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  1. Because there's zero consistency at all, in or out of universe.

    We get new writers almost every game and they all either have their own ideas for what Sonic should be or just don't pay attention to past games. The inconsistency with the inhabitants of Sonic's world, the moon have been pointed out at nasuem and at this point, it's broken to the point where the only way to "fix" it is a total reboot, but even that's a bad idea because we've had so many of those and they like, never work.

  2. I'm gonna echo what @Mad Convoy said;

    There is such a thing as too much content. If you reach that threshold, the game will collapse under it's own weight and nobody wants that to happen, right? 

    Think of games like Portal; short bursts of fun is always much better than long, drawn out mediocrity or worse. 

    I think games like Sonic Mania, the Genesis trilogy or the Adventure games had the perfect amount of content. Generations came close, but I would've liked a bit more.

  3. Funny that this topic should pop up, because I actually designed something exactly like this almost two years ago now. 

    I never really came up with a name for it, but I do think I have a project file somewhere for how it would work in an actual game. 

    Anywho, my general thinking for this was to give the player a sort of Casino Night Zone-esque arena for the boss, a platform or two in the middle (collapse-able platforms) to get some Rings and Robotnik jumping at you from side to side, throwing a razor blade at you, Sonic must avoid this and speed up to Robotnik to boop him in the head until the machine explodes. 

    I'm not so sure if I like it entirely anymore, I have often thought about going back to this and making some changes and actually giving the mech a proper name and design but I never got around to that. Maybe someday soon! 


  4. 12 hours ago, Spooks said:

    That’s it. That’s literally the whole story. So why are people attracted to it? Like I said, the gameplay

    The target audience – who, as we’ve already established, isn’t invested in the titular character 

    1) Your argument here doesn't work because you're assuming the absolute only reason anyone likes Sonic is for his gameplay and nothing more and that's absolutely untrue. Even back in the Genesis days, while the speed was a huge part of the marketing, so was his character, his attitude. This was emphasized in the cartoons of the era like Sonic SatAM, and especially the comics. More character driven narratives than just "Watch Sonic go fast." 

    I mean, we even have the other cartoons like AoStH, Sonic Underground, the OVA and the Archie/IDW comics where no gameplay is involved but still manage to connect both with pre-existing fans of the franchise and people who don't play the games at all. Anecdotal evidence doesn't really count, I know, but I've spoken with a few people who would call themselves Sonic fans who haven't played a game in years (or at all!) but love(d) the comics (Archie, when they were still going.) 

    2) And that's the problem - you can't just take a giant franchise like Sonic, give it a theatrical release and tell the fans who made that possible that it isn't for them. That just doesn't work. That's not to say that they should be pandering to us, but this is the entire problem - this movie isn't being made from a place of love, or care, or passion for the source material. It's being made for money, and nothing more. 

    Yeah, at the end of the day, the goal of any commercial product is to make money, but with something like this, the quality will suffer greatly because the people making don't care about the franchise if this is their mindset.

  5. 1 minute ago, PeterPancake said:

    Mostly everyone doesn't even know this movie exists yet. What a few people think about it on Facebook or Twitter is not the general consensus.. It's wayy too early, marketing hasn't even begun at all..And even if it was, their tune could completely change if Paramount releases a badass trailer. That's how these things work.


    Sonic fans have been against this movie since day and many still will be even if it's the best movie ever. 

    Sonic fans do, and I've seen nothing but ire against it. It's not JUST on Facebook or Twitter. I also find it hard to believe that "most people don't know it exists" when we have big sites like comicbook.com reporting on it. 


    3 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Because the Lion King is traditionally animated movie, it is not live action nor is It a PG-13 action adventure in vein of GOTG and Fast and Furious. Why do you think the news of a live action Lion King made so many people confused? Almost everyone wanted to know how the hell it was going to work with realistic animals and no people. But Disney had the benefit of the doubt because.... well, it's Disney. Everyone else does not have that benefit - at least not yet.


    And Star Wars is a terrible example to use because ALL of the main characters are human beings. They are all the POV characters for the audience - you don't see Star Wars focusing on Yoda, Jabba the Hut or any of the other alien characters. They focused on Luke Skywalker,  Hans Solo and Princess Leia. All humans beings.

