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  1. In my case a lot of it has to do with the deeply rooted friendships and commitments I've made in the Sonic community, as far as Modern Sonic goes, yeah no, the magic is gone, I've given up on anything from our green-eyed friend ever blowing me away like Unleashed did. I'm sure the Mania team will return and I will absolutely buy the shit out of what they release next, but we're talking a game a every few years or so.

  2. Spider-Man 2/Marvel's Spider-Man

    The sorta parkour style momentum and tricks Spidey can pull off are kinda incredible and I could easily see Sonic working with that kinda stuff. Sonic Lost World almost had the right idea, but the level design is ultimately what kept it from reaching it's potential of being something greater. Spidey can run on walls, leap over pipes and various other objects, and go flying into the air over skyscrapers. It's a lot like the opening cinematic to Sonic CD in the hands of an experienced player!



  3. I don't know if a break is really the answer here, especially given that it most definitely won't happen since Sonic is Sega's biggest cash cow.

    The problem is more that a lot of people, perhaps too many, have a say in the franchise and what it should be. Aside from a few very specific key figures, Sonic Team has seen significant departures and arrivals even as recently as a few years ago. Sonic needs to be kept on a tighter leash.

  4. Will 2019 be a good year for any of us?

    In a lot of ways, I want to say it's too early to tell, but we do have a pretty good map of the road ahead, at the very least, two major landmarks.

    Team Sonic Racing will probably be decent at best and mediocre at worst. The delay in all honesty was probably the best news we could've possibly hoped for it, since yikes, the footage they showed off, the game doesn't look anywhere near ready.

    The movie, well, I think it's pretty clear how that's gonna go.


    Who knows, though? There could be other things around the corner.

  5. As far as the big picture goes, nothing any worse than something like Sonic Lost World.

    Sure, it's not great and I'd go as far as to say I hate it, but to an outsider? They probably really don't care. Most people don't see it as another '06 or RoL, though it certainly could get to that point eventually, we aren't there yet. Instead of something people joke about over a decade from now like again, '06 and Shadow, it'll maybe just be a weird footnote as "One weird experiment Sonic Team did one time and never again." So more like Lost World than anything else.

  6. 2 hours ago, Shaddy Zaphod said:

    we have no reason to expect better from and we have no reason to give any leeway when this film by all rights could have been executed properly if the people involved actually cared about what they were doing.

    Yes, THIS. THIS right here. This is what I keep trying to explain to people. "Why don't you just give it a chance?" they ask.

    Because the people involved don't care, so, why should I?

    Sonic currently doesn't have any sort of good will to warrant a "Wait and see" after Lost World, Boom and Forces. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this isn't a movie being made from a place of love, care and devotion to the source material like say, Sonic Mania was, this is a movie trying to cash in on a trend that's been dead for a while now, going by the diminishing returns at the box office for the Alvin and the Chipmunks and Smurfs movies.

  7. God, I really hope this movie bombs. Not because I want anyone out of a job or anything, I'm sure there are plenty of super nice and talented people trying to salvage what they can...

    But this? This isn't a good mark on the franchise. Polkadi already mentioned it, but this is already irredemable, unless you plan on making a drinking game out of it.

  8. Wow this movie

    Everything is pointing to it being a disaster. The thing that bothers me a lot about the "Don't judge it yet" arguments is that they just never seem to have an end. I went through this with people in 2014. Saw the Sonic Boom designs. Thought it was gonna suck. I was told that there wasn't a trailer yet, so I can't judge it. The trailer came out, still thought it was gonna suck. Was told it's still early in development, so don't judge it yet. We drew closer to release, still thought it was gonna suck. It's not out yet, so, don't judge it. Came out, and it sucked just like most people guessed it would. Well, don't judge it just yet, maybe more patches are coming!

    The whole point of promotional material and dropping info is to sell people on your product. And absolutely nothing they've shown or said about this movie inspires any sort of confidence.

