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  1. Question about Charmy. So the red (classic) and black (modern) spheres at the end of his arms...is that his shoulder? The reason I ask is that at least as far as the Classic series goes he's side by side with other characters with bizarre shoulder designs. Espio with those doughnut shoulders and Vector with that huge socket. So I look back at Classic Charmy and go "hm...so he's got, like, balls for shoulders I guess". Modern Charmy has that orange jacket but he still has those spheres which could be sleeves...but look at Modern Vector: He's not even wearing a shirt or anything. His weird shoulder design changed into another weird shoulder design but now it's the same as Charmy, which makes me think it's not apart of Charmy's jacket.
  2. So that means Sonic wasn't actually born on Christmas Island? Or maybe...that's where he crash landed? According to your headcanon, that is.
  3. That's actually precisely the reason why I stick with the Japanese cast. It also helps that I've been used to those voices since 2003 at the earliest.
  4. Sonic looks great. The dip in the curvature of his muzzle is more prominent, more prominent brows, eyes are more rounded at the top. He's starting to look more like his 2D art. Even the shape of his smirk is real close to this:
  5. I knew Sonic’s design was partly based on Felix The Cat, but I didn’t know this art of Sonic was basically a trace.


    1. SupahBerry


      Yeah, I know that face looked very familiar, just not to this extent.

  6. Like I said, Fang being a wolf/jerboa hybrid canonically was from the official Japanese guide for Sonic The Fighters (incorrectly said Sonic Jam in my previous post), something Japanese fans already knew about. There’s an article about it on here. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/08/mistaken-identity-fang-and-bean-are-not-what-you-think-they-are/
  7. Hm? I meant the concept of Fang being half wolf/weasel. That’s the misconception, one that stemmed from a Japanese fan making profiles that revealed that Fang was half-wolf. Westerners took that info to mean he was a wolf/weasel hybrid when it in fact turned out to be “wolf/jerboa”. Then the Sonic Jam official guide surfaced from a user on Retro which had the same info. Fang being from the Special Dimension isn’t a misconception, it’s official information that comes straight from the Japanese Manuel for Sonic & Tails 2/Triple Trouble was my point. Translation by someone who’s fluent in Japanese .
  8. I mean, the Wolf-Weasel thing was just a misconception by fans. The Fang being a Wolf/Jerboa hybrid information was translated straight from the Sonic Jam Official Guide fairly recently. Fang living in the Special Stage Dimension comes straight from the official Japanese Manuel translated by Windii on Sonic Retro.
  9. It's like the Sonic Adventure art style fused with Battle's and created this godlike piece of art. Goodness. Use this shit in the games Sega.
  10. Doubt it. Since it's in his character description everyone takes "Tresure hunter who lives in Subspace" to mean he lives there. It's not exactly a stretch when you consider the fact that they contain cities.
  11. Also, there's the Special Stage Dimension where all the Special Stages take place. Fang lives there. Adventure is not a dimension, that's just Modern. I don't think Boom was ever established to be one either, it just sorta exists as its own entity separate from everything else.
  12. I'd like another Tikal. Fat chance of that happening though.
  13. For his superhero persona how about having him in his concept design from this art? Or the concept art closest to his final design. Lacks gloves, the walrus teeth on his cape reach past his shirt and he wears shoes rather than black pants with connected boots.
  14. I just find the idea of her funny. I also like the idea of her magic being expanded upon. Have her magic buff bosses in a way, she has the ability to produce crystals so maybe she could add additional weaponry to robots or something.
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