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  1. Sonic, are you up to another adventure (exclude your Boom counterpart)? Tails, how can you stand Sonic all these years, don't you ever go out on your own? Knuckles, why aren't you guarding the Master Emerald anymore? Amy, do Sonic and you has anything specific or nothing concrete, yet? Shadow, how did you got those rocket shoes? Silver, how did you meet Blaze? Are you still in touch? Vector, could you find the computer room? Espio, who teached you your ninja skills? Did you learn it on your own?
  2. This song is so amazing. It's sad music isn't like this these days, technically speaking
  3. Also, I don't know why, but I've been catched with Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2, when he said to Shadow: "Now it's time to end this long drawn-out battle, and mark myself a place in history as the ultimate genius... Hurry! The time for attack has come! It's now or never!" I don't know why but that quote from him always catched me, specially when he said "It's now or never!" because you really know he's not going to win, but you get the feeling he's really convinced that nothing can go wrong for him, this time. He was that close, though, if only Sonic wouldn't learn Chaos Control from Shadow, his line would have worked..
  4. I know it's not Doctor Who directly, but just saw Terminator: Genisys and was shocked seeing Matt Smith was there doing the bad guy (Skynet), but he should have been given some more time, in my opinion. About Matt, I wish him returns for a special in DW or something, sometime. I'm starting to miss him, despite a David fanboy.
  5. Man, I haven't heard that line since long. Might've said it become on my favorites now. Another epic line, I think: "As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine".
  6. Sorry if this topic is out of the rules or if it's been already done, lock this or delete if that's the case. Basically, just post some or at least a line in the entire series, canon or not, which seemed to be the best or just catch you more, whoever it might come be from the story. My favourites are, for example: "I can't let you win, your adventure days are coming to an end." Shadow the Hedgehog (Referring to Sonic before he gets to the Eclipse Cannon, Sonic Adventure 2) "I'm Sonic the Hedgehog! I have no master, except the wind that blows free!" Sonic the Hedgehog (To Sir Percival as she asks his name and command, Sonic and the Black Knight) So yeah, this is pretty much it. I like SA2 lines so much, too, but I'll have to write them all until I could get to my favorite, though. So what's your favourite line Sonic or any other character said in the franchise, which didn't sounded bad at all or sounded strong for that character, I don't know, which are yours?
  7. Thank you, Faillinghearts and CJ! I'm also glad you're pleased to meet me! Actually, my tastes for shows is something I'm really proud by myself too! Also, don't want to sound mean or anything and I truly apologize, but I would prefer to be called David (Dante is better, though, since that's my YouTube user name)... and because it just feels awkward to me being called Oscar in English, sorry for that.
  8. Lol, me too. Except I did it on plain street often and it lasted until I was 9. Also, I am fan of SaTBK and particulary, a SonicXPercival fan. I sometimes I write stories about and when I get noticed and I say "no, not at all, I plan to keep them together for very short time" but I'm actually lying. Also, I had thought of a story for a Sonic and the Black Knight 2, but I decided now to just turn that into just a bit of a back story to a fan fiction I'm making because I am afraid I would get criticized. I like to think of some possible sequel to Sonic Generations, where the focus it's just on Adventure games. And the worst of them... I once made a story very similar to Sonic Adventure 2's Shadow's backstory for Literature's in school, but I was noticed, surprisingly, by a schoolmate I didn't talked to very much, and the teacher just heard him and asked me and why did I do that. I felt totally embarrassed.
  9. My avatar stands for the TARDIS, a time-travel space ship from Doctor Who which is smaller on the outside (take that, Clara fans) which is disguised as a police box. And my name is the name of the actor who portrayed the 10th reencarnation (or 11th, counting the War Doctor) of the main character of the series, called The Doctor. I am very fan of Doctor Who since 2010 (time I started watching it) and I actually use this same image on most sites I am and social media, except for Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Hello there, I'm David. I used to play the Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who. Just kidding, my real name is Oscar, but I'm used to call myself Dante The Gamer or Chensen in other sites as Youtube, Sonic Retro, various forums, etc. I'm 19 years old, Argentinian and I'm passionate for Sonic since I was 6, and I'm still fan of it. Let me share you a little very long tale about how it all started, though. Everything surged one day as a kid after getting a haircut, when suddenly, a friend of my dad came to my house at night and brought a strange console I never heard of. When I asked him the name I literally heard "Drinca" but he corrected me saying it was "Dreamcast". Then, he puts a game, the booting logo showed up and then a black starry background shows a logo shape and knives sounds forming, out of sudden, the words "SONIC ADVENTURE 2" and the shape of sonic's hair on its top and shadow's on its bottom. I was still unconcerned, until I heard that rock music and the space-y sounds and got to the first level "City Escape". When I started playing it, I got instantly in love with the game and I was about to yell just like that famous youtube video but not that high, though. Since then, I got to play other Dreamcast games as well, but my passion would go towards Sonic Adventure 2 more than any other game as ever. But then, my Dreamcast had to be sold in a year or so, sadly, because of financial troubles. 2 years would happen, though they seemed long enough, my dad bought another DC and I was like "Yay!" and as time went by, I would find any other games for Dreamcast about Sonic, such as Sonic Adventure or the classic Sonic games (they were on a disk which emulated up to 200 games from Megadrive into the DC). 6 months later (I was 9) my dad would buy a PC able to play almost PS2 kinda games, which meant I was able to know games like Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Heroes. Since then, I already knew I would become a big Sonic fan. I didn't had DC any more by that time and I didn't know how to get SA2 elsewhere, so I started doing PVM edits in SADX, thought they were crappy enough. By that time, I would already knew about Sonic games from 2005-2010, at least the main ones, but I wasn't able to play most because they were for PS2, X360/PS3, Wii, etc. Meanwhile, I still joined many other communities where I would continue to mod SADX and, among other things, I would then create my first Sonic fan characters (they were recolours but relax, they're dead now) and stories. When SG came out, I wasn't very convinced by Boost gameplay. Still, I got was amazed by the mods they were made on it and followed them on YouTube or Sonic Retro, but never interacted with any of them at all. Sadly, for a long time, I wouldn't be able to play them or SG because my newer PC had broke and my dad still didn't want me to give me another PC. Last year, I got a new PC since I was grown and all and actually got the posibility into playing SG and its mods, as well as making them, too. The problem was that I started college little after, so I wouldn't be able to learn much, but I still enjoy playing them and I recently did a YT channel to upload my own playthroughs of SG mods and other Sonic games (link to it will be in my sig, soon). So yeah, I guess that was it, sorry for this long introduction post. About this site, I been wanting to join this place since not so long because I saw very good interesting topics and well, I wanted to share my thoughts on Sonic games or stories and such. I hope to be as active as much as I can and to be friendly as much as I can be. But, in other words, just to sum it up, let me say to you: "Hello, there, Sonic Stadium!"
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