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  1. question about mania (no spoilers): does the game try to teach you its controls (spin dash, drop dash, etc.) or are you left to figure it out on your own like in the old games?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer
    2. NastCF


      i dont like that :s the spin dash and drop dash are cool and useful moves that are not very intuitive to figure out if youre never told them. not an issue for me but for new players it might be

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      One area I fell into in studiopolis basically necessitated that the player learn how to build up speed with slopes in order to escape, but other than that and especially on the controls end, nah.

      If I had encountered Chemical Plant's final boss when I was younger, I would have raged at this vagueness especially. Could never figure out those kind of games, lol.

    4. NastCF


      yeah, i honestly dont know how i found out about it at age 7. i can imagine now how many people are gonna go through the whole game without ever knowing the drop dash is a thing.

    5. Blacklightning


      I laughed my fucking ass off at Chemical Plant's boss personally, I can't believe they were ballsy enough to pull that off


      I guess it helps that I dabbled in Puyo Puyo Tetris earlier - Eggman's a pushover compared to Puyo AI. Is a separate mode for that ever unlocked, or is it just that one boss fight?


  2. i've come to realize that i have no idea what gender (as opposed to sex) actually means, nor whether it's binary or fluid. every informed person seems to have a different stance on it so i don't know what to believe.

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Well its not numbers or a liquid so it might not be any of those.

      And I'm the male to female crossdresser so what do I know?

    2. NastCF


      @Princess Jellicent the consensus is that there are only two genders, but there's now the belief that gender is actually a spectrum. that's what i mean by binary or fluid, lol.

    3. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Now that's just confusing! I see what you mean.

    4. McGroose


      Depending on who you ask with their oh-so colorful opinions, you're either going to be told that there are only two genders or an infinite amount.

      IMO, all of this gender shit has been taken way to out of proportion. Fucktards like Bill Nye the Science Guy really aren't helping either. I think that there's only two genders, then you have the confused people. Sex is biological and can, in no way whatsoever, be argued against unless there are chromosomal or hormonal complications. Gender is the expected behavioral and cultural traits associated with the two sexes.

      At least, that's what I think.

    5. NastCF


      @McGroose right, i'm inclined to agree with you on all that, but what exactly do those behavioral and cultural traits stem from? isn't that something society has made up? even then, what exactly are they for men and women? and if the concept of gender is something that was, for lack of a better word, invented by humans, much like time, why can't it change?

      not to imply that i'm advocating for it to change. i'm just confused

      @McGroose (tagging didn't work the first time)

    6. McGroose


      The traits, at their core, stem from our biology. Behavior is partially biological, but the majority of it since the dawn of civilization stems from our culture. Male and female roles are fairly similar around the world, however this has not always been the case with some societies like the early matriarchal systems seen in early Europe and, I believe, some Native American societies but don't quote me on that. The males were typically relied on to provide for the family while the women and children were dependent, although, like I just said, this was not always the case.

      Basically, our gender roles exist because they just worked well enough to be kept. If you change the concept of gender, you completely fuck up one of the few things that societies around the world can actually agree on. The west has become limp dick and destructively tolerant of these dangerous ideologies. I assure you, the eastern hemisphere will be far less tolerant of this change. Are there better ideas than what we have right now? Quite possibly, but whatever alternatives have been currently presented do more harm than good.

      I took some classes about gender that made me really think about the subject. Not because I agreed with the material they offered, but because I thought it was insane and needed to be looked further into.

    7. NastCF


      @McGroose so if i'm understanding correctly, it's not necessarily that a different concept for gender wouldn't work in society, but that it would do more harm than good to try and alter it when it's already so ingrained? i suppose that makes sense, but it still leaves me with questions as to what exactly defines either gender socially. i mean, i'm male and i've never really questioned that notion, but if you asked me whether i feel like a woman or a man mentally, i couldn't really tell you. it doesn't really feel like something that should be inherently obvious, other than by the fact that i've lived my whole life as a male.

      sorry for rambling lol

    8. McGroose


      Don't forget that I said it's one of the few things societies agree on. There are likely reasons for why so many of the most successful civilizations and societies have this traditional gender basis, as it's just the most beneficial for the development of society. It works, but there is possibly a better alternative. Key word is POSSIBLY. There may or may not be.

      What these changes in gender roles do is gravely impact the family model, and while there are some complications with this idea due to polygamous marriages, I believe that it's necessary for two parents of different genders to develop of child. Single parent relationships are very stressful on both the child and the parent and same-sex couples with children can possibly confuse the child into becoming something that they're not or something that they'll regret later on in life. They need to be nurtured by the parents and to be taught how the opposite genders are like by having opposite gendered parents. Of course single parents or same-sex parents can have well raised kids, but do they commonly raise mentally-healthy children as well as the traditional family does on average?

      You don't need to care about gender at all, I really don't. I'm going to follow what makes the most sense from both a biological and curious perspective. 

    9. NastCF


      you say it's important for children to be taught about opposite genders via their parents, but that's only true in the reality where that is how genders are already perceived, which is our case obviously, but it kinda seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy. either way i guess it is much easier for a child to understand as it is now. as for single parent and same-sex parent relationships i have no real opinion on it since i'm not informed on the subject, lol.

      my brain hurts so i think i'll leave it at that, but thanks for helping me understand. :)

    10. McGroose


      More specifically, they need to be taught about how men and women are different. That's just it, different.

