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  1. Only in Japan so far. USA and Europe/Australia get it in March and April respectively. Dunno about music/remixes.
  2. Got my first character on the roulette today!...It was Tails. :/ Can't say that I'm ungrateful since the time limit thing is nice and all, but I just want someone new (unless it's Amy because I can just buy her and I really need a non-Speed character since I already have Silver from the login bonus thing). Now to do ten more boss battles perfectly and get another special egg...
  3. I haven't gotten a single new character on the premium roulette since I started playing this game in November. Honestly starting to hate this game more than I love it. The general gameplay is fun and I absolutely love that Sonic Team has included all these awesome characters in the game, but the roulette, scarceness of the special eggs and the amount of points required to move between checkpoints in story mode ruin what could be a great game. I wish that I got to play this before v2.0 was released.
  4. We've got 6 Mario newcomers so far (Rosalina, Diddy, Nabbit, Ludwig, Wendy and Dry Bones) and 4 Sonic newcomers (Jet, Wave, Rouge and Sticks). We're definitely getting at least 2 more Sonic newcomers to even things up, so who do you guys think they'll be. I think Storm's pretty obvious since we already have Jet and Wave from Team Babylon. The second character choice probably depends on the archetype. Each team seems to have 16 characters each this time around with 6 newcomers per side, which would make each team have 4 of each archetype. Team Sonic left with 2 power characters in the past few games, so with Storm probably being the third power character on the Sonic side, someone like E-123 Omega would probably be the last Sonic character left. Labeling the rest of the Sonic newcomers: Speed: Jet Power: (Storm, Omega) Technique: Wave All-Around: Rouge, Sticks The ladies could all fit in technique, really, but there would have to be two all-arounders for balance and I don't think that any of them would fit in Power unless Sticks is hiding something (Rouge's power is all in her legs). The Mario side is a bit harder to classify, but I'll give it a shot: Speed: Diddy, Nabbit Power: Ludwig? Technique: Rosalina, Dry Bones? All-Around: Wendy?
  5. Why did Shadow come the week I have to study for finals? ;_; After 4 event tries, I've only gotten a little over 200 mines and I only have 13 red rings since I got the game a couple weeks ago. This is looking pretty undoable for me at least. It'll be a long time before I get to unlike my favorite Sonic character :/ Yeah, the more deep Kirk is taking me a while to get used to. I prefer Shadow's other voices, but I expect this new Boom Shadow voice to grow on me.
  6. Season 1 was great as a whole. I hope that Season 2 continues with the same style of humor while giving Zoey, Perci, Shadow, Metal Sonic and others some spotlight every now and then. Speaking of Shadow, can someone explain to me what his role in Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal was? Shadow seemed pretty set on getting rid of Sonic right away and Team Sonic didn't seem surprised by his presence at all. Same with Metal Sonic. It seems that they're continuing with the idea that RoL and SC were supposed to be the prequels, which would explain Sticks' lack of introduction in the 1st episode as well.
  7. If Dry Bones is playable (which is absolutely awesome btw! XD), I don't see why Toad's proportions would be the reason why he's not playable. He also works perfectly fine in games like Mario Strikers, Mario Super Sluggers/Superstar Baseball and Mario Sports Mix. That said, there probably isn't much other reason for him not to be playable aside from him just being such a perfect for a referee/other npc. That still doesn't explain why they wouldn't just use generic Toads for those roles, however... While I'm here, I'm just going to say how I love that Sega and Nintendo are making up for the previous games by bringing all these new characters in Rio 2016. It's been a long time coming for Jet, Rouge and Diddy and I never would have thought that I'd see Sticks or Dry Bones in a M&S Olympics game. I'm feeling optimistic about this one for the characters alone. As long as they don't do the weird character grouping thing I'll probably buy this.
