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  1. I made this topic as I was surprised to see that no one else made it yet. Does anyone else think that more nudity would help the video game industry mature? I mean, we already have nudity as a marketing technique, but it's a very immature version of nudity, with characters wearing fantasy-esque ridiculously revealing clothing that is totally impractical for their adventure. I'd rather see actual nudity in a context that makes sense than see so many games succumb to such silliness. The irony is that games often shy away from genuine nudity, covering the nipples for example, which makes the fanservice seem even more immature. More explicit nudity in context would not only make more sense but would actually show more of the characters skin, if people dig that kind of thing (and let's be honest, we all do). What do you guys think?
  2. It's pretty funny. To me, the Post-Unleashed era indicated a very real comeback for Sonic that was totally squandered. There was Sonic 4, which I know we all hated but a lot of other people in the general public liked it. We had Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations, which are slightly divisive in the fanbase but most fans and the general public liked them. We even had good spin off titles, such as the Sonic Racing games, which are pretty fucking fantastic. Then we got Sonic Lost World, which no one really cares about, and Sonic Boom which bombed the whole franchise. I remember in 2013 that Sonic wasn't a complete laughing stock anymore, people actually had some high expectations for Lost World because the Sonic franchise had been well received for 3 years. Of course, that's all been thrown away. For me, it's fucking miserable. I view the Post-Unleashed era as a different era to Post-Lost World. It's funny how a lot of fans are bitter about the Post-Unleashed era because those 3 years in the Post-Unleashed era were a time of Sonic bliss for me, I was sure that Sonic was healed. Now it's back to the Post-Shadow era of being fucked.
  3. I want to see a Sonic game with these designs.
  4. Sonic Triple Trouble is actually a pretty neat title, the best GG Sonic game.
  5. What's really sad is that Elite Squadron is more 'Battlefront' than EA Battlefront.
  6. Hi everyone. It's no secret that I can be a bit overly rash and rude. I just wanted to apologise to everyone that I might have upset on here for any rash or bad action. I've had a tough month - but it's looking good now. Again, sorry for anyone I've upset. I probably won't be coming onto this forum much anymore anyway, but I'll be very civil from now on. Kind Regards, Regen
  7. I don't know why SEGA don't just cancel it. it's probably going to bomb. Let's be honest.
  8. Just wanted to pop in and say how much I tend to agree with your mentality. Other than your views on Generations, I think you are bang on with the state of Sonic games. I give you a thumbs up!
  9. Roger obviously said "I'm conflicted" regarding Sonic's Social Media Presence and then continued to explain how he would find it funny usually but in the wider context of Sonic's current situation that he can't find it funny whilst Sonic is in a bad state, comparing it to Megaman. It's not hard to understand, why is everyone jumping at him?
  10. I mean, I think Sonic 3 had the best Special Stages from a gameplay standpoint but that's not saying much. I still think Blue Sphere is pretty terrible, it's just not as godawful as Sonic 1 and Sonic 2's Special Stages. Sonic CD's in particular are atrocious despite being a funny idea. I think Sonic 2's are the most interesting and exciting conceptually, but playing them and accessing them is a drag. The Special Stages have always been tech demoes, showing off the hardware power rather than focusing on gameplay, especially from Sonic 2. Sonic was a technical masterpiece generally as a brand, but the Special Stages were the biggest 'in your face' example of sheer technical mastery. They were good at that for their time but good god have they aged now when they aren't technically impressive anymore. To me, the Special Stages have always been something I've done just because I have to if I want to unlock Super Sonic. I don't get an joy from playing them. As for accessing Special Stages, Sonic 3 had the best approach. It was more forgiving and made more sense. The whole point of rings is that the system encourages to run fast and be rash because you can always pick up your rings again. Limiting that with an arbitrary ring count limit for Special Stages was a stupid idea.
  11. I assumed she was just a female Link, is she not? It makes sense to me anyway, Link is just a placeholder hero 'link' to the player. I honestly see no reason why Link can't be female. It's not like he's a developed character, he's just a stand-in.
  12. I really hope people don't support anonymous doesn't start trying to find ISIS members. That should be left to the professionals in secret services who actually know what they are doing, rather than bored fifteen year old kids on the internet, pulling up random people they think are suspicious. It's street vigilante justice and it's BS.
  13. I don't like any of the Special Stages since they don't play anything like the core gameplay.
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