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  1. Hey guys, Thought I'd share a piece of SEGA news that I managed to grab the exclusive on. In 2003, there was an official push to create a movie based on the Dreamcast game Headhunter. The Dreamcast title had been released in Europe in 2001, with a 2002 re-release on the PS2. Headhunter: Redemption would follow up in 2004, and it's likely that there was an attempt to capitalise on the upcoming title by creating a movie based on the first title. The film was sent to a British screenwriter (based in Los Angeles at the time) called Ben Trebilcook and he was hired to write a Treatment (outline of the story) and the screenplay. He completed the task and sadly the project was canned within the next year. I scored an interview with him in January for my radio show, and I had been primed with the cyberpunk work he had been involved in (and when I saw the name Headhunter for SEGA, I was obviously shocked and ecstatic!) as my show is primarily about cyberpunk as a genre. I raised it during the interview and he gave a little coverage and agreed to send me a copy of the treatment and screenplay. Sadly, he couldn't find the screenplay but he did find the Treatment. I've hosted the screenplay on my website, as well as the video and what little information we have on the film otherwise. www.cyberpunkstudios.co.uk/headhunter I hope you guys enjoy this slice of SEGA history that never came to be. I know there are Dreamcast and general SEGA fans here too, and thought this might be of interest Roareye Black.
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  4. Thanks Tornado And yes Tara, Shovel Knight has no voice so I replaced Yoshi with him because we still haven't found Yoshi's voice clip in the soundbank. As soon as we find it we can swap Yoshi's voice out however its likely Yoshi only has one voice sample that is pitch-shifted and looped to make the variety of noises.
  5. So I've been floating around a few different forums and places for a while now, and came across a French message board called X-Community with a man called zouzzz. Zouzzz had built a few ROM editors (No ROMs for download, so it's all above board) that allow anyone to easily swap out characters from Mario Kart 64 with new ones. The character roster currently includes; Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot Waluigi Samus Aran Koopa Troopa Banjo (Banjo Kazooie) Skull Kid (Zelda) Link (Zelda, unfinished) Shovel Knight But the re-skins are only part of the improvements. Originally, any character you swap in uses the same voice clips etc of the original character you replaced. Working on a few elements I've managed to swap in voice samples for each character into the game, so now when you play as Sonic you get Sonic's voice etc. Here's a video proving it, running on an actual N64 via an Everdrive cartridge (It will also work on emulators, but I haven't tested that myself). Are there any particular characters you'd want to see added? Personally I'm looking forward to working more on this and possibly creating a Deluxe edition, however that would require more work as currently we can only swap out characters not add more.
  6. Okay, this is a retro title not yer fancy new Switchamagizmos with yer Zeldas, yer Splatoons and yer skateboardin on the sidewalks. Crazy kids. Shining Force Gaiden was a Shining Force trilogy on the Game Gear that acted as a sequel to Max's story from Shining Force 1. Only the second title got an official English translation (called The Sword of Haija) until Shining Force CD was released on the Mega CD with the first two games, an epilogue and a bonus bossfight stage. Having smashed up my knee in a motorbike accident, I finally tasked myself with completing SFCD, unlocking the extras and completing the stories. I then moved onto modding Mario Kart 64 to include Sonic, then found you can mod Game Gear games to run on a Master System (PS they only run on a Master System, they don't run on a Mega Drive with an MS Converter). Out of curiosity I adapted the three Gaiden titles expecting Gaiden III to be the short epilogue story from SFCD. It isn't. In Shining Force Gaiden III, you follow (at least partially, your main character is called Ian) Max from Shining Force 1! The game is set in Parmecia, starting gameplay in Hassan. Shining Force 2 fans will recognise that as the continent you travel to after Granseal is destroyed in SF2! Hassan was the port town (dried up by SF2) that you reach after your battle with the Kraken. The story starts with Max and his team as he chases down Mishaela with his team. They get separated and you begin the game in Hassan. I've yet to get very far but this is a crucial piece of missing SF story. The opening scene even includes the SF2 caravan as it is still in the shrine (no sign of the giant robot though). Shining Force's first few games are always stated to be connected, little did I know there was a direct crossover title between the first two games. Shining Force CD is excellent, but as Shining Force 2 was already made why didn't they convert Gaiden III over too? It's odd for such a vital connecting story to be forgotten. Shining Force 2's Hassan included a gladiator townsman who was a standard NPC, and he looks out of place for it. Already he's in my team in Gaiden III. I'm excited to get through this now. Anyone else played this missing gem?
