then you have to do the pachiko machine and the poison lake levels

    2. JezMM


      ^ To be fair, those are entirely optional.  Still terrible content but optional (actually the fact that Mario Sunshine has such a broad difference between mandatory and optional content, unlike 64, was one of it's biggest downgrades).

      Regarding the Manta Ray Boss, there is a knack to it.  In terms of Sirenna Beach, I found the puzzley episode 3 much more of a roadblock back on my first play when it came out.  And in terms of "did they even playtest this!?" I'd say that award goes to the Watermelon Festival.  ...And the ones Crow mentioned.

    3. Iko


      I find it somewhat fun... graphics aren't that nice, but it's still a nice challenge.

      Even the pachinko and the watermelon levels, as glithcy as they can be, I still had some fun with them.

      The only one that I have real problems with is the poison lake/river level, that one where you have to collect the red coins and if you miss even one (very likely), you have to walk all your way back on the border of the river with the risk of falling down each step. Not just that, if you do a gameover you have to do all the way again with Yoshi, waiting for the boats and all.

      And maybe the sand bird, but not even that much, it's mostly boring when you land on a cloud for a blue coin and you have to wait for the bird to make a full lap around the tower before being able to jump back on it.

    4. LeviTheGreat


      On the poison lake levels and the sandbird this game is freaking hard.

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