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  1. We all made jokes about Bubsy in Sonic Forces. We memed him back to life, and now we have to kill him again apparently.

    Jokes aside, this doesn't look...TERRIBLE? Nothing amazing but it looks to be an inoffensive endless runner. Probably nothing I'll rush to buy, but maybe if the stars ever align for it to be on sale, me to have some excess money and have absolutely nothing better to do one day, sure, I'll give it a shot.

  2. 2 hours ago, SurrealBrain said:

    There is a time to play it safe, and there is a time to take risks. The point is to establish a formula before taking risks. If you're "shaking up the status quo" every game, however, well, as one put it, it's no longer shaking up the status quo; it is the status quo.


    This, so much this. Sega/Sonic Team trying to reinvent the wheel every single fucking game is part of the reason this franchise is such a mess. Sonic isn't exactly the most accessible series in the world, and that's because every game has the mentality of "Okay but let's do something radically different".

    How about we get a string of consistent, solid games in one formula before we decide to try and shake things up again? We've already had an entire era of really weird, really bad experimental Sonic games.

  3. I get that you may like the other play styles, but the more you try to throw into the game, that's less time, budget, and resources that goes to other things, like, you know, the other characters. Like Sonic. Sure, you can have all the alternate playstyles you want, but it's going to mean a less polished, less refined game.

    Look at Sonic Adventure: now personally, I love that game, one of my absolute favorites. But it's a mess. An unpolished, unrefined mess. If you look at any other series with multiple playable characters, like Mario for instance, there's a core style that everyone follows and builds off of.

    That's not a bad thing or narrow-minded, that's smart design.

  4. Could be a reason, but definitely not the sole reason.

    I do think that calling Sonic the most well thought out character of anything is a huge stretch, though. Part of the reason Sonic is such a radically inconsistent franchise is because he's constantly being handed out to just anyone who has an idea for him, just look at how many times we've seen this franchise change not even counting the shows, spinoffs or comics.

    I think a lot of things definitely play into why Sonic is so popular and why he hasn't bit the dust yet, characters definitely being one of them. I do think there's also more of an argument that Sonic constantly chasing trends in gaming plays into why he's still popular. Like, Sonic Dash. Kids like Temple Run, right? Let's give them that but with Sonic characters and iconography. Kids like werewolves and darkness right? Let's give them that but with Sonic. Kids like those MegaMan and Mario retro revivals? Let's do that, but with Sonic.

    Often to the series' detriment.

  5. I remember it so vividly.

    It was about...2006 or so, I wanna say. It was around Halloween and super late at night. I remember trying to turn on Cartoon Network to see what Adult Swim had in store (I was in first grade, stuff like that was super off limits for me) and I think I entered the wrong channel number because one of the Halloween movies came on. I don't remember which one, but Michael Myers was chasing this little girl around, and Dr. Lumous was using her as bait. He got Michael caught in a trap and started hitting him with a baseball bat.

    I remember that sticking with me for a really long time even though nothing really that scary happened in that scene.

  6. I definitely think "Gray age" is a more fitting name for this rut we're in right now.

    Sonic Lost World kinda sucked, Sonic Boom was alright but not great (going purely by the general subfranchise, not any one particular aspect of it), Sonic Mania was spectacular and Sonic Forces was probably the most polarizing Sonic game to date. Outside of that, we've had some hit and miss mobile games and some comics. All of these are generally looked at as "Alright, but not great".

    I don't see how that's even remotely comparable to getting a string of absolutely abominable games like ShadowTH, '06, Secret Rings, Genesis, Chronicles, etc. Sonic's not in the best of places, but he's hardly looked at with almost universal scorn like he was 12 years ago.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    Altough I suppose you could argue with the current state of the franchise, there is no real identity to what a Sonic game is anymore

    This is a sentiment I hear a lot and it's one that I also happen to agree with a lot. Sonic Team sucks at managing a consistent brand, let alone identity. How many gameplay styles has Sonic had in the main series alone over the years? That's not even counting all his spinoffs, the comics, the shows, etc.

    In all likelihood, it is probably too late to change that in the eyes of the general public, but it might be wise to consider keeping Sonic on a tighter leash and not pimping him out to just anyone.

  8. I'm going to echo what other people have said here and say I don't really think any of the music has gotten significantly better or worse either way; I don't think music really can age like other art forms.


    I still think the Genesis, Adventure, '06 and Unleashed OSTs are absolutely incredible and I've warmed up a lot to Forces' soundtrack, if that's what you're asking.

  9. 3 hours ago, Plasme said:

    I do think there is a threat that Mania could be mishandled going forward, relying on remixing old zones and playing upon nostalgia. I hope that doesn't happen, but it is possible SEGA could take it in that direction..

    And as I've said previously, I think Plus was a step backwards so I think there's a real possibility for the franchise to be mishandled. I didn't think Encore Mode was enjoyable, the palette changes were pretty poor and Mighty and Ray always seemed like odd choices to me. 

    I also agree with the sentiment that the Mania brand can only go so far without major innovation. I think a game like Mania but with entirely new stages is the next logical step, but where do we go from there? We can't keep doing that without it becoming repetitive. At some point, we'll need a major shake up.