  7. The final question was on design challenges for Mario and Sonic, however Hoshino didn't want to answer questions on the subject - he said he hadn't actually worked heavily on the project, as such he had no answer to give. As it was the last question, we just had to skip right to the ending.
  8. What you likely didn't get in the 2010 video tour was the reality of the building. It should have been condemned (In fact I believe it was not long after we left). Lightbulbs hung loose up the stairs to the ladies' toilets (With sparking electrical wires in tow), power sockets were loose and pulled out of the walls and we had to re-attach them, not to mention the crazy holes in the floor we had to patch over with sofas so that people wouldn't break their ankles. 2010's venue looked so awesome on the surface, but it really was skin-deep at best. 2013's venue was far stronger, and actually gave us about twice the space of 2011 (The two halls were both not far off the size of the one 2011 hall) which meant everyone had more personal space. I'm gonna be a douche and rate the venues. 2008 - Tiny, no air con, but cheap and accomodated us no end. 5/10 2009 - Small, bad acoustics, poor use of height, but outside area was bliss. 6/10 2010 - Large, no air con, excellent potential but horrendous electrics, poor security and the worst paid soundman in the world. 3/10. 2011 - Smaller, air con initially but broke on the day, cramped but good access, hotels and tech. 5/10 (If working aircon came back) 2012 - (The one we used) Air con, two rooms worked surprisingly well, easy layout but poor height for the gig. 7/10 2013 - Air con (But not turned up high enough), "Gold Ring Security Services", great size but no interior food court. 7/10 Of course, I'm just looking at it from the production side. I know for a fact that normal attendees would put the 2010 venue quite high whereas for me it was the worst of the lot. It certainly had the most potential for future gigs, if only it weren't so poorly maintained and poorly managed... or condemned. 2013 and 2012s venues worked surprisingly well, easily the best of all the venues. I liked the fact that 2012's venue allowed for food and drink, but the proper stage in the 2013 venue unlocked better acoustics and presence. Be interesting to see what people think.
  9. You were obviously watching the live feed. This was the first year we used a crowd mic AND used a professional mixing desk solely for the Live Feed. As such several mistakes were made in the mix, and that's why Dan came across as too loud. Live on the day, Jun's guitar was loud and punchy and the voices matched HIS lead. Susie was also loud enough to be heard. A shame there was a sound issue on the stream, still hoping one of the two documentary teams got a more accurate representation of the audio. As for Live and Learn, it was considered however Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli are against other people performing the Crush 40 songs without them both involved. It's fair enough. It'd be like asking Aerosmith to play and putting a fan as the lead singer at the gig. The omission of the track wasn't down to laziness, I can assure you. Jun worked on this (Accumulating and remixing master tapes for the event) and 3 whole titles all at once. The dude was overworking himself as it was for a gig on his own birthday. He's a proper trooper.
  10. I did it in one go for 23 minutes, it's how you warm up the vocal chords and how naturally/well you project. Voice actors generally run on the same 9 hour shifts as anyone else, as do radio broadcasters, so it isn't too much depending on how naturally you utilise the voice. The idea of auditions is to show you can handle the varying scales of the role. You don't have to do a larger chunk necessarily, just do clips from the areas where the narrator is more defensive. So rather than do a chunk in one go, just add in the bits where the narrator is more emotive, and pad it with 2/3 lines either side of the emotive sentance/s.
  11. I think it would be wise for the Narrator part for you to also do the moments where he appears to be having a go at the reader too. I say this because the narrator's voice has to hold audience interest between relatively large chunks of dialogue and the way it is written the narrator seems to grow to despise their own audience as the fiction goes on (As he/she gets overly defensive during the course of it). Anybody trying for the narrator really needs to be able to carry that element off as well as reading the descriptive narration. I'd say that goes for anyone going for the narrator role. Doesn't have to be at the extreme length mine was (sorry ^^;; ) but that element certainly needs to be there. PS. I find it hilarious nobody has mentioned my nearly racist Knuckles impersonation
  12. So long as the engine is better than the one in Brawl. It just wasn't good enough. Me and Dreadknux still play Melee rather than Brawl because the engine was better honed, faster and more frantic. Switching over to Brawl just felt like playing Melee at half-speed - forcing us to half the life-set to 5 from 10 so the matches would last the same quick-fire timeframe. Inevitably, rather than try and bend Brawl to a decent speed, we switched back to the more refined and polished Melee for our fun. Shame because there were a few characters (Like Sonic) which we would have played more if only the game engine was any good. As for new characters? Waluigi is a must. For possible third party characters? Earthworm Jim is essential (Though Nintendo rarely look outside of Japanese-oriented characters), Megaman would be awesome, Ryu from Street Fighter, Lara Croft, Cloud from FF7, Bub and Bob (Bubble Bobble), Toejam and Earl would be freaking AWESOME! Regardless, so long as the arenas are more exciting than the bland Brawl ones, and the engine is as fast and smooth as Melee then I'll be happy. The number of characters is so high that adding many many more wouldn't really add a huge amount to the gameplay. PS. Who the hell is Groose?
