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  1. I made this topic as I was surprised to see that no one else made it yet. Does anyone else think that more nudity would help the video game industry mature? I mean, we already have nudity as a marketing technique, but it's a very immature version of nudity, with characters wearing fantasy-esque ridiculously revealing clothing that is totally impractical for their adventure. I'd rather see actual nudity in a context that makes sense than see so many games succumb to such silliness. The irony is that games often shy away from genuine nudity, covering the nipples for example, which makes the fanservice seem even more immature. More explicit nudity in context would not only make more sense but would actually show more of the characters skin, if people dig that kind of thing (and let's be honest, we all do). What do you guys think?
  2. Sonic Triple Trouble is actually a pretty neat title, the best GG Sonic game.
  3. What's really sad is that Elite Squadron is more 'Battlefront' than EA Battlefront.
  4. Hi everyone. It's no secret that I can be a bit overly rash and rude. I just wanted to apologise to everyone that I might have upset on here for any rash or bad action. I've had a tough month - but it's looking good now. Again, sorry for anyone I've upset. I probably won't be coming onto this forum much anymore anyway, but I'll be very civil from now on. Kind Regards, Regen
  5. Just wanted to pop in and say how much I tend to agree with your mentality. Other than your views on Generations, I think you are bang on with the state of Sonic games. I give you a thumbs up!
  6. Roger obviously said "I'm conflicted" regarding Sonic's Social Media Presence and then continued to explain how he would find it funny usually but in the wider context of Sonic's current situation that he can't find it funny whilst Sonic is in a bad state, comparing it to Megaman. It's not hard to understand, why is everyone jumping at him?
  7. I assumed she was just a female Link, is she not? It makes sense to me anyway, Link is just a placeholder hero 'link' to the player. I honestly see no reason why Link can't be female. It's not like he's a developed character, he's just a stand-in.
  8. I don't like any of the Special Stages since they don't play anything like the core gameplay.
  9. Aaron Webber is a great member of SEGA. He was brilliant at hyping up Generations and Lost World.
  10. I'm not bothered by the lack of single player campaign, Battlefront always had a godawful campaign. The loss of Instant Action though, for both single player and splitscreen, that's pretty bollocks. I'm a gigantic Battlefront fan so I have a lot of problems with what I've seen of this game. Why are Vehicles power-ups? Where is Conquest Mode, the 'Battlefront' Mode of Battlefront? Where is Galactic Conquest? Why are there so few maps? Why is there no Clone Wars? Why are there no Space Battles ala BF2? Why have the Classes been axed? Why are there so few weapons? I could go on and on. The game looks okay, I really like how they have handled the heroes, but overall this game is disappointing to me.
  11. Here's an unpopular opinion I have, I don't think Sonic fans are all that bad.
  12. I think they are talking more about the cutesy anime female characters who are always clumsy and ditzy rather than the over-sexualised clumsy fanservice type characters. Kind of like Selphie from Final Fantasy 8. Or maybe I'm totally wrong. Not that I have a problem with it, I think that artwork is beautiful and I love Selphie.
