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  1. Not at first.

    Part of Sonic's problem is a total lack of any sort of consistency. Even in the Adventure titles, even as much as I love them, it's like playing several different games in one package. There's no one, singular core style that everyone follows like in say, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This is a problem because that means they have to allocate resources to make sure every style works. Game development doesn't happen in a vacuum, they have a deadline and several different people including executives and investors to answer to. That means less time to the other styles. That means less polish. That means a game that's worse for wear.

    As crummy as Forces was, if Shadow's gameplay was them starting to ease back into having multiple characters, then that's how I want to do it. Build off of Sonic but give them something, anything to make them unique.

  2. 2 hours ago, PeterPancake said:

    ...Not really? Transformers movies was hugely successful and widely different from the subsequent certoons that succeeded it and no kid was confused or had "whiplash" because Sam Witwiki and Mikaela weren't in those shows. 

    Ditto for Marvel's Spider-Man and Homecoming using completely different characters. 

    Kids are not stupid. They know the difference between movie Sonic and game Sonic. 

    Not really the same thing. Transformers' humans are incredibly interchangeable and Spider-Man's cast, sans the designs every now and then doesn't really every change. Peter Parker is always gonna be recognizable as Peter Parker. Mary Jane Watson will always be recognizable as Mary Jane Watson.

    This is throwing Sonic into an entirely different universe. No Tails. No Shadow. No Knuckles. No Angel Island. No Amy Rose. No Metal Sonic.

  3. At this point it's almost inevitable that Sega isn't doing a whole lot with this movie because it's so far removed from what any of the established fanbase knows Sonic to be. Like, even putting the design aside, can you really, really, REALLY imagine any kids seeing something like Sonic Generations on Steam and being distressed when they discover that things like Tom the Cop, Crazy Carl and whatever other human character besides Eggman is nowhere to be found? I sure can't!

    And if you can, well, that in and of itself is also a problem because it goes back to the point of this being so different from the source material, that people jumping from this to the source material is going to cause a lot of whiplash.

  4. I honestly think a reboot plus better writers plus a stronger focus on continuity would do us some good. I feel like part of the problem is that the game side of this franchise doesn't really care much for continuity but still wants to have super story-driven games like Sonic Adventure 2 and what I imagine Forces wanted to be. Which, in and of itself isn't inherently a bad thing, but it makes it rather hard to care in cases like Forces that rely heavily on past games.

  5. Honestly I'm far more interested in the production story behind the movie than the actual movie itself. So we find out about it in 2014, find out Sony is making it, we have a writer and then...years and years of silence. (Here I just kinda figured the movie was canceled), and then suddenly Paramount picks it up and shit is happening. Those like, 4 years of dead air are far more interesting to me than any bullshit this movie is going to have.

  6. I don't think so, no. There's so much to explore in Sonic's universe (even though the new threat is usually a new character of McGuffin) that there's probably always going to be some degree of raised stakes.

    Like Shady said, this series doesn't really care that much about continuity anyway. Most Sonic plots are fairly self-contained with only a few outliers that have references to older games.

  7. 4 hours ago, Scritch the Cat said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought IMDB was easy to edit, without giving any sources.  Thus the weird stuff you find might just be trolling.

    That seems rather unlikely. You'd think that trolls would go for way more outlandish stuff and that anyone actually attached to the project would remove anything that's not true, but these listings have been up there for at least a few months.

  8. I'm doubting that we'll see any of Sonic's friends show up. Paramount wants to make sequels, and well, it wouldn't be smart to throw all the shit at the wall at once and leave nothing left for those sequels.

    Of course, that's also operating under the assumption that they have any fucking clue what they're doing so maybe I'm being too generous.

  9. It all comes down to how well they're used. Personally I hate Sonic Boom so I wouldn't mind seeing Sticks go away and not come back. Characters like the D6 and Infinite are more complicated because there's definitely room for more, but they just don't do anything of any worth with any of the new characters, let alone the old ones.


  10. Just now, StaticMania said:

    I didn't say it would be a bad thing, I said it would be unnecessary.

    I want to know...how learning about Zavok would help improve the character.

    Well, would Shadow have been nearly as interesting of a character if we didn't know his story? The ARK, Maria, Gerald, the Biolizard, the connection to the Echidna tribe and the Gizoids, etc.?