  8. Was it Dunkey you were thinking of? That video was hilarious!
  9. One of the things I miss most about both Rush games is the trick system. The "Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING!" stuff from Colors and Generations didn't really cut it for me. Rush Adventure had some really nice improvements over Rush with the trick system and stepped it up with the gameplay in pretty much every other area as well. While I prefer Rush's groovy techno music to Rush Adventure's (based Naganuma Kreygasm), RA's soundtrack is still one of my favorites. Love Sky Babylon, Coral Cave, Haunted Ship, Blizzard Peaks, (I don't want to list all the stages, but all the stages have great music pretty much lol), the waterbike music, the boss music, the Whisker and Johnny Boss music, the penultimate boss music and the final boss music (I just listed like 70% of the soundtrack lmao). The story was well done, though I agree that Sonic didn't shine that much like someone said before me. I really hope that Marine will return soon. She was an interesting character and really developed over the course of the game. I want to know more about her "special power" (hydrokinesis?) too. Overall, great game and sequel to Rush. Rush 3 needs to happen so we can see more Marine, maybe more Blaze and Cream interaction, etc.
  10. I also switched here from the Sega forums to get away from the negativity. Welcome! Forgot to mention in my post that Sonic X also played a bit of a role with getting me into Sonic. That show was one of my resources for getting to know characters like Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Amy and Shadow. I would try to watch it each Saturday on 4Kids. Good times.
  11. It all started with fangames really. Ultimate Flash Sonic and Super Smash Flash 1 were my introductions into the series. My friends in middle school introduced me to them and we used to play them on the school computers almost every recess. Sonic Smash Brothers came later and was also really fun. I got my first official Sonic game when my mom bought me Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the DS out of nowhere, knowing that I liked Mario spin-off games a lot (plus my mom was actually a low-key Sonic fan o_O). As I played the game, I started to wonder about the backgrounds of the characters, as I didn't know if Knuckles was a good guy or not or what Shadow's relationship was to Sonic and did a bit of research to find out. One day, I saw Sonic Rush for $15 and my mom let me get it. I recognized Blaze from the olympics game and thought the game would be a good way to learn more about her. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the game and loved the groovy feel that it had. Soon after this, I discovered Sonic Wiki and learned a ton about Sonic's history, games and that Sonic music was awesome. So essentially: fangames > Olympics > Sonic Rush > Sonic Wiki/Internet > other games like Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Heroes
  12. Sonic Rush (I really like this game, ok) "It seems you like to play with fire. Let me light up your fingers then." - Blaze "Get ready to be schooled!" - Dr. Eggman Sonic Heroes "Time to crack that Eggman wide open!" - Sonic "Is that so? Well then... It'll be a date to DIE for!" - Shadow "Death to the Evil One! Prepare to die, Eggman!" - Espio Sonic Lost World "Are you insulting me?...I'm gonna mess you up!" - Zazz "I'm SO sorry...Oh no, what I meant to say is I'm so sorry that you have nothing more important to do in life?" - Sonic to Zeena (Sonic has no freaking chill) Sonic Boom TV series (there are too many to think of ;_;)
  13. While Sonic games can be great without particularly interesting stories (Colors, Generations, Genesis games, Advance games), I really think that having a somewhat captivating story matters a lot and helps with character attachment and motivation to play more Sonic games. Imo, Sonic games that go in depth with the plot and/or character interactions should at least happen every few games so that the development of the series lore doesn't come to a halt. The series is barely meeting that at the moment; we need more recurring characters to keep things interesting. Making a story compelling doesn't necessarily mean that it should be complex either. Sonic Rivals and Rivals 2, for instance, don't have the most complex stories, but I'm fond of them personally largely because of the interesting character interactions and relationships that stemmed from them along with the little plot twists here and there. Character development is also good for making things interesting with the story. Sonic Rush does this particularly well with Blaze imo. Recent Sonic games have had decent character development as well, but it's only really been with Sonic and Tails. It's great that we are learning more about Sonic's character each game since he's the protagonist, but it's making things a bit stale without other characters getting into it. The next game is a really great opportunity to incorporate more recurring characters into the plot and finally get things moving again. In short, while great stories aren't necessary in Sonic games much of the time, story does matter for the series' growth.
  14. While I questioned the choice to make a sequel in the first place, the game does look fun and from the interviews and statement's I've seen from the developers, it seems like it's headed in the right direction. The at least made the sequel to the right game (I thought the demo for Shattered Crystal was fun). The delay is a really good sign tbh unless it is true that the developers have moved on to another project as said above, which would be sad. Really hoping that this does well, but I have no expectations pretty much. This game has potential.
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