    Any gameplay will get repetitive after awhile. That's just an inevitability. There's tons of Pac-Man sequels and spinoffs that all play basically the same. When you have a formula that works, you really don't have to make major changes because again, you have a formula that works. As the old adage goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    I'm also going to let you in on a little secret: Not every game needs to be a major innovator or game changer. Look at something like Sonic Colors or Generations, they're about as "play it safe" as it gets and they're some of the best received Sonic games out there.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Iko said:

    You pretty much got my point, it's just that I see the existence of Mania as something that plays against this, while you see it as the step before what I suggested.

    Anyway, it's not just a matter of new stages... I think there are a lot of things that need to be "modernized" in the classic gameplay, one for all, Knuckles' gameplay.

    I wish the Sonic series would go more toward the Megaman 11 route and less toward the Megaman 9/10 route, that's what they are doing now (and no, Sonic 4 doens't count, that was a total disaster).

    The whole point of Mania was for people who didn't like how Modern-ized Classic Sonic had become. Look at how Sonic Team has handled Classic Sonic for years now, it's a total and complete disaster.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Tracker_TD said:

    Suggesting the Mania Team shouldn't return and have no capacity to innovate based on a game that already introduced a fair share on innovations to the Classic formula is foolish at best. And last I checked, a sizeable number of players did want a return to the Classic formula, just done actually well - handily that's what Mania was.

    Unless you think that the mere act of using a consistent playstyle such as the Classic formula means it can't possibly innovate in which case hahahahahahahahahahahahah oh god 

    This, so much this.

    Classic Sonic is already established, but additions like the Dropdash are incredibly smart and add a lot to the gameplay. If you take all that into account and still say "there was no innovation", well, I don't even know what to say at that point.

  12. 59 minutes ago, Scar said:

    I'm fine with that. I say 2021 cause its the 30th Anniversary. But as I said. 2021 at the earliest.

    I would hope so. My hot take is that Sonic's 25th anniversary kinda sucked. We got Fire and Ice, Runners shut down, and a big party that basically just amounted to "See you next year!"

    Which is...more of a whimper than anything. I would hope Sonic has a "Better" 30th anniversary, but at this point that's not too hard to accomplish.

  13. 1 hour ago, Diogenes said:

    Only in an ironic, masochistic sense; after Forces I have so little faith in Sonic Team that I'm mostly looking forward to the next game to see what new way they'll find to fuck it up.

    Basically this.

    With the past 5 years of Sonic in mind, Mania feels like an honest to God fluke. Sonic Team manages to screw up everything they touch, between poor controls, annoying mechanics and terrible storytelling amongst several other problems. At this point, I'm just here to see how bad it'll be. They are of course, welcome to prove me wrong and knock it out of the park but I sincerely doubt it.

  14. I can't really bring myself to defend Sonic 4 Episode II beyond the obvious "Well, it wasn't as terrible as Episode I."

    The Metal Sonic fight in White Park was kinda cool I guess?
    But yeah, I echo the sentiment that I would like to see Sonic 4 remade with Mania's style, control and physics.

  15. No, absolutely not. That's what leads to games like Lost World that have no business at all existing coming out. 

    I think it's pretty clear that Sonic Team has no idea what the hell they're doing. Case and point: Sonic Lost World immediately after the success of the Boost trilogy, and screwing up Forces when by every measure that should have been a slam dunk. Let's also look at Classic Sonic and how Sonic Team has handled him, and if you wanna get more general, Sega themselves: Sonic 4, Sonic Forces, either they genuinely have no idea why people even liked Sonic to begin with or they have no clue how to replicate it.

  16. Oh man. All those summer nights where I would pull all nighters playing Sonic Unleashed or all the days I ran home, grabbing a bag of Sun Chips, running upstairs and firing up my Dreamcast and playing Sonic Adventure from dinner and until I went to bed, or how I've played the Genesis games all individually literally hundreds of times in my life?


    That's just scratching the surface.

  17. This seems kinda overly vague and just saying "This needs to be better."
    While it's true that Forces wasn't exactly a good foot forward, I'm of the mindset that throwing out the Boost entirely isn't the answer either. You just need to take a step back and actually use the Generations Modern framework this time, particularly looking at stages like Seaside Hill which is quite possibly the most open-ended 3D Sonic stage to date.

    I do like the idea of hub worlds returning, but to the degree of Spider-Man on PS4? Unless you're suggesting the parkour from Lost World return, I'm gonna have to say no. Look at games like Arkham Knight or like you mentioned, Spider-Man. Those worlds are huge, but Spider-Man has his acrobatics, parkour and webswinging, and Arkham Knight had the Grapple Boost at the start and the Batmobile very early into the game. I think hubs in the same vein as Sonic Adventure or Sonic Unleashed would be a better fit, because then you can run into the problem that Sonic 2006 had where the hubs are overly large and not very interesting.

  18. I'm a firm believer that any story can work, or at the very least be interesting if given to the right writer.

    For as much flack as they get, I love the stories of the Adventure games, Unleashed and the Storybook games. They're not perfect, but Merlina in particular is a great twist that's legitimately surprising your first time through. So yeah, if we got more of that, I'd be happy.

  19. 1 minute ago, Marco9966 said:

    You can't compare a TV show to a video game.

    You're completely missing the point. You yourself said "adapt it word for word, sequence by sequence" and you're now backpedaling with that by saying it doesn't have to be that.

    And yes, 9 different locations, all of which are cities and paths to cities. Not a lot of room for variety, and people already didn't like the overabundance of city levels in Generations so I'm not sure why you think it would be different here.

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