  13. That's true, but I don't think it takes into account the overall picture that Sarkeesian doesn't usually respond clearly to criticism. I've already said above that Sarkeesian does vaguely respond to criticism, and she usually does so well (but vaguely). However, usually Sarkeesian only responds to criticisms that are very easy to shoot down. So for example, she brilliantly shot down the BS rumour that she wanted Mirror's Edge to have an alternate control scheme, but that was partly because it's easy for her to shoot down. When it comes to some of her points that even I think are stupid and agree with the criticism, she's never responded to it. For example, she horribly misrepresented Watch Dogs, making out the game used sex trafficking victims as background decoration. It was woefully unfair considering, despite being as boring as fuck usually, Watch Dogs had a really good scathing attack on sex trafficking. The nudity wasn't supposed to be erotic, it was supposed to be unsettling and horrible, and I think it managed it really well. The other example is her attacks on violent video games, where she wants to see games like Doom change because she personally doesn't like the violent aesthetic, that's stupid and I don't think I need to explain why. She was actually criticised rarely by mainstream media for the latter example, and she's never responded to either criticism. She's never responded to stealing let's play footage. She also never usually agrees to interviews with Youtubers, even calmer ones, and she's very difficult to get a hold of. So yes, disabling the comments isn't censorship, but it's part of a wider picture of her refusing to respond to valid criticism clearly. I actually wrote Anita a very polite message on how I think she misrepresented Watch Dogs on her website. She hasn't responded. I know she's really busy, but this is part of why people think she doesn't respond to criticism. As for the community needing to grow up, absolutely! I hate how the gaming community has lost their fucking shit over this. And just to reiterate, I actually like Sarkeesian. I'm a subscriber to her and watch all her videos when they come out, usually every blue moon until recently. That said, I can admit, like all other Youtube Channels, she has done some stuff I don't like. I would too. I think I just want Sarkeesian to be this superhuman who can be an amazing example of someone who stands against all criticism. Maybe that's an unfair expectation.
  14. I'm going to write out a longer reply to Nepenthe in a min, but can we try to be respectful to each other? I know we are all passionate, but it's important to listen to each side of the argument. Attacking each other does nothing and reinforces people's idea that GamerGate and Sarkeesian shouldn't be discussed on message boards. As Silver would say: "It's no use".
  15. I don't like the way Anita won't have a conversation. I don't like that she has disabled comments and I hate that she has disabled voting on videos because there's no reason to do that and I imagine her later videos would actually fare better on upvotes. They would still be poor, but they would be a lot better than before. That said, she has addressed points in vague non-conversation ways before, such as Hitman and Mirror's Edge, and she does make vague attempts at listening to feedback which is shown by how she has deliberately taken her video series in a more positive 'here are some good examples of women in games' approach lately, although she still has the occasional confrontational classic formula. It's not perfect, but I do think she's listening to feedback more than people think. But then again, this topic is supposed to be about Zoe Quinn
  16. I've read some of this blog now and it's the work of a madman, it's so clear to me that he's a fucking angry ex and, hey, I know how it's like to feel that way . Fortunately, I didn't post all our little dirty secrets on the internet. I haven't seen any evidence that he didn't post the nudes, but I'll take your word for it. The reason we just assumed he put the nudes on the web is because of how salty and unpleasant his blog is, it's really not beyond the realms of possibility.
  17. We are kind of getting off topic talking about Anita don't you think, . I'm tired of hearing about mindless conspiracy theories about her and I pretty much completely agree with Nepenthe on this and agree with ChaosSupremeSonic a fair bit too. Let's get back to Zoe Quinn, I think there is some legitimate criticism with the UN report, although didn't Zoe not like the report herself? I'm going to be completely honest, I know next to nothing about that UN fiasco. If they want to censor the internet then I'm against that, not like they have the power if they did want to. That said there are far worse representatives in the UN than those two for internet censorship. Isn't China a member? Any evidence for this because I've literally never heard of this before. Not saying you are wrong, just want a source. Because of this is true it changes things considerably for me. It's still terrible, but it would be quite the abomination I thought it was.
  18. I've already explained why I find that evidence as unreliable as fuck.
  19. She's talking about masculinity as a gender construct and how masculinity in society is artificially toxic and that it needs to be dealt with. I completely disagree, it's the only extreme position that she holds as far as I'm aware but it's not misandrist, because she's blaming artificial masculinity she believes boys are indoctrinated with rather than it's in their male nature.
  20. How? I hear a lot of bold statements thrown around by people, but Zoe Quinn is an insignificant indie developer. Do you really think any murky ethics she was part of stacks up to the AAA publishers?
  21. As much as I find the hatred around Anita baffling we are getting off topic guys, let's get back to Zoe Quinn
  22. She's never wanted a different control scheme for Mirror's Edge, it was a troll account that was pretending to be her. She's said publically that she's never said such a thing and that obviously it's ridiculous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah8mhDW6Shs&ab_channel=XOXOFestival From 6:30
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