      Anyway, ya I don't really want to discuss this anymore either. Thanks for reading. :)

  3. yikes, so much anger going around. i'm frustrated too since i preordered it on steam and that's the only version i can get, not to mention avoiding spoilers will be tough, but i'll find other things to distract me in the meantime. it's not the end of the world.

    1. Strickerx5


      Oh it certainly isn't. It's just pretty fucking bad from an industry perspective. Like, how on earth does it make sense to delay a 2D game in his day and age due to "optimization issues". That's just idiotic on their part.

    2. Kiah


      I absolutely agree although I do understand the frustration. I'm glad the PC version for Mania even exists even amid the delay which could of been worse via much longer. 

      Sans the PC version I would have no other way to play Sonic Mania currently and that would really suck as it would take me months to be able to afford a console so these 2 weeks to me are nothing in comparison. 

  4. space channel 5 is the best thing ever

    ...part 2 specifically. the first is sorta lame in comparison

  5. ??? where did this come from?


  6. has this been posted? 


    1. Strickerx5
    2. NastCF


      oops, it has indeed. my bad.

    3. Alienrun


      No...I think your the first one to notice! Kappa

  7. I don't see the 3D titles going away completely, but rather that they might make more Mania-like games to go along with them.
  8. He could be considering Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles as separate games, so Sonic 2 would have the most zones (10-ish). Additionally "number of stages" could be referring to individual acts, in which case Sonic 2 would still have the most acts, but 3&K would have 25 combined. This is including stuff like the Death Egg in Sonic 2 and Doomsday. Point is I don't think this statement alone is enough to know for sure the minimum amount of zones/acts.
  9. i'm more excited for a new ori game than i thought i would be lol

  10. has it actually been confirmed that senoue composed that green hill track? cause i dunno, the instrumentation is a little reminiscent of sonic 4 but the melody itself feels very ohtani-esque to me.

    1. Gatestormer


      Ohtani confirmed on Twitter it's his. 

    2. VEDJ-F


      Considering we knew it was Ohtani doing the soundtrack pretty much when it was announced, I don't know why people would make that mistake. 

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yep, as Gatestormer said it's Ohtani. I dunno why it sounds like such a faux chiptune piece of crap when he previously nailed it with Crisis City and Rooftop Run classic

      @VEDJ-F Yeah, I agree. While it's likely that Ohtani isn't working on his own on the soundtrack (Lost World was an unusual case), Senoue pretty much confirmed he's not working on Forces.

    4. NastCF


      @Blue Blood i couldn't agree more. i want to hold on to hope that it's work-in-progress, but for how bad it sounds it all still feels very deliberate, especially with those sonic 2 drums.

    5. JezMM


      Tbh the melody-work is VERY Ohtani so I'm not surprised at all.  I get all the Sonic 4 comparisons on a surface level but it really doesn't sound like music "from Sonic 4" to me at all

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      It feels like Ohtani's bad imitation of Senoue's bad imitation of classic Sonic music

    7. Operationgamer17


      He stated the track in the Green Hill Zone is the final track but not the final mix of the track.

  11. Sonic Forces- Classic GHZ Gameplay

    I couldn't disagree more, honestly. I feel like this is the most half-hearted Sonic Team has ever been in recent memory.
  12. i'm enjoying sonic time twisted when i'm just playing it normally, but i'm trying to find the emeralds and time stones now and well... i've spent like a whole hour looking for the special stage rings in the first zone and now i'm fucking sick of the game lol.

    1. OcelotBot


      I've uploaded an all emerald & time stone playthrough if it helps.


    2. NastCF


      ehh, i appreciate it but i don't want to resort to a walkthrough. still, i'm curious, how long did it take you to find all of them?

    3. OcelotBot


      I got the good ending after my second playthrough.

      There's two special stage rings in each act for each time period up to the end of Tidal Tubes. I can remember where quite a few are, but not all because the level design is very repetitive. I just found them by exploring which took me ages like you said.

    4. Celestia


      I don't think there are any giant rings in the first zone?

    5. NastCF


      >second playthrough

      jesus christ :o either you're some kind of genius or i'm awful at this, lol

      yeah, i realized there were two per act but i just get completely lost trying to explore

    6. OcelotBot


      Image result for genius gif

      You're definitely not awful, so I must be a genius :P

      If you see a wall try and go inside it, you never know what you might find. Search everywhere (which I appreciate will take ages). If you pass a suspicious looking area go take a look, don't just ignore it etc.

      You can climb in some walls and you'll find extra lives instead of special stages rings.

    7. NastCF


      i think my main problem is that i can't memorize the layout of the stage so i can't keep track of where i've already been. every level feels like a giant maze. :s not necessarily the fault of the game, i'm just terrible at it

    8. OcelotBot


      Nah, you're right, it's not great level design at times. It's hard to remember where things are placed. Bits of level design are often re-used which doesn't look good and is confusing.

      It's probably more enjoyable if you don't worry about the emeralds or time stones. When Taxman & Stealth starting making fan games over 10 years ago this is what their games looked like with repetitive and confusing level design.