    This design, as late as I am to the party on this just...is everything wrong with this venture. I echo the sentiments of a lot of people and say, you should've just let Marza go full animated with it, but it's too late for that.

    At worst, this movie will be a bomb that makes everyone groan and another black mark on the franchise, at best, it'll be an annoying CGI cringe-fest like the Yogi Bear movie or 2014 Turtles that will go down in history as "One of those weird things Sega tried one time" 

  9. 12 hours ago, Lord-Dreamerz said:

    Maybe just me, maybe i'm just stuck in the past... but I still find that 90s stuff cool! Honestly I wish SEGA had more faith in it... I feel sometimes the modern Sonic writers don't believe Sonic's 90s attitude is actually cool anymore and kinda play him off as slightly lame in the stories nowadays. Surely i am not crazy here, they just don't portray him the same way that they actually would had back in the 90s lately.

    Oh yeah, definitely! My point was more so how easy it is to cringe at how cheesy that "cowabunga, totally knarly, dude!" stuff is.

    But I still love it!

  10. Depends on your definition of "Cool".

    For me, Sonic is like, the embodiment of the 90's. His rebellious attitude, impatient foot-tapping after a few seconds of not touching a button, the way he speaks with lines like "Aw yeah, this is happenin'", he's a 90's teenager. Of course, a lot of the 90's "attitude" today is stuff we look back at and cringe at decades later, but for Sonic, that 90's cheese factor is what makes him so enduring? 


  11. My whole thing is that you can't kill off the characters other than the Black Arms because obviously they need to come back for future games. How would they be revived?

    The game's story isn't good, like at all, but how it handled, save for the freezing is probably the only way you could wrap up a story like that.

    49 minutes ago, lulzers said:

    Maybe the gas could start emitting after Doom beats Sonic and co. and the physical effects of the gas are more realistic. Like say instead of freezing like statues in ridiculous poses, they collapse to the ground in pain.

    This part I do really like though! I always found it super awkward how they just kinda freeze in place.

  12. 3 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

    Silver and Blaze stick around Sonic's world too much these days

    We haven't even seen Blaze in the games since Sonic Generations, and even then she was more or less a background object. The same goes for Silver up until Sonic Forces, so it's not like they're shoving Sonic out of the spotlight. If anything, one could make the argument that characters outside of Sonic don't get enough focus.


    3 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

    they dont help much for the story

    Think of the past few games: Omit Tails completely, omit Amy and Knuckles, everyone except for Sonic and Eggman. (And the Deadly Six if you're looking at Lost World), you don't need anyone else at all because we're more or less back to the Sonic vs. Eggman plots again. That's not to mention how shallow the plots for Sonic have been for at least the past decade, anyway.


    3 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

    I prefer if we focus more on the characters of Sonic's world and the new characters like Tangle and Whisper.

    I'm actually not sure what your argument is here? What makes you so sure that your complaints would be absolved by just changing the names in the script?

  13. 3 minutes ago, Marco9966 said:

    My point  is about destroying the lore by making Classic Sonic a different character. The least they could do is not destroy pas stories.

    Again, even the best of Sonic games kind of ignore the lore of past games. Remember how Eggman cracked open the Earth in Unleashed? Well, he did the same thing in Advance 3 was there was no Gaia monster. Remember basically everything about Angel Island in Adventure? Almost completely different from how it was in Sonic 3.

    Does the lore need cleaning up? Sure.

    Does Sonic need better writers that pay more attention? Absolutely.

    Is the MCU a good example to follow for this? Absolutely not.

  14. 50 minutes ago, Marco9966 said:

    consider that MCU is about only one character,

    But it isn't? Sure in certain story arcs certain characters are certainly more important than others, but they all share the spotlight a good deal and there isn't really one character the overarching story is really about.

