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  1. ishimoto's compositions in kingdom hearts 3 are pretty samey. i don't know any music theory at all but i feel like he reuses the same composition tricks in every single track to the point where if you took out the instrumentation you could barely tell them apart. doesn't help that said instrumentation is often way too bombastic for my liking (looking at you, final boss theme)

    1. KHCast


      Vanitas’s theme was pretty sick with the electric guitar, but I’m not sure if that was him.

      This was yoko apparently tho 

      and even before I knew that, this was one of my favorite themes in the game 

    2. Nast


      yeah i suspected that was yoko too. it's pretty great.

      ishimoto did compose vanitas' theme in bbs though i'm not sure about kh3's arrangement. either ways it is a highlight from him, but everything else... ehh. san fransokyo's field theme and caribbean's battle theme are interchangeable, instrumentation aside, and that says a lot imo

    3. KHCast


      Monstropolis’s battle theme  was good too

  2. @Tornado Isn't Jirard a fan of Sonic? As well as Jim Sterling since you brought him up. Arin seems like the only one out of place here, and I'm just as baffled as to why Aaron insists on associating him so much with the Sonic brand.
  3. I think you guys are putting too much importance on scores. Just because Andromeda got the same score from him doesn't mean dunkey's trying to directly compare the two. What's really important is his actual thoughts on the game, which I think are perfectly valid even as someone who enjoyed the game and does not fully agree with him.
  4. They seem to be going for an almost toy-like aesthetic, which is really strange. The music also has no energy to it in my opinion. The whole thing reminds me of Nintendo Land more than Zelda. ...I wonder if this is how people felt at the original Wind Waker reveal lol
  5. regarding kh3 music (barely a spoiler, but just in case)

    i'm really disappointed yoko shimomura didn't compose the final boss theme. she's been with the series since the beginning so it'd only be fitting, not to mention she's still miles above the other composers imo

    doesn't help either that the theme used is just a medley :c

  6. finally beat kh3. story spoilers:

    i'm frustrated at how they introduced all these plot points that, turns out, were never concluded and are just there to set up the next saga or advertise union cross. i was especially interested in the girl axel and saix kept mentioning, as well as the role of marluxia, larxene, demyx and luxord. obviously they wanted to generate interest for a potential next game but i feel like insisting on these mysteries and then not answering them undermines the finality this game was supposed to have as the conclusion of the saga. that said i haven't gotten the secret reports yet so maybe they'll explain some of this stuff.

    still, can't say i wasn't interested the whole time and it was heartwarming to see everyone finally get their resolutions. (except for sora, RIP)

    game was pretty fun all things considered, even if a bit on the easy side

  7. I never cared for olaf but kh3 has made me hate him with a passion. never before have I been driven to mute a game due to annoyance

  8. i did not expect the photo mechanic in kh3 to be this adorable omg

  9. just beat revenge of shinobi. mechanically the game is very solid, the presentation is great and it's very fun when you get the hang of it, but it's also pretty poorly designed. there's a ridiculous amount of blind jumps, enemies that attack before they appear on-screen giving you no chance to react even when you know they're there, and even some pixel-perfect jumps across bottomless pits. you can learn to get through most of it but until you do it's pure trial-and-error and not very fun, so while it doesn't make the game entirely bad it keeps it from being great.

  10. i'm thinking of trying out shinobi. never played any of the games, so which one should i start with: revenge of shinobi, or shinobi III?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Revenge is better. Plus I'm one to start chronologically myself

    2. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Revenge is a much better game.

      Shinobi 3 has some really cool moments, but overall it's nowhere near as good as Revenge...

      Also play the Mega CD version with Spiderman intact... because it's amazing.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I would actually start with the arcade original first if you can as it is seen as an evolution to the action genre and is still considered a good game to this day. Rolling Thunder plays very similar to it as well and think the start of tit for tat that Sega and Namco used to do. If you can't then Shadow Dancer on the Mega Drive plays similar enough to get a feel. Shadow Dancer is actually the arcade sequel to the original and the MD game is different.

      As for between Revenge and Shinobi 3? Revenge is more clunkier and stiffer to control (good luck getting the double jump to consistently work) but it has that atmosphere, music and of course those bosses such as Batman, Spider-Man, Godzilla and the Terminator. Well if you have the first version (REV 00) of the game otherwise you just have the Terminator or maybe Spider-Man depending on version.

      Shinobi 3 is much better to control, has decent music, good graphics and has variety but for some reason doesn't grab me as much. Still a good game minds you. I don't think that I've played much of it to be honest...

  11. having finally played as mighty and ray in mania, I can safely say ray is now my favorite playable character in any 2d sonic game. his gliding complements the existing mechanics perfectly and is super versatile. it's exhilarating to use!

    mighty's just ok though. I appreciate that he's a more defensive character

    1. Blacklightning


      Mania's level design clearly wasn't designed with Ray in mind and I think it's a testament to the versatility of the designers that he's still this fun to play regardless.

  12. i just realized that the remix of Midna's Lament in smash ultimate is done by hideaki kobayashi... yet another sonic composer

  13. I believe both are by Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of, Mario Tennis, Golden Sun, etc.).
  14. what's up with the main website? i keep getting this when i load it:


    and at least twice it's redirected me to some weird myspace page...

    1. DarkRula


      So it's not just me, then. I think it's some form of malware attack, as whenever it tries to direct itself to that Myspace page Norton blocks it and a virus theat notification pops up.

  15. this dude has been hiding shady links when quoting other posts:


    yeah uh, don't click those


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