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  1. The Flash can travel so fast, he can go back in time. Sonic requires a power-up signpost. The Flash can run faster than the speed of light, canon Sonic clearly can't or he probably would've by now. The Sonic comics aren't canon.
  2. I was hoping for at least Metal Sonic. I'm still waiting for them to add the Village zone back into the game's level rotation.
  3. That first guy who posted the trailer also mirrored the VR demo.
  4. I really want to play that version of RoL. It's a shame that things like this don't usually get leaked (at least not for many years). Perhaps an enhanced port, Sega?
  5. Yeah, those faces look pretty weird. They still look better than the reveal trailer's models, though.
  6. I ripped it from the dev's Vimeo, what do I do with it? Wow, he's had this up for two whole years and nobody noticed until now.
  7. Wow, some of the replying people still can't get over their Boom hate.
  8. The servers currently seem to be broken, giving random data for cloud saves. THIS CAN WIPE YOUR GAME.
  9. Mountain Zone seems to have replaced the Village zone. Not sure why, since Unnamed Village is the main setting of the show.
  10. The shooting mechanics were pretty good, it locked on pretty well. The controls were definitely very loose and it's even worse in the PS2 version.
  11. GamerGate is not a hate group, it only has that reputation because of smearing and shoddy journalism.

    This is easily provable.


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