    Sonic games, even at their best, never really care that much about continuity. Most Sonic games are fairly self-contained. Honestly, it sounds like your main problem is just bad writers which, yeah, I totally get and agree with, but your point here doesn't make a lot of sense. Do we focus in more on Sonic? Because we've been doing that since 2008. Do we give more attention to other characters? I guess that could work with better writers?

  15. 2 minutes ago, Failinhearts said:

    That's not something really exclusive to Marvel. Many franchises have installments that take place in the past. Star Wars, Transformers, even Mario to a degree with games like Yoshi's Island. I don't see particularly what makes Marvel so special here in regards to that. That isn't what they're known for.

    What Marvel focuses on is crossing over and merging the tones and events of individual franchises, something that Sonic doesn't do since it primarily just focuses on the hedgehog.

    I mean, it's one thing to ask for a coherent story, but I dunno if you should really follow what Marvel's doing specifically.

    Basically this. Sonic's continuity is already kind of a mess, and Marvel's bread and butter is to let the heroes do their own thing for a while before bringing them together to stop the world/universe ending threat but that's not exactly exclusively a Marvel thing either.

    If that's what you're asking for, well, then no. Part of Sonic's problem is that Sega doesn't keep him on tight enough of a leash, and I don't think throwing even more at that wall is the solution here.

  16. 1 hour ago, Plasme said:

    It has a lot of flaws obviously. You have to play game four times to unlock the final boss, the controls are terrible, it focuses too much on knocking down health bars and there's a lot of trial and error and bottomless pits.

    Well, there you go. The game isn't particularly popular because of bad parts far outweigh the good parts, as good as they may be. When you think of Sonic, gameplay that amounts to "Trapped in a room/hallway, and the door that leads to where you need to go won't open until you kill all the enemies in the room" isn't what you want to do.

    The only story that actually matters at all is Team Dark's story, which establishes that 1) Shadow is still alive, 2) Eggman has Shadow Androids and a lot of them, 3) This Shadow could be an Android, and 4) Shadow has amnesia and can't remember anything. But none of these go anywhere at all in this story, the Shadow Android in the cutscene after Egg Albatross comes out of fucking nowhere and isn't anywhere to be seen in the actual fight. None of this actually even matters until the next game, which...yeah.

    And at a certain point, replaying the game just gets monotonous, especially when the differences in stages is negligible. "Okay, imagine playing this stage again, but with TWO MORE Egg Pawns on that platform over there! And imagine if there was one less Item Bubble to give you Rings!" That's not fun. That's a tedious chore.

  17. There's not a single Sonic game that doesn't have at least some wasted opportunities. Sonic Generations in particular has a lot of that. Great of a game as it is, it feels incredibly hollow and empty going back to it today. Look at those cutscenes where Sonic and Tails reflect on Green Hill and Chemical Plant, those are the only times something like that happens. They could've so easily come up with some witty dialogue, both paying tribute to (and lampooning the more absurd aspects of) the franchise. Like, after Seaside Hill, Tails could comment, "I remember it being a lot easier to keep up with you back then, Sonic!" and after Rooftop Run Sonic could say "I sure am glad it was day time!"


  18. 7 hours ago, ShadowSJG said:

    This game was rushed and had a low budget, right?

    Kinda. Sorta. The game spent a long time in the conceptual stages, but the important thing to note about that whole "four years development" is that most of that time was spent making the Hedgehog Engine 2, as I recall the actual game only spent like...roughly a year in proper development.

    But wow, Sonic Forces. One year old. It's such a confusing game for me, as I have many complicated feelings towards it. In a lot of ways, it's exactly what I've been wanting out of Sonic for years now. More serious storytelling. Anthro villain. Expanding Sonic's world with more anthro characters. But in a lot of regards, it completely misses the point of why I was asking for those things. Forces is incredibly bland and has virtually zero identity of it's own. It doesn't stick with, let alone go all the way with any of it's ideas, and that sucks! Some of them are legitimately interesting and could be great if they bothered to expand upon them.

    So do I hate the game? Well, refer to the video above.

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