    Actually having a character to him would be a start.

    Giving him an actual place and role in Sonic's world could be nice, cluing us in on what the fuck things like Zeti and the Lost Hex even are, too. We didn't learn everything about the ARK and Shadow in Adventure 2, so it's not like building on things later on would be a new concept in the series.

  11. 2 minutes ago, StaticMania said:

    The thing that makes people care about a character how they're written as they currently.

    Backstories only exist to add to what's already there in base. If what was there wasn't good...then how exactly will learning about them make the character better?

    Because learning more about characters would help a lot. Take for example the Jedi Exile in Knights of the Old Republic II. It starts off as just a kinda blank slate, but through the story of the game we learn more about them, their history, and how they connect to the greater Star Wars universe.

    How would giving us something to actually care about beyond being another personal cardboard cutout bully for Sonic be a bad thing?

  12. 2 minutes ago, StaticMania said:

    Well it's alright that none of these have been answered, because it's not necessary.

    It's extremely ridiculous to act as if getting the answers will automatically make the characters interesting.

    A lot of the time...it doesn't. A lot of the time...it makes characters less (or even less) interesting. A lot of the time...it adds nothing.

    For the type of characters they are, they do not need any of those things.

    There's a reason Shadow was such a beloved character in SA2, and it wasn't retroactive love from later appearances where he was basically just Sephiroth the Hedgehog.

    Giving us a reason to give a shit about the characters would go a long way.

  13. 1 minute ago, DabigRG said:

    He is the [last?] pupil of Master Zik, who taught him the art of patience, combat, and deriving any form of opportunistic and/or sadistic gain from defeating his enemies.

    That just raises even more questions about his upringing. How did he find Zik? What's his reasoning for following him to begin with?

    1 minute ago, DabigRG said:

    Either Lost Hex or wherever else the Zeti are originally from.

    And where is that? Who knows--both the Zeti race and especially the Band of Six themselves could use a little exposition.

    What even is the Lost Hex? Where did THAT come from? How does Tails know about it? Has it always just been floating there in the sky?

    There are things we can infer, but the problem is nothing in the games bothers to expand upon any of it. Maybe the comics will in the future, but they exist in a separate universe from the games.

  14. Just now, DabigRG said:

    I mean, he does technically have those things. The real issue, particularly as of late, is that they haven't done that much to play or explore with it.

    Let's not be pedantic.

    What is Zavok's backstory? Where did he come from? What's his place in the world? What's his motivation? What shaped him into being evil? None of the questions have been answered.

  15. 2 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Doesn't matter. Why didn't Marvel make the Avengers animated? Why didn't DC make Justice League animated? When you make a movie animated, you are limiting it's audience. That's just the cold hard truth. There are millions of adults who will not take the movie seriously because animation in the west Is always almost exclusively aimed at children.

    Because everyone took Justice League seriously. Everyone took the Ninja Turtles seriously. Everyone took Transformers seriously.

    Except, if you look at their diminishing returns at the box office, you'd know that's completely untrue.

    3 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Spider-Verse is the exception but they can not have a big budget blockbuster action movie aimed at teenagers/nostalgic adults like TMNT and Transformers with animation. Paramount didn't want it and Sony didn't want it because that's not the type of movie they wanted to make. Once the trailer drops, I hope there will be an understanding as to why the concept of this movie does not work for an animated aimed at pre-teens and 7 year olds. 

    You're assuming things with no base again. Your entire argument is "This is the right decision because it's the one they made" as if no movie studio has ever made a bad film or bad decision. Spoiler: they have. Many, many times. Animation isn't inherently aimed at children and pre-teens the same way live action isn't inherently aimed at adults.

  16. 1 hour ago, Miragnarok said:

    Well, what makes the Hard Boiled Heavies any better than other 2010s villains? They have an equally thin backstory (though it is entirely left possible Eggman made them that way on purpose), redeem themselves out of nowhere, have one-Dimensional quirky personalities, have unclear motives, etc. 

    The fact that they aren't set up as some major, world-ending antagonist, aren't meant to be taken THAT seriously and do exactly what they were designed to do. Be one off, fun and quirky bad guys and nothing more.

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