  13. Okay, back with a full night's sleep, a professional standard microphone and some drink to keep my throat from dying out. I've done this second video very differently. Instead of doing an entire sequence with all the voices, I only do one voice at a time, and do as many of their lines running along from each other as possible. The auditions are in this order, and some include multiple voice types; 1. Blonde 'Steak' Punk 2. Dumb Punk 3. Dr Eggman/Robotnik (Assumed that was who the voice is at the end) 4. Shadow the Hedgehog 5. Sonic the Hedgehog 6. Knuckles the Echidna 7. Narrator 1 - American-style deep voice, similar (But better) than the imitation I tried last night 8. Narrator 2 - Camp-ish children's fairy tale voice, with a pinch of smugness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUC_RZBYuyg I hope this is much more acceptable Mykonos - I really like your Sonic impersonation as well as your punks. You give Sonic the effeminate edge that fangirls who write this crap would want.
  14. Okay, I've done an early Audition piece for the Narrator. Bear in mind it was after almost 24hours of no sleep, no drink causing dry-throat and doing every other voice so the story could trundle along. It's 23 minutes long and covers a few of the first scenes. I will do more tomorrow with the characters separately. You'll get an idea from listening to this audition but the problem is doing all the voices for 23 minutes non-stop without a drink after lack of sleep = death for vocal power. Made a few mistakes, of which I blame myself and my condition for tonight. The sound quality is a little low too, but expect that to be rectified when I utilise my Zoom Studio-quality Microphone. Hope you guys enjoy the audition at least. I tried to make the narrator have an aggressive and defensive personality to make it more interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dTiPWMoDvQ Enjoy!
  15. I'll give this ago this week. I'd love to have any role in this. The important thing of this I reckon is for the voice actors to sound SUPER-SERIOUS as if they are making an epic and brilliant fan-movie - the focus on pure quality will make the thing hilarious. Will post my audition pieces this week.
  16. Murder is when you plan or decide to kill someone by choice. A calculated or considered choice to end someone's life. Manslaughter is when you end someone's life accidentally by conditions out of your control. Self-defence, rage, car crash etc would all count as Manslaughter.
  17. Easy for many people to state how wrong this action is when they are disconnected from it in it's entirety. Allow me to pull a real-life example. When I was 10, I used a chunky sports racket to crack open the head of a disabled child (Whose disability had been stated as 'phobia of school', he had the use of his physical body) - this action was both necessary, satisfactory and woefully deserved. I do not regret it, I do not feel it was a step too far, nor do I feel any of you who would disagree with said action have any real knowledge or experience in the matter. The child required hospitalisation, recovered and left the school a short time later. Those are the facts as they would be written in the media. And from a cold, disconnected standpoint they are pretty darn hard to justify. Am I right? Even I can see that fact. The problem is that society destroys and violates individuals at a constant rate, unending and leaving them with no other place to turn, that when they do eventually explode in an uncontrolled and violent way, society goes "Oh! What's that all about? That's not right!". School, however, is prison rules - as it is a prison. Sometimes you have to fight to survive, sometimes to a level which society would deem unacceptable, but then society would ignore the cause. To help justify the actions I described above, this kid had me bullied for over 5 years. I was tortured and beaten on a long-term regular basis by up to 30 children at a time and mentally tortured outside of that. The reason I wasn't suspended or expelled was due to the fact that my own headmaster had assaulted me when I was 8 years old, and despite 5 years of "telling the teacher" and "doing the right thing" leading to being laughed at by teachers who only had prejudice in their minds, I had contemplated and indeed attempted suicide on more than one occasion. It wasn't until this point that my parents did the right thing and told me I had their blessing to fight back in self-defence and do as much damage as possible to these other students. Even on the occasion I stated, I did not just attack the guy. He came up to me, alone, and tried to start a fight. After trying to tell him to go away for 5 minutes and him not getting the message, he picked up a bat to attack me with - he was now armed and a violent threat. I disabled him appropriately and abandoned him on the playground floor as he deserved. If he had died, I would still have had no regrets. Did this kid do the right thing? It's impossible to say, I'm not there. The truth is, he likely was justified in the initial stabbing, but not in the 11 that followed - unless the bully was a direct threat to his continued life and/or family. Bear in mind, from a