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  1. Ah, well it had to be done :P

    But yah, we're no longer mentioning it, letting that topic fade into obscurity and die the way it needs to. Moving on to less questionable subject matter :D

  2. Haha! I rock with my absynth purchasing skills. I miss you both Flyboy and Timperooo-desu!

  3. L4D2 = awesome. Disappointed in the graphics, I'll be honest, but it's good in all other respects. The best thing is the character "Coach". He's basically like a slightly slimmer Uncle Phil (Dead ringer for him) but also shoots two pistols as if they were nipple-guns AND says stereotypical black slang that's just hilarious XD

  4. New Laptop! Hoo-freakin'-ray! :D

    1. Alternate Evolutions

      Alternate Evolutions

      About time! :P

      Glad to hear you've got one again though, you lovable git ;)

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Only 16 more weeks for me.






  5. Star Trek Season 2 is better than I imagine. Even includes a FULL HD Deep Space 9 episode!

  6. This is the same guy Exacticus, yes :)

  7. Why am I your second favourite dude now? O.o I didn't do anything anywhere near as cool as Patrick Stewart! lol :P

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