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  1. Yeah, that's fair enough. I just wouldn't interpret Playtonic keeping his work in the game as them condoning his views, but I guess it's a personal difference.
  2. Playtonic are absolutely in their right to do it. They're not violating his right to free speech either. They're also not making any kind of political statement (in my opinion) by keeping his work in the game. And I'm not even saying that because I was a Jontron fan and especially not cause I'm defending him - again, he absolutely deserves what came to him. They clearly liked the work he contributed to the project though, and becoming aware of his views after the fact shouldn't change anything about its quality. I totally respect and understand though that they choose not to work with him on any future projects.
  3. I did lose a lot of respect for JonTron with these recent events, but what Playtonic did seems super petty to me. I could understand if their collaboration was on-going and they decided to call it off, but to retroactively remove his work from a finished game? Just seems silly to me. That said, Jon has absolutely brought this on himself. This is a project I'm sure he was very passionate for, and he needed this as a reminder that running his mouth without thinking can have tangible consequences.
  4. i keep getting blue-balled by the flying battery trailer, how it ends just before the music gets to the best part. what a tease :c

  5. My guess is that they'll include a remastered Blue Spheres as an optional mode. If that's the case we'll probably see these implemented too:
  6. you know, tomoya ohtani's got some standout compositions, but i find a lot of his stuff is kind of repetitive. i kinda wish kenichi tokoi had taken over sonic music duty rather than him.

    1. Soni


      b-but strange parade, dragon dance, sea bottom segue....

    2. NastCF


      like i said, there are standout tracks :P

    3. Soni


      But what if every Ohtani track is standoutworthy?

    4. NastCF


      well i don't agree there, but to each his own. for the record, i think he's been improving a lot with lost world and runners.

  7. i've never really cared for bomberman but i adore the 2d artwork in the new game. on a different note, black bomber is basically karamatsu lol

    1. Ristar


      hahaha I thought the same xD

  8. Hoshino looks pretty uncomfortable on this stream

  9. Seems to be based on this unused sprite from Sonic 1.
  10. I've heard that the framerate is unlocked on PS4Pro, meaning it goes over 30fps but is not a constant 60.
  11. i have a download code for the hyrule historia on the wii u, anyone want it? canadian eshop only

  12. i really had a good time phoenix wright: spirit of justice, but the returning characters like maya felt really shoe-horned in and ultimately pointless to the story. i enjoyed the new characters a lot more at least - rayfa's probably my favorite.

    1. NastCF


      capcom are really transparent about how they use returning characters simply as a novelty to attract old fans. case in point: maya being featured on the cover art of the game despite having a pretty small role in the story.

  13. Shovel Knight coming to Switch, plus a bunch of other things including plans to make a campaign starring King Knight.
  14. It looks cool, but it's hard to get an idea of the gameplay he's trying to achieve when a lot of it looks so context-sensitive.