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  1. Mine is Yellow. He looks really shy and timid. Ripe for character development.
  2. So there's this Sky Deck image on SA's disc. I couldn't recognize that area at first.

    I think these are the same area.


    Final area doesn't have those automatic energy cannons or even those yellow textures on the floor or along the bottom of the wall for some reason.

    Also Tails is playable in Act 2 on the left image. Come to think of it he does has a SET file for that act...



  3. Eh, I mean...can you imagine his in-game artwork being arrogant and cocky? Sonic CD and Sonic & Tails 2.
  4. Yeah...because it's Sonic and we've seen him get angry. It's not like his design is super drastically different here.
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog The Screen Saver. http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_The_Screen_Saver It's official art that originated from various printed media like calendars and Sega's internal magazine, Harmony. http://info.sonicretro.org/Harmony This art can also be found in Sonic Gem Collection's art gallery.
  6. Yeah that's the thing, Lotsa games do differing grassy locations better. Each area has its own style. Look at the different rock patterns. Even in the case of levels like Hilltop or Isolated Island that still have checkered patterns they at least have different colours applied to them rather than the standard brown.
  7. Yeah, Amy, Cream and Blaze definitely look strange with shirts on. But damn, Cream is adorable. And like, TOTALLY Japanese and not Jewish.
  8. I'm still annoyed they glossed over Knuckle seeing and being around the Knuckles tribe. No real reaction from him.
  9. Turn on the captions. Windii translates the Japanese versions and translates the Japanese manuals on Sonic retro. She sounds condescending in the English localization ngl.
  10. The "above it all" attitude from Amy is much less pronounced in the Japanese script of TSR. Here's the cookie scene as an example.
  11. Virtua Striker 3. Bean was in Virtua Striker 2.
  12. Recently? She's always kinda been like that though? Even outside the Sonic games. She WAS the 4th hero character.
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