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  1. Didn't see say that he was never going to review anything Sonic ever again?

    But yeah, definitely super weak even by Doug's standards. The jokes aren't terribly funny and he doesn't so much review it as summarize the plot and occasionally make a joke. Which is apparently super standard of him by the like, 6 other episodes of his show I've seen.

  2. Butch is clearly a bit of an idiot. Aside from being completely out of touch with reality, (I mean, "suicide wasn't even thought of"? Depression has always been a thing.) and being a compulsive liar, I suspect some serious mental issues. Could be narcissistic personality disorder, or something as menial as his planet sized ego being incredibly fragile.

  3. 2 hours ago, does it really matter said:

    Okay, but it was not nearly as long as a timeframe. It was five months. It's going to be a year for Forces in a few months, we've heard nothing about it aside from speculation, and Sega has multiple other projects that are giving them far more positive feedback. Feedback that they have not seen in over a decade.

    You are free to believe that there will be DLC and perhaps there will be. I just have yet to see one piece of convincing evidence and the rest seems like coming up with any excuse to justify people saying it's "fact". That DLC slot in Steam is not unique to Forces. Many, many games on Steam have such DLC slots that were never described and nothing came of them. Oh, and all were updated the same day as Forces' and these games are even older. I described one in a previous post.

    You're neglecting the fact that Forces is Sonic's first game on the Xbox One/PS4/Switch for Sonic Team, completely new hardware that they have to work with, plus with how big it could potentially be.

    38 minutes ago, shdowhunt60 said:

    Yes, but this long with no word at all? You think that if there was any sort of DLC release we'd hear something.

    Mania Plus didn't exactly have tons of heads up beforehand, either.

  4. 1 minute ago, does it really matter said:

    Yeah, but it was the most well received Sonic game in fifteen years. Sega has said repeatedly they did Sonic Mania Plus because of the critical reception. 

    Even with that in mind, it's not completely bizarre for Sega to give DLC to their less popular games, since well, even Lost World got DLC despite having more or less the same kind of general "meh" reaction that Forces did. 

  5. 3 hours ago, shdowhunt60 said:

    Actually I think it does, Sonic Force's poor promotion isn't the same thing as there being no promotion at all. If there was something that was even the slightest bit noteworthy, SEGA would have said something. Even if it's something that's barely heard at all.

    And yeah, it's seriously been almost a year, and we've heard nothing. All the DLC that's gonna come out has been out for some time.

    It's not totally unheard of for DLC to come out a while after the initial release. We didn't even know Mania Plus was a thing until SXSW of this year and Mania's a year old as of August.

  6. People don't like the Classic characters because they're Classic characters, they like them because they're fun to play as and don't have any dumb baggage attached to them like Silver and Shadow.

    Even if you stick them in the Classic formula, people will still think they're dumb characters and won't like them just because they're 2D sprites now.

  7. 1 hour ago, does it really matter said:

    No offense, but that means nothing to me. Aaron is one of Sega's best and most essential employees, especially when spreading news and pumping the crowd up. With all the crap he has to deal with, I hope they treat him well. Cutting him out of the loop would be a truly terrible decision.....so hey perhaps it is true then.

    Oh, as for the concept of him lying: why bother addressing the question at all then? It's not like a live interview. On a stream, he can pick and choose the questions to answer and, to the best of my knowledge, lying is not how Aaron operates. Again, it's why people like the guy so much and why he's one of the best Sega has. 

    Aaron could legitimately not know what the surprise announcement is. And I reiterate: if that update on Forces' SteamDB page was really nothing at all, it would've been removed by now, or just not posted at all. The whole deal with Forces so far is that they're basically doing a darker, grittier version of Sonic Generations so this doesn't seem farfetched at all to me. Especially when even '06 got DLC despite being the most reviled title to ever come out in this franchise. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Diogenes said:

    I don't know enough about how these things are handled to say that it's definitely not anything, but it hardly seems like a solid confirmation, and regardless as I said before, even if Forces gets more DLC, there is no evidence that it is in any way connected to Mania.

    I'm confident that if it wasn't meant to be a thing, it would've been removed from the SteamDB page. So while yes, there is no substantial evidence that this is absolutely, 100% where they're going with this, they might be, and I'd even go so far as to say it probably is. Since, conversely, there's no evidence that this isn't connected to Mania.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

    Even if Forces gets more DLC (which there's still only the slimmest evidence of in the first place), there's no reason to assume what happens in Plus has anything to do with it. It's not confirmed, it's not implied, and it doesn't have to mean anything.

    Is there any reason to completely dismiss what happens in Plus and dismiss the new entry under Forces on SteamDB?

  10. 2 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

    It really doesn't need to.

    This is like Generations' post-credits scene all over again. Sometimes a gag is just a gag.

