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  1. There needed to be something light between Luffy beating up God and everything falling apart at Water 7. It didn't work in the anime because it was stretched out and sandwiched between filler arcs, but I'd be interested to see how it flowed in the manga. I didn't think the actual filler Davy Back stuff was particularly different in quality from the canon material, but two rounds for literally no reason was way too much. Follow that up with the genuinely crappy Ocean's Dream, and... well, I guess it made Water 7 look even better by comparison?
  2. If Lucina had been announced a few months ago I think I would've gotten really excited about the whole clone thing, since they could maybe have done Dark Samus the same way. It's still nice that she's an AT, and really that's a much better representation of her actual abilities, but... y'know. Mighta been neat. At least it would've been another villain.
  3. So pretty much like the terrible English versions of some of the game themes? I wonder which part of my brain arbitrarily decided that all-English songs sung by Japanese singers are embarrassing (though for some reason rap is exempt), but songs in Japanese that have tons of English in them are awesome.
  4. I wonder if the fact that this movie's based on old plans means that it's going to be set sometime during the series rather than being a direct sequel to Battle of Gods. Anyway, this is awesome news; I'm really glad that Toriyama seems to be having fun with his creation again after so long. I just hope that maybe the characters who aren't Goku will last longer than a second each against the bad dude this time around.
  5. why is there a netflix original anime and how awful is it

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma
    2. Chili Dawg
    3. Sami


      oh god the animation

    4. KHCast
    5. Sean


      I heard it was actually pretty good. It wasn't created by Netflix, they just hold exclusive rights to it in the US.

    6. Wraith


      i heard its not bad actually

  6. Sakurai will know the pain and suffering he caused the Emperor and Fiora

  7. I don't think there's a character who's needed a remake redesign as badly as Brawly. He's still not the most interesting-looking Gym Leader, but at least now he's got a little texture to him. Having a gym that's an actual gym is kinda neat too.
  8. It's deeply weird that Game & Watch still hasn't technically been confirmed yet.


  10. Can one of Shulk's taunts include that comical oversized sandwich Fiora makes him?

    1. Soniman


      He can impale her with the sandwich

  11. Fun fact: the two games I'm playing right now are Xenoblade Chronicles and Rayman Legends.

    1. KrazyBean


      Haven't played Rayman Legends but I hope you're enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles cause I sure am.

    2. Eitarou


      At the same time?

  12. Chain Attack for Shulk's final smash so it can be Reyn Time

    1. Nix


      Reyn Time Assist Trophy

  13. But... The Imprisoned is already in the game, and they're the same character. I mean, I can imagine scenarios where they might not want to use his true form out of fear that he might take over the whole storyline since he's the biggest, baddest dude there is, but it'd still be a little strange to have him make a physical appearance, but only in his weaker form. Personally, I'm not especially fond of Demise as a character since he barely even is one, but I really like The Imprisoned's design. He's a little goofy, especially his jiggly toes, but he's just so pleasantly weird and alien. And kind of cute, actually; I wish there was a doll of him.
  14. ...maybe he was just, y'know, curious? I'm glad that it looks like Shulk's original English VA is coming back. It seemed pretty likely that Shulk would make it in, but I was worried they'd just find some 'murrican to voice him and lose one of Xenoblade's fun quirks. I'm more interested in what stage(s) we might get out of this than I am in Shulk's moveset, though. There are a lot of cool-looking places in that game. Will they go for something "iconic" like Bionis' Leg, or more story-important like Sword Valley, or...?
  15. Speaking of Oda's glorious keikakus, I'm a bit of the way into the Enies Lobby kerfuffle now and I have to admit the callback to Little Garden took me totally by surprise. I wasn't expecting those guys to come up again until the Straw Hats actually went to Elbaf. Actually, I'm pretty impressed in general at how consistently fishmen and giants (and even that one half-and-half guy from Foxy's crew) have been showing up. I guess it's not that spectacular a feat, but you just know that if this was Akira Toriyama's One Piece there'd never have been another fishman after Arlong. Also he'd probably have turned out to be an alien from Planet Sashimi or something.
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