    And Sonic is a cartoony, animated character in a cartoonish world populated by cartoon characters, with Eggman being the only human in that world (apparently if Forces is a thing), much like how Star Lord is the only human in GotG but thanks to the MCU that's now one of Marvel's more popular properties. Aliens and all, hardly any humans in sight. 

    With mostly aliens surrounding them, yes. And I've given you the example of GotG.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Spooks said:

    You have to remember who the intended audience is. Paramount and SEGA are not trying to cater to already-existing fans. They have our support already. They're looking to broaden the fanbase while also reviving it. They're trying to pander to a whole different set of people, and if they make a movie that looks and feels just like the video games, it's going to get written off by everyone except us Sonic fans as a kid's movie. 

    Adding in human characters helps the audience to relate a little better, and it puts it in our world, too. I know some people reeeaallly dislike that, but like I said, this is a big-budget Hollywood action/drama movie. There's a whole different set of standards there that cannot be compared to a two-part animated movie from the 90's or a video game. 

    If the general reaction I've seen from fans is anything to go by, then, no, they don't have our support. Most of what I've seen among my friend group and among people in general, mostly everyone thinks it's gonna suck.

    It's not even like you need human characters when animal/anthro characters to tell an engaging story, either. Disney, for instance, has The Lion King and that doesn't have any humans at all. To go off on a bit of a tangent, isn't this just part of a larger Hollywood issue? That they're not willing to take any risks? Why are we assuming that people NEED humans to connect and relate too, as opposed to just well written characters? Star Wars doesn't take place in our world and that's still one of the most popular films of all time.

  7. 4 hours ago, Bobnik said:

    Here's his tweet stating the Flynn part was false. That was fast.

    I guess this just leaves "AW" and the document itself being actually real and not a dupe Windii themselves got duped with.

    Windii just responded to this, too:

    So really, who knows. I'd sure love to get some solid answers on this but Sega is very hush hush.



  8. 3 minutes ago, Spooks said:

    The only way that I can see Sonic's friends appearing in the movie without cluttering it too much is if they end up captured at the beginning of the movie and only Sonic is able to escape. Even then, though, they don't really add much to the plot as far as advancing the storyline through characterization. They'd just be a plot element and at that point still bordering on fan-service. At best, they might leave room for sequels. 

    But what does Tom the Cop add? Sonic having a friend? Isn't that what, y'know, his actual friends are for? 

    We don't even need to see everyone, Team Sonic and Eggman and maybe Metal Sonic could make a movie on their own (see: The OVA) but introducing a bunch of human characters is somehow a better alternative? 

  9. At the risk of the ire of many, I really did like Sonic Riders, Sonic 3D Blast, and I even have a higher opinion of Sonic 2006 and Black Knight than most do. I like them all for their own individual reasons, but obviously for '06 and Black Knight aren't exactly cherished classics old and new fans alike look back on fondly. 

    And yeah, they've got problems, I will never ever argue that they don't, but I can have a lot of fun with them as, as bad of a reason as nostalgia is, I do have a lot of happy memories associated with '06, both with the game itself and just how much better my life was back then.

    I also do like Sonic R quite a lot and streamed it a lot earlier this year, and I even considered remaking it in Unity at one point.

    A lot of the Game Gear games, too! I love most of them.

  10. I dunno. Everything about this movie sounds like everyone involved is making the absolute worst decisions imaginable. 

    The way the synopsis puts it, it's basically "Sonic X: The Movie" but somehow Sonic X did this same concept better? If they're trying to establish this supposed Sonic Cinematic Universe as it's own thing separate from the comics and games,  then I guess maybe? But making it in the same style as those Alvin and the Chipmunks movies is a bafflingly awful idea. 

    Could Sonic and Eggman really carry an entire movie on their own? Even with the human characters, how are they going to divvy out that focus? 

    Even in the MCU's solo flicks, we see other characters or at least allude to them. And looking at the writer's resume...

     Yikes. SUPER yikes. 

    I'd rather we at least get Tails and see some of Sonic and Tails' brotherly bond grow.



