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  1. They changed it on TCRF and now suggest that it's an "R": https://tcrf.net/Sonic_Mania/Unused_Graphics I guess this really was planned all along which means they probably had a lot of time to work on them. It really REALLY looked like a capital "A".
  2. Can't wait to see Mighty and Ray's 3D models in the special stages.
  3. That reminds me, Stealth developed Sonic 1 Megamix and in that ROM hack Mighty has the ability to control the elements: Since he's on the Mania development team they could perhaps work something like that into Mania. Mighty's also described as possessing "great strength" in the Chaotix manual so he could also have some strength based ability.
  4. The Japanese manual of Chaotix does state that Mighty is "a traveller who feels definite aim in life for travelling every place". Maybe he simply enters certain stages while holding a map? There's also the option of riding Ray's back ala Cream and Knuckles for Mirage Saloon.
  5. Probably wouldn’t be that difficult, and that sounds a lot better than her Advanced play style. It’s definitely an “A” and Amy does cameo as a bomb and the unused matchmaking slot machine so I’m just saying that she might’ve been considered. I still don’t know if it’s supposed to be an R. Is there any other character in the series who’s name starts with “R”?
  6. That’s a really f*cked up R then.
  7. Maybe the A was originally Amy but since Ray would be a lot easier to develop for they went with him instead?
  8. In Sonic Mania all signposts but Sonic's are labelled with the respective character's initial in the sprite sheet with two placeholder copies being labelled "M" and "A". I guess now we know what the "M" likely stood for.
  9. The Return of Cosmo

    Forgot that part very quickly.
  10. The Return of Cosmo

    Would they just think she's a new character then? And wouldn't this just be similar to Chaotix's situation in 2003-4?
  11. The Return of Cosmo

    I assume by Sonic Universe you mean the game continuity? Not sure about Tails and Cosmo fusing but I'd love to see her in the game continuity as I have always loved her design: Always wanted more characters with the Lumina Flowlight/Void/NiGHTS type of design. SEGA has been sneaking X content into the game canon like Shadow's inhibitor rings and the Chaotix office (in the Sonic Channel comic), I feel like Cosmo would be a great edition... maybe.
  12. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    Anyone in Sonic Heroes.

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