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  1. Sonic characters have always been rubber hose by design, dude. Their bodies stretch and squash, that's just what they do.
  2. "Mobian-shaped"? Lumina looks "mobian-shaped". Same way, like...Chaos or Emerl or Cosmo are "Mobian-shaped". Large heads, hands and feet, rubber-hose limbs... And Chip...looks like one I guess. I'd call this "Uekawa designed characters" since the human Eggman (including Nega) have the same design qualities. More like he's just easier to throw over Sonic's rig and call it a day.
  3. That’s a neat idea. That sounds like a better alternative to waiting for a single character per month.
  4. Chess made an astute observation. Shades. Mustache. This can't be a coincidence. The Man 3 short when?
  5. Seeing Tikal at all was a pleasant surprise. Seeing Tikal as a Force ghost was a massive plus.
  6. Here's the Mega CD version. I assume this happens in every version. He just runs fast enough to demolish them I guess.
  7. That's strange though...it doesn't look like water. As you said, the way it illuminates as well as the lime hue presents something different. The way it's formed around her fist makes it looks like some type of energy. The Sonic wiki (yeah I know, not totally reliable) says it's some kind of energy blast. That's the thing; this power could technically be anything but Hydrokinesis seems less likely. Light manipulation. If they could stop messing around with Zavok for 2 seconds and physically put Marine in another game, please, elaborate on this ability because it's interesting. Due to the fact that she knocked back an enemy Super Sonic and Burning Blaze had to team up to defeat makes Marine potentially very powerful. I'll have to try it out later.
  8. Is this something you tested out? I've never run into an enemy while doing that.
  9. I forgot Marine could do this. So...what is that? Chi manipulation? Ictiokinesis? Aerokinesis? She seems strong as heck because she knocked back the freaking Egg Wizard with that.
  10. *Still zombie shit* I'm tired of this arc.
  11. Dust Hill Zone is just Mystic Cave Zone.
  12. Sonic wouldn't be caught dead using a knife you say? Okay sure...but he's perfectly content with using a BIG-ASS SWORD? Even so, they're both sharp weapons that cut and swords are far far deadlier than knives.
  13. The code for Air Dash and Ring Toss are unused. You gotta hack it. You have to enter these two PAR codes for Ring Toss. RG5T-A6Z2 // 00B7B8:4E71 & RG5T-A6Z4 // 00B7BA:4E71 Press the 'B' button while jumping to shoot a single ring in the direction Sonic is facing. Press the 'C' button while jumping to shoot a single ring from both sides of Sonic.
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