child's perspective, there is nothing outside of school and home. I was lucky enough to have a good home, this kid may not. Add to this he clearly didn't have a good school life, Teachers obviously weren't listening or, more likely, didn't care. Headmaster likely assaulted the child at some point as they do, and telling the teacher leads to ridicule by teaching staff and students alike which leads to continued use of that channel only serving to demoralise and, eventually, lead to the child's suicide. Remember, this student would likely have also been given the old saying "These are the best days of your life." - what a wonderful statement to tell someone already in their own personal hell contemplating death. I would say he was justified in stabbing the child, if his conditions even nearly matched mine, but to continue the stabbing was unnecessary - however a child in the heat of explosive anger with no frame of reference to call upon is hardly going to be in a logical position during the course of the incident. Hopefully if more bullies get stabbed, the numbers of bullying cases will decrease, as neither the teaching nor governmental sectors seem to give a damn about establishing moral order. By the way, I am in no way stating that violence is a morally correct thing to do - only that it is the lesser of two evils in a scenario such as this one. And while it does protect in the short-term (Where as not committing violence leads to shorter lifespans via suicide), it does include long-term repercussions. For me (And my battle damage is surprisingly light) I have had to have my nose reconstructed, my ribcage has cartlidge inflammation from repeated impact and I've had to go through counselling to control the explosive outbursts of violent energy (Which have never manifested themselves as violent attacks, but increasing self-destructive tendencies which came to a strong head in 2010 - forcing the counselling). For children in this kid's position he has two options; 1. Do the "right-thing" and tell the teacher - Result: Death by suicide within 8 years. 2. Do the "wrong-thing" and fight back violently - Result: Long term psychological and physical damage, which with medical care and early diagnosis can be reduced and (mostly) cured effectively. People like to push other humans as 'weak', but the truth is the human body and mind can only take so much, and whether right or wrong, a human will fight back in some way. Why are people so surprised that it ends in bloodshed, when that is the society that we breed and accept on a day to day basis? Nobody even gave a shit about this kid until he murdered someone. All of a sudden "it's a tragedy". The bully either deserved what was coming to him, or he wasn't the core bully and he picked the worst day to try his luck. As far as I'm concerned, if you assault someone (Regardless of your age) then you take your life into your own hands, and the fault of the consequences is your own. This isn't really a murder, it's self-defensive manslaughter. If the kid wasn't pushed, the bully would not be dead. Logically the bully got the result he was looking to provoke anyway.
  18. Well that sucks. If DiC only has the final master tapes then where the hell are all the 35mm film reels? It would be genuinely sad if they were destroyed but the more likely result for them is the same as many shows from small companies. They tend to get sold off when companies are in financial trouble to anyone who will buy them which means that the reels will be in some private collection. If they are, then that private collector may allow a company to make HD copies of the footage. But for a now-dead series which won't make an extensive amount of money, unfortunately I doubt SEGA, DiC or anyone else is going to put the money, time and effort into it for an HD transfer. But as long as those 35mm reels survive, a true HD conversion is always a possibility, no matter how small. Anything from the late 90s and early 2000s that uses the word 'digitally' will be standard definition only. Sonic X and Sonic Underground therefore have NO chance of High Definition copies unless the original lineart film reels are available and the show goes through the entire post-production process again with colouring, editting and treatment. And that's only assuming the original linearts are available. This is more difficult and expensive than finding SatAM film reels. That is a major question. The OVA was created by SEGA's consent for the release of the SEGA Dreamcast. While SEGA gave their approval for DiC etc to make their shows, it wasn't designed to promote their own releases. Sonic OVA was shown as a double bill on American TV on the day of the Dreamcast's release and was released on video soon after. It seems to me that SEGA have just forgotten that the OVA exists since Sonic X came along, but SEGA have bad blood over Sonic X pertaining to being screwed about with contracts, so realistically they're probably wondering what the hell they can release on Blu-Ray to support their again-growing franchise. Maybe someone should nudge them in the direction of the OVA and wake them up? All in all it's a far cheaper option than making a movie/TV show from scratch again.
