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  1. A reminder that there is an official artwork of Sonic as a human drawn by Yuji Uekawa himself. It doesn't look like he'd be able to spindash with all those gadgets all over him though.
  2. At 0:32 the Park Avenue theme sounds a bit like Column Dive (specifically at 0:25 and 0:37) from Columns lll on the MegaDrive. Anyone else hears it?
  3. It definitely looks like it's styled after the Sonic Jam pause menu.
  4. It's unknown whether it's supposed to represent a city or some kind of rock formation, but they look like buildings to me.
  5. The Green Hill City actually reminds me of the buildings from the Sonic 1 early prototype. Maybe Green Hill Zone is a tourist attraction.
  6. As it turns out, that's actually a real super power: Wouldn't really be a far fetched ability in a series full of super powered characters I guess.
  7. I was kinda surprised Amy wasn't announced to be a playable character, she was very unique compared to the other playable characters in the Advance series, and we've seen how well her playstyle there can translate to the genesis games with the Amy in Sonic 1/2 hacks.
  8. Hey guys, my first time actually posting something on the site while not actually being new to the site itself. I've lurked the Stadium as far back as 2002 give or take, I remember browsing around Sonic Cult or SOST (Secrets of Sonic Team) and clicking my way here through this now heavily nostalgic link: My favourite game in the series so far is Sonic 3&K which was also my first (two) Sonic games for the Genesis, I had Sonic 2 on PC and actually didn't play the first game until Mega Collections released in 2002. I had the Dreamcast with SA1, 2 and Shuffle with Sonic Adventure holding the most nostalgia for me. I do tend to gravitate more towards the classics but can still enjoy some of the modern stuff now and again. As for favourite characters, I'm actually quite fond of the Chaotix members including Mighty (despite not canonically being a member). I'm also a huge NiGHTS and Ristar fan and would love to see Ristar start making cameo appearences in Sonic games similar to NiGHTS...well, it would be better than flat out nothing. I just decided to stop being shy and actually start posting, I honestly can't believe it took me this long but better late than never I suppose!