  11. I'm gonna go with Strong Guy and say no.

    Speaking as Mr. Amateur Game Developer over here, games should have some kind of fail state because otherwise there's no tension at all. I mean, sure, you can still have drowning underwater. and granted my only reference to this sort of mechanic is Sonic Colors, but there Sonic can still move fast enough that it's not really ever a significant enough threat? That's not to say I want the '06/Unleashed solution where Sonic falling into a knee-deep body of water is insta-kill, but if you ask me, the best way to handle it was something like how Aquatic Ruin Zone in Sonic 2 handled it;

    The water is there and there's plenty of level to be had in it, but as the tradition with upper/lower paths go in Sonic, the lower path is more of a punishment and more skilled players will never have to worry about it.  

  12. That's kind of hard to say because I don't have a Switch, and Xbox One or a PS4. I look on with interest but I've simply never been able to afford either of them.

    But that being said, a few things caught my interest:

    • The Elder Scrolls VI: Holy shit, finally. After years of Skyrim ports, we finally hear of something new from this franchise. It's not much, but it's something. Which is so much better than the whole lot of nothing we've been hearing about for the past few years.
    • Doom: Eternal: Yes, oh GOD yes. I love the Doom franchise so much, Doom 2016 being easily one of the best shooters I've ever played, so a bigger, better version of that? Sign me up, especially if the PC port is good.
    • Spider-Man: It's no secret to those that know me personally that Spider-Man is my absolute favorite super-hero, but the last Spider-Man game I had a chance to play was Ultimate Spider-Man. Unless you count Spider-Man 3, which I don't like to. Seeing what's basically a take on Spider-Man that turns it into something like the Arkham series? Yes, that's perfect and I love it.
    • The Last of Us 2: Holy gosh, this game looks absolutely breathtaking. The facial animations in particular are really good looking, and the stealth looks as exciting as it ever was in the first.
    • Death Stranding: I know it's a tired thing to say, but I don't know what the hell this is but I'm loving it.
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Do I even have to say anything? It's like, the Sonic Mania of Smash Bros. It's an amalgamation of everything everyone has ever loved about the series all put into one tightly wrapped package...and there's still more to be revealed! Smash Invitational hasn't happened yet, but I'm seriously hoping for Klonoa to make it in, or Shovel Knight so us indies can get some representation.   

  13. An early version of the script from Sonic Forces was recently released online, and it has a few interesting key differences:


    (You can find the script here, translated by @nothisiswindii on Twitter.)

    The standout difference to me is how Mephiles was mentioned and shows up as an illusion. Yes, you read that right and that's not a typo on my part: Mephiles shows up. It all makes me wonder what kind of game of telephone Forces went through to lead to what we see today. 



  14. It's so good to have Crush 40 back in Sonic games.

    I don't wanna look a gift horse in the mouth here, but part of me does wish they saved that for something big like the 30th anniversary game? Not to say that I'm unhappy with their return, but a racing game of all things seems like an odd choice.

  15. 80 years from now. Todd Howard lays on his deathbed, satisfied with his life, having successfully ported Skyrim to every console ever released. he looked out and smiled, for soon he would port Skyrim to life itself. His son, Robb Howard sits next to him, holding a copy of Elder Scrolls VI, he simply states, "I will finish what you have started." 

    Joking aside, it's great to see a new game entry after what feels like an eternity. 

  16. Before I became more jaded I was actually kinda excited for Rise of Lyric. (I still have my pre-order figure in box on my desk, got it the day it launched.)

    At the time, it was looking to be what I was wanting in a Sonic game. It didn't deliver, of course, but it was good to see Sonic on TV again. A lot of the episodes reminded me a lot of AoStH, and I'm pretty sure one episode in Season 2 makes a deliberate reference to that show's main theme. It's a shame to see it die so soon, especially with the cult following it has, even more unfortunate is how the Boom team seemed to get screwed over with things beyond their control.


    What hurts more is that I went through a lot of the same stuff with SatAM and the Archie comics, the latter of which Sega waited so long that everyone eventually just kinda stopped caring. Boom's comics lasted only 11 issues, and that's probably the greatest bummer to me since while I've only seen a few panels with little context, I enjoyed what I saw.

  17. 5 hours ago, Operationgamer17 said:

    I asked one of the movie’s writers about recent rumors and, we’ll, see for yourself. 

    EDIT: He deleted the response. He said “I think you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you read on the internet”.

    Probably because of NDA's and stuff. He legally can't confirm or deny anything because then he'd get fired and probably have other legal ramifications to deal with.

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