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  1. okay so ive been lurking for awhile, but wanted to say stuff for this issue because it's probably my favorite issue as of yet, or at least in my top 3. re-reading it for the third time now. the issue starts well with on a less despairing and cute note(s), ngl kinda glad we didn't go the lost world route with i liked how they tried to trick us into thinking the sonic/tangle interaction in this issue was very nice. so the biggest part of this issue... as much as i'm rambling about how much i want to frame this issue in a museum, it has flaws, or IMO just a flaw. It doesn't really move the story forward until the very last page. eh it's fine with me though, i haven't felt this attached to sonic characters in so long. 8.5/10
  2. Honestly been thinking about this, I'mma be kinda vague on the whole topic; "good" is an opinionated word. We all have different things we find "Good" and "Bad". There's no real fact if Sonic was/is good. Depends on the person's tastes of what's "good". You could debate about it for hours but as long as there's two different opinions, there's no fact.
  3. Removing Amy's crush on Sonic will change her into a completely different character right now. A change that will probably get most Amy fans mad (Sonic fans hate change, lmao). I think they should keep the crush, but lower it down some. Kinda like what Archie is currently doing to her. Maybe get her into some of the action so she doesn't have to focus only on Sonic. Seeing Amy interact with other characters pleases me, but she's so attached to Sonic that she doesn't have much of a relationship with anyone else besides him anymore.
  4. I've already seen like 3 people call it that. Cool name, but I'm sticking with Project Sonic 2017 until we get an official title.
  5. Alas, at last, rest in peace, Sonic Runners. *Is actually shamefully glad Sonic Runners is leaving because I accidentally deleted the app and had to start all over when before I had Vector before I even got Tails and the Roulette was almost always in my favor*
  6. Same. I don't really mind them either, but they put so many meme posts It kinda gets stale. I honestly just want more Sonic news. I know they're preparing for the Anniversary title, but still. Seeing memes almost all the time gets boring, quickly. And half the time it's self-deprecating. They could be doing something else, like... I don't know... Polls? Interacting with Fans (in better ways)? Other things besides memes?
  7. Unless some unknown approaching death gets me by then, I'll always be some sort of Sonic fan.
  8. Loved the new artwork. Probably just made by the fans that worked on this game but still cool. Yay! Sonic (or should I say Big?) visual novel... game! Love how Shadow only just comes in just to be savage towards Knuckles. Though, Knuckles makes some pretty good comebacks, must admit. Loving the interaction. Speaking of Savage, Eggman had no chill in this game ("If anