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  1. what does the term "moment-to-moment gameplay" mean? i've been seeing it pop up a lot and i don't understand it

    1. Diogenes


      it's like, the common fundamentals of the game. the stuff that you spend most of the game doing, as opposed to flashy setpieces or gimmicks or how the game's parts work together on a larger scale. mario jumping around, breaking bricks and stomping goombas and the like is the usual moment-to-moment gameplay of a mario game. mario in a boss fight is something different; it's a relatively rare event usually with unique obstacles, different usage of mario's abilities, and a different goal. just looking at a mario boss fight doesn't give a good impression of what the game is most fundamentally about, but watching an ordinary run of SMB 1-1 probably does.

    2. Nast


      @Diogenesthank you, this is a great explanation. i think i understand the gist now.

      so like in zelda, you would say the moment-to-moment gameplay is the swordplay, using tools for combat and puzzles, and exploration - as opposed to, say, fishing or shopping or talking to NPCs. does that make sense?

    3. Diogenes


      i'd say that's pretty accurate, yeah.

  2. hey hot take, srb2 is pretty fun at the start but the later levels are absolute garbage and make me hate the game

    1. Sean


      That's fair. As a longtime player I enjoy them and the challenge they give me but also feel that they can be incredibly off-putting to newer players because the difficulty is catered more toward veteran pros who have poured dozens of hours into mastering the game in older versions. The difficulty spike doesn't have the same natural curve to it that regular Sonic games have.

    2. Nast


      thank you for responding fairly to my very impulsive venting post

      i think what gets me specifically is the abundance of situations where they expect you to do one specific thing or you're dead, along with a lack of checkpoints which lead to repeating long sections over and over. also they often introduce new obstacles and poorly convey how to interact with them, or at least that's the impression i had. but you're right, i can see how this would be much more manageable to veteran players as they'd die a lot less

      for what it's worth i've been playing exclusively with gamepad, which I've heard is not recommended, so I'll give keyboard+mouse controls a go at some point.

    3. Sean


      Yep, even as someone who has been playing SRB2 for years I noticed quite a few things in 2.2 that took me a while to figure out and when I did I was just like "really? I can't imagine how long that would have taken me if I was playing this for the first time"

      What doesn't help is that Egg Rock Zone is the only level that is mostly unchanged from previous versions, and it's been begging for a proper, more fair revamp for years. Though since I'm so used to it, I actually found the new Red Volcano Zone more difficult and frustrating than ERZ in 2.2

    4. McGroose


      Everyone hates water levels, its common at this point.

      I will say, the desert level is hard AF. I died so many times. The volcano level isnt anywhere near as bad. I feel like they overdid the bottomless pits just slightly. The TNT and cacti blasting or knocking you into the pits really doesn't help. 

      The final level wasn't changed at all, so it's a breeze for me. 

    5. Sean


      That final minecart ride in ACZ2 was annoying as fuck. Lost a lot of lives on it because it's not intuitive on where you should be switching your cart, and there's a lot of instant death moments

    6. McGroose


      It took me a while to figure out how to switch rails on that, I use letter keys for left and right and up and down arrow keys for forward and backward (helps with strafing) but once I figured that out it wasn't that bad. The last kart sequence, despite me taking a second to figure out, I surprisingly didn't die once even though it was the hardest.

      The volcano level went WAAAY smother for me than the desert level. I actually was surprised at how I was nearly speedrunning through it.

      The ball on lava gimmick is funny, I think it's a reference to the Sonic 1 beta where you could ride the Green Hill Zone boss ball in the game. At least, I think that's what they were referencing? it was a cool idea

    7. Sean


      I think the main issue with RVZ is that it's not super clear on where you're supposed to be going. For example there's one part where you're expected to use the whirlwind shield to get past some obstacles. But because I was playing as Tails I wasn't paying attention to that and couldn't tell which direction I was supposed to be heading even though I could fly everywhere, and I kept going in circles and back to where I started. And then when I got to that part as Sonic I'm pretty sure I accidentally cheesed it by taking a shortcut somewhere, so I didn't realize the intended mechanic until a few playthroughs later.

    8. McGroose


      I do recall going backwards a few times in RVZ, which was kind of annoying. I also think I got into a path that was meant exclusively for tails or knuckles somehow, which confused me a lot. Its a good think Tails can fly Sonic in this game, super nice feature. Its ironic that the levels is actually kind of easier with Sonic, I feel like it was definitely built with him in mind. I imagine knuckles or fang in particular would be a pain in the ass. You really do have to be quick, especially avoid lava falls.

      Egg Rock zone was kind of a let down due to how basically nothing changed in terms of level design. but I'm more than content with what we got overall. The game is fucking amazing, the last time I actually got excited for a Sonic game like this was Generations. 

      Honestly, the only problem I have with the game overall was the abundance of bottomless pits, way more than any other 2D sonic game, but I know I'll get used to it and enjoy it overall. 

      I only got 4/7 emeralds lol they really got creative with where they put these things this time lol

    9. Sean


      You'd be surprised by how much of the game Nack can cheese with his abilities. Not only does he wipe the floor with every single boss in the game with his pop gun, but he can bounce on almost any floor hazard, including spikes and lava. He can skip large portions of lava in RVZ, it's great.

  3. has this been posted here? apparently a bunch of sonic cafe games were archived


    1. Kazhnuz


      Pretty interesting !

      Seems that it's the kind of list that is already available in most site (I see a lot of unlicenced/bootleg that I found also in most J2ME websites) as the list doesn't seems to have japanese-only ones like Sonic no Jigen Ressha (I'm searching this one since years) or even some available in occident like Sonic Hopping 2.

    2. Solister


      Seems interesting, but heck I'm not going to download 80 Gigas for playing maybe dozen of those games...

      *downloads it anyways*

  4. i want to play games with a critical eye for the purpose of analysis as it would help me gain a better understanding of game design, but i also want to play games for mindless fun because I'm a nervous wreck 80% of the time and could use the distraction. i don't know how to make these two sentiments work in tandem.


    also totally unrelated, you know you're trying too hard to fit in when you write the whole status in proper capitalization, but then go back and make it all lowercase cause it looks more casual

    1. KHCast


      ...how does that make it casual? Can’t you present a casual sounding status while still proper punctuation?

      Also you can do both, ask most game critics 

    2. Nast


      that casual bit is just me poking fun at myself, don't take it too seriously. 😛

      and yeah of course you can do both, i just don't know how. it's something you learn with experience i suppose.

  5. Would that even work? Mostly cause of the lack of a second screen on the switch
  6. fuck yes

  7. social anxiety is spending 30 minutes writing a silly joke post then another 5 hesitating to submit it before ultimately deciding not to

    1. Marcello


      The worst is when you post in an active thread and everybody stops replying.😨

  8. D8ZrShnWsAQt4n5.jpg:large


    this is kinda fascinating

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I’m surprised they didn’t straight-up go back and redesign the Gen I Poke’s with those designs.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah. It's interesting alright. Pokémon are much more designed for specific purposes these days, which is what you would expect for a franchise that's over 25 years old and as popular worldwide as it's ever been. I generally dislike the rounder, software approach that the series has been adopting since Gen 4/5, but I never noticed it so in the Pokémon designs much as it's pointed out here. 

  9. if you want to watch a madman do a giant marathon let's play of every single sonic game, check out raocow's All the Sonics project starting tomorrow (project thesis below)


    1. Diogenes


      i'm surprised he's starting this up so quick after all the megamans

      this is...going to be a journey

  10. i was 2 hits away from killing the death egg robo in sonic 2, thus completing my no-damage run. then the game glitched and i died. 10/10 programming

    1. Adamabba


      one of eggman's deadly traps

  11. Endgame spoilers

  12. any chance the new content in P5R will be released as DLC? i finally managed to buy the base game early this year and don't feel like buying it again

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Don't count on it. Sorry.

    2. DiamondX


      @Nast I feel you. I got it right a few days before they announced P5R.

    3. Nix


      *laughs in Atlus*

  13. i really thought the m&s franchise was dead, but okay i guess. also seems like everybody's wearing sports outfits this time, that's a nice touch.

  14. rMyXj01.png

    holy shit this level instantly blew me away, it's beautiful

    1. Solister


      Which game is this? Seems very interesting.

    2. Nast


      @Solister spark the electric jester. it's kinda similar to sonic but with kirby-style powerups. it's made by the guy who made the "before the sequel" and "after the sequel" fangames, if you're familiar with them

    3. Solister


      @Nast I see. This pretty much explain why I first thought this was a ROM hack/fan game than properly a game.

      Of course I know Before and After the sequel, it's curious because it's creator is from the same country as mine, Brazil.

  15. i'm finally playing spark the electric jester. i've got issues with the level design, the same ones i've had with sonic bts and ats, but the gameplay mechanics are neat and there have been some really cool moments.

    there's a lot of powerups but you find almost all of them in the very first stages so the game kinda blows its load too quickly. might have been better to spread them thinner throughout the game.

    1. Legendary Emerald

      Legendary Emerald

      I have a lot of feelings about Spark. It's a good game with the potential to be a great game, but Fepard would rather switch gears and work on 3D game development instead of refining his craft. I enjoy the moment to moment gameplay of Spark more than Freedom Planet, but the difference in polish and boss design is night and day.

  16. ishimoto's compositions in kingdom hearts 3 are pretty samey. i don't know any music theory at all but i feel like he reuses the same composition tricks in every single track to the point where if you took out the instrumentation you could barely tell them apart. doesn't help that said instrumentation is often way too bombastic for my liking (looking at you, final boss theme)

    1. KHCast


      Vanitas’s theme was pretty sick with the electric guitar, but I’m not sure if that was him.

      This was yoko apparently tho 

      and even before I knew that, this was one of my favorite themes in the game 

    2. Nast


      yeah i suspected that was yoko too. it's pretty great.

      ishimoto did compose vanitas' theme in bbs though i'm not sure about kh3's arrangement. either ways it is a highlight from him, but everything else... ehh. san fransokyo's field theme and caribbean's battle theme are interchangeable, instrumentation aside, and that says a lot imo

    3. KHCast


      Monstropolis’s battle theme  was good too

  17. @Tornado Isn't Jirard a fan of Sonic? As well as Jim Sterling since you brought him up. Arin seems like the only one out of place here, and I'm just as baffled as to why Aaron insists on associating him so much with the Sonic brand.
  18. I think you guys are putting too much importance on scores. Just because Andromeda got the same score from him doesn't mean dunkey's trying to directly compare the two. What's really important is his actual thoughts on the game, which I think are perfectly valid even as someone who enjoyed the game and does not fully agree with him.
  19. They seem to be going for an almost toy-like aesthetic, which is really strange. The music also has no energy to it in my opinion. The whole thing reminds me of Nintendo Land more than Zelda. ...I wonder if this is how people felt at the original Wind Waker reveal lol
  20. regarding kh3 music (barely a spoiler, but just in case)

    i'm really disappointed yoko shimomura didn't compose the final boss theme. she's been with the series since the beginning so it'd only be fitting, not to mention she's still miles above the other composers imo

    doesn't help either that the theme used is just a medley :c

  21. finally beat kh3. story spoilers:

    i'm frustrated at how they introduced all these plot points that, turns out, were never concluded and are just there to set up the next saga or advertise union cross. i was especially interested in the girl axel and saix kept mentioning, as well as the role of marluxia, larxene, demyx and luxord. obviously they wanted to generate interest for a potential next game but i feel like insisting on these mysteries and then not answering them undermines the finality this game was supposed to have as the conclusion of the saga. that said i haven't gotten the secret reports yet so maybe they'll explain some of this stuff.

    still, can't say i wasn't interested the whole time and it was heartwarming to see everyone finally get their resolutions. (except for sora, RIP)

    game was pretty fun all things considered, even if a bit on the easy side

  22. I never cared for olaf but kh3 has made me hate him with a passion. never before have I been driven to mute a game due to annoyance

  23. i did not expect the photo mechanic in kh3 to be this adorable omg

  24. just beat revenge of shinobi. mechanically the game is very solid, the presentation is great and it's very fun when you get the hang of it, but it's also pretty poorly designed. there's a ridiculous amount of blind jumps, enemies that attack before they appear on-screen giving you no chance to react even when you know they're there, and even some pixel-perfect jumps across bottomless pits. you can learn to get through most of it but until you do it's pure trial-and-error and not very fun, so while it doesn't make the game entirely bad it keeps it from being great.

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