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  1. Ew.
    1. Komodin


      I hope that all this is actually true. Otherwise, this could be interpreted as a serious case of slander/libel....

    2. JAiRO


      This smells like a smear campaign, I have yet to see any concrete evidence.

  2. Being someone who also spends more time reading internet discussions than anything else, it's probably a symptom of being a boring-ass person who needs to do things more.
  3. I haven't been particularly into Sonic for years now. I still love the Genesis/SCD platformers, and have a liking for the Rush games and Colors/Gens, but other than that I don't have a big interest in the series other than hoping that Sonic Team's next time at bat will turn out more like Gens than Colors. I still love the buttrock the other 3D games produced though.
  4. X is not going to get big numbers. It's a niche game on a failing console, and Nintendo is probably not going to advertise it at all. Nothing is going to save the WiiU, it's a huge mess and not much can be done for it. Some sales will trickle in for the first party games that come out every couple of months, but regardless of quality, that's not enough to turn it around now that the systems that the entire rest of the industry is going to focus on are out now.
  5. That game's already confirmed for other platforms, unless Nintendo turned it into an exclusive, but I find that doubtful.
  6. MLP is still shit.

    1. Winston
    2. Space☆Tomoki


      That's what I've been saying all this time.

    3. no one
    4. Candescence


      u wot mate

      ill deck you

      i swear on me mum

    5. Soniman


      Season 4 not meeting loft expectations?

    6. Komodin


      Welcome back, Ekaje.

    7. Enderwoman


      Its not for everyone :)

    8. Space☆Tomoki


      lol, I haven't even bothered watching S4. EqG was the final nail in the coffin for me.

  7. MLP is still shit.

  8. It doesn't matter how significant your series' connection to Nintendo is as long as you beg to Sakurai enough. And Snake had a cool moveset, so I'd be fine with him coming back.
  9. I would sure blame them when that review will lead to people buying a crippled game with major features made impossible or risky to touch.
  10. I can't think of a good reason for a single player game to have 40 (or more) playable characters. Your idea sounds like one of those overambitious fangames that either never gets finished, or is terrible.
  11. I don't think Eggman is getting stale since he's only been the opposing force for the entire game in two 3D titles so far. To be honest, I'd like more games where Eggman is just the villain, and nothing more complicated than that.
  12. How are other gaming magazines doing? I would imagine that they wouldn't be doing too well other than the one that GameStop pretty much forces you to get when you get a card there.
  13. Not that sad. Gaming magazines in general aren't really worth buying anymore because of the internet. Plus it had gotten less interesting to read, not sure if that was because of staff changes or because I got older.
  14. Yeah, Mario's stories are pretty repetitive, but the RPGs provide some neat spins on them and the 3D Mario games after 64 felt a little less formulaic since you have some secondary goals and characters to interact with (cleaning up Delfino, helping the Lumas). Though it is a bit more noticeable now since we've gotten 3DLand and NSMB2 in a row that both are just straight up "go through levels, get the princess at the end", and NSMBU will be the same thing.
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