    The difference is that Sonic Forces has new content added to it's SteamDB page, which, if it was a thing that was scrapped, wouldn't be there. (See: the Episode Infinite thing found in the archives). Sonic Generations didn't have that luxury and didn't look like it was setting up anything as Mania did.

  11. 2 hours ago, Diogenes said:

    It does not.

    It could potentially be linked to upcoming Forces DLC if they wanted to and if any exists in the first place, but there's nothing in Plus itself that implies any further connection with Forces.

    I dunno.

    The fact that 


    Robotnik gets the same ending as Classic Sonic definitely means something. 


  12. 11 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

    Modern Sonic is a slug on ice. I don't understand why people had such a hard time with Sonic Heroes. My only problem with it was the casino levels where we can't control the characters.

    This mod adds Sonic Heroes physics to Generations, it's way more fun, there is still boost but at least it makes wanna play this game again without it feeling like a fucking chore:



    I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Sonic accelerates to his top speed way too quickly. That's the biggest problem with Heroes' controls/physics: everyone controls like they have skates of butter on ice. 

    Vanilla Generations controls much better purely for the fact that you actually have control of Sonic at  reasonable speed and aren't running off into bottomless pits because Sonic didn't slow down in time.

  13. 3D Games are exponentially more expensive and risky to develop because of the very nature of having to work with a Z axis on top of an X and Y. Mania's development team had over a decade of solid mods and fangames, something that isn't true at all in the context of 3D Sonic games. It took years for the fanbase to convince Sega to take on 2D Developers with countless solid projects.

    There are next to zero 3D Sonic games, most never advance past the proof of concept stage. Even fewer of those are actually good. Most fan engines are abandoned before they're finished and never advance past the level of being "alright but rough around the edges." That's not going to convince a big company like Sega to take people on. Being able to make a good engine doesn't mean you understand good level design or mechanics, especially for Sonic who isn't quite like any other game character in how he works. 

    Giving the reigns of development to someone else doesn't guarantee that things will get better. You may end up hating it just as much as what Sonic Team is doing now, especially with Sega involved. A publisher's fuck ups can ruin any game, (see: the PC port of Arkham Knight).

  14. It may not be much, but it could definitely be something.

    What it could be? I don't usually wager guesses on that sort of thing because my predictions don't usually age well. It could be a few extra stages, it could be something as small as extra costumes. It sure came as a surprise to me that Lost World got any DLC at all considering it's reception, which isn't that different from that of Sonic Forces. 

    One thing also worth noting is how even Sonic 2006 got a good few pieces of DLC, especially Team Attack Amigo that made significant improvements like drastically improving Tails' groundspeed. Even if a game was horrendously received, which Forces was not, it wouldn't be completely unheard of. Sega doesn't operate like most normal companies.

  15. The simple answer: We don't.

    The important thing to note about Mania's development team is that they have over a decade's worth of experience with mods and fangames, they've perfected the art of 2D Sonic probably better than even most people at Sonic Team could do. 3D fangames are a rarity, even then, most of them are extremely rough proof of concepts that never advance past the demo stage.

    There's no real, solid background in 3D fangames in the Sonic community that anyone can point to. 3D games are exponentially more expensive and time consuming to create than something like Sonic Mania because of the very nature of 3D games; it's a significantly higher risk to hire a bunch of people that made a "pretty alright but rough around the edges" proof of concept once than a team that has an extensive history of successful, well-made 2D mods and fangames plus has earned Sega's trust with remakes widely considered to be the best versions available of those games.

  16. I used to hate them a lot more, but as I've grown older and wiser I've mellowed out on a lot of things, them included.

    Do I think their writing is good? No, not particularly. Do I want them to stick around forever? No, not particularly. Do I think they're the worst thing to ever happen to the franchise? Well, no. The important thing to note is that they're more localizers than just writing out the stories; as was the case with Sonic Heroes and Maekawa, the plot was basically already written before they even walked in the door and they were just told to fill in the blanks.

    Sonic Heroes' plot and dialogue was laughably cheesy, more so than most things in the games that Pontac and Graff have been involved with. It's not even like they haven't done any good, either. Sonic Lost World had a few moments I really liked, like Sonic finally seeing situations that can't be solved by just jumping in head-first, or Sonic thinking all his friends were dead. It wasn't perfect, but the potential to grow is definitely there, and I don't expect any writer ever to be perfect. 

    The root of the problem goes deeper than just "Writers that don't know what the hell they're doing", the problem is someone at Sega and or Sonic Team giving the orders to whoever it is that's in charge of the story for the given project. That's not me trying to handwave their faults away, because trust me, I realize they're there, but for as much as I love and support the #Flynn4Sonic and #Maekawa4Sonic campaigns, ask yourself this: would they REALLY have the creative freedom you'd like for them to have? Would they REALLY be able to stretch their wings as far as we'd like?

    They wouldn't. Getting rid of Pontac and Graff is a temporary "solution" to a problem that goes way deeper than them.

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