  19. So I've lately been looking into shows I'd love to see in HD/Blu-Ray. Some shows this works very well and really creates a difference, but it all depends on the original source material. Star Trek the Original Series was shot on 35mm film (Higher Resolution than Full HD) so can be transferred across fantastically with some touching up. Star Trek Next Generation has been announced, which was shot in 35mm film but editted on video, meaning they put the entire show back through the post-production process to edit it together on film for HD transfer. But then I looked at certain shows as Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Red Dwarf etc, all classic shows which would look phenomenal in HD but unfortunately were all shot natively on video, so the only sources there are will be in Standard Definition. Applying this very base knowledge, I started looking to see if the Sonic OVA (the movie) would make a plausible transfer and found a few very interesting things about all the Sonic series. Please bear in mind my information on print, negative tech specs of Sonic series is from IMDB and is considered accurate at time of writing but could easily be proven otherwise. Sonic the Movie (OVA) Imagica Corporation, the company responsible for the movie, built the entire movie on 35mm film but the final print was NTSC Video. This information doesn't specify whether or not it was editted on video or on 35mm film, but if the final production print is video, then to save on costs the editting is likely on video too. If the editting was put together on 35mm film, then the Blu-Ray/HD transfer is a relatively simple and costless manner of making a second final print of the editted movie in an HD format. Couldn't be simpler. If the editting was done on video then the process becomes more costly, and the likelihood of this showing up in HD decreases hugely, especially as it's not something that will be showing up in syndication anywhere. They would have to enter the original 35mm negatives back into the whole post-production phase again and re-edit the entire movie before transferring it to HD for Blu-Ray. Post-Production is a very costly thing, so this would definately reduce our chances of seeing the movie on Blu. For arguements sake, say it was released on Blu-Ray, the detail would be great to see (Those matte paintings are gorgeous enough in SD, highly detailed work went into some of the art and HD would show that up in a way it literally has never been seen before). I would also like to see some quality extras, maybe a few interviews with the writers and voice actors. Whilst they would likely be Japanese, it would be a great translated interview. Also a small documentary about SEGA's position in the market at that time (Sonic OVA was launched the same day as the Dreamcast). Lastly, there would be a chance to redub the audio for DTS-Master HD 7.1, as the vast majority of shows are doing now, with the current cast of voice actors. That may be the small push SEGA might consider to join this up with the current titles and put in the minor financial support the release would require. Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) This one is a big surprise to me. Considering the prints on the DVDs and the different TV channels it has appeared on, I was led to believe this show was strictly made on video to cut all costs down as small as possible. According to IMDB this is not the case. In fact, IMDB states that this show is not only filmed on 35mm, but the final prints of the episodes were also in 35mm prints. This would be a very odd choice for a small childrens cartoon to make, but ultimately if true would be the saving grace for the series in Syndication. If this show's final prints are all 35mm prints, then it would cost next-to-nothing to just slide them into an HD format ready for syndication and/or Blu-Ray distribution. Just thinking of a Full HD Robotnik's mouth ("Snively, what colour is my hearrrt?") is enough to churn your stomach and realise that this must be done. The downsides for this show do not lie with the prints, nor the cost of releasing them (Effectively very minor). But in the rights of distribution which took years to arrange just for the video print copies that were slapped on DVD. In order to get a Full HD transfer means attaining the rights to the original prints and that adds complications to the procedure a thousand-fold. If it were to be released on HD, it would be great to have some additional extras on the following the show has and maybe interviews with the voice artists such as Jim Cummings. Maybe even modern interviews and see if the cast can still perform the original voices. All cloud-9 stuff, but it would be a very interesting extra. Regardless an easy Full-HD transfer would be enough for me so long as someone can get those rights all ironed out. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AoStH), Sonic Underground and Sonic X Unfortunately there is no information on these two shows so I have no idea of their ability to be made Full HD or not. AoStH has a chance, being made by the same production company as SatAM raises it's chances, but as it was a different team the choice of video may have been made to fund a larger number of episodes. Sonic Underground came at a time where the move to video was getting weirdly more popular despite the looming HD era (Which may not have been on consumer radar, but the industry had full knowledge of it). I have no idea how likely a 35mm print is of this show. Personally though, a Full HD version of either of these shows is likely pointless. AoStH was a great show but with so many episodes to transfer for a show who's art quality was akin to someone just having a laugh, the conversion would feel slightly wasted. Maybe it'll improve the animation quality a bit (Lose the motion-blur) but that would be about all. For Sonic Underground, there are a lot of fans for it and ultimately the artwork renders may look much better given a full conversion. I just really don't want to hear those God-awful songs halfway through an episode ever. If they can cut the music out of the middle of episodes, they might sell it to me. Sonic X was abysmal. We all know it. Still, a Blu-Ray transfer would likely sell to fans, there are six people in the world who like it. Having said that, it was made cheaply in the early 2000s, and that says it all to me. It will most definately be a video print as production companies grew strangely more and more incompetent future planning during this time. Many TV shows of this era was still show on video despite HD being only 2 years away, and that's definately incompetence on anyone's part (Bearing in mind this was a time before recession and the media industry was loaded with cash). In any case, without knowing the original prints I have no idea whether this would make a good HD conversion and generally I don't care... though I'd still buy it on Blu-Ray if it came out. I like to torture myself... shut up... >.> What do you guys think? Would you want to see any of these in Full HD, given the option? If so, what extras or updates would you like/do you think would match each series? The cost of transferring these is cheaper than making a new series/film from scratch and in the case of SatAM the financial cost of transfer is minimal, however the older the shows get the more complex the rights get.
  20. The likelihood of a third attack succeeding is slim. SOE got hacked first and it seemed nobody was watching until PSN got hacked shortly after - thusly no security upgrades and running on the same security ideology. The third strike would have to be a success going through the original security, the enhanced security from Sony, the additional security from the 1Billion dollar firm they hired and I think I read of a second security firm assisting with firewalls. Long story short, they're going to be hacking a completely different animal. Especially if there is a mandatory forced firmware upgrade required to access the new PSN, most likely a similar firmware base but with a new/rebuilt security system. I can't see a third attack happening successfully, and I'll be happy watching Sony take the opportunity to monitor their network and get these little twats. Seriously I want to use the major C word on these bunch of tarts, despite what they or anyone else may say, these people are a disgrace to themselves, and a disgrace if they even dare try using the "greater good" arguement when they get found. They are helping nobody with this, meaning this is just unwarranted cyber-terrorism, about as "greater good" as terrorism tends to be. I'm not too affected, I cancelled my card and am waiting on a new one to be issued to me from my bank, so if they even have my card details good luck using them. I just hope these people's electrical plugs overheat and they burn in their sleep. That will be a good day for humanity. Roareye Black.
  21. Give us some time. We are rebooting. Let me be the first to say, Howdy Howdy Hey, and Kippers and Chips… Sonic Hour.. Summer of Sonic… Community…. Art….. View the full article
  22. Hot Pursuit is still the best racer this generation. And while this isn't Criterion, I'm hoping some of the quality of that game has oozed it's way into the genome of this one. I've personally always been intrigued by the possibilities of a racing game with an intense storyline, especially as it's yet to really be done properly. We shall see how this comes along. With the recent uplift in games quality from EA, there is hope yet.
  23. Well now we've all (within reason) had time to soak in the Mortal Kombat experience, I'm interested in what the hell some of the endings mean. I mean, several characters go somewhere really off-beat. A good example is Johnny Cage;
  24. Above is a link to the first TV Show Pilot that my production company, Enigma Enterprises, has made. This was filmed back in August and there are some technical imperfections we are aware of (Sound issues in the nightclub for example). What we need to know more than technical issues (Though comments on that are welcome) is what you feel about the story, characters, general flow and other such comments. We basically want to know what you think of the show, what parts you like best. It's called All For One, and centres around three young men going out and trying to pick up women without any respect, each one getting their come-uppance by the end of the night. If it helps you wanna watch, I act in this (Yay, first time the Sonic Community sees Roareye Black acting). I play the role of Alby, the guy who can't pull (naturally ;p). We have tried selling this to production companies since August and we feel that if it would get picked up it would have done by now. As such it's being used a showreel piece as we develop our next TV Pilot, May Contain Nuts. I hope you guys just enjoy it, any feedback or comments would be superb but primarily I just want people to find it amusing and/or funny. Very proud of this as a first time Pilot, and you'll be surprised at the improvements we've made when it comes to our next project. Roareye Black.
  25. New Laptop! Hoo-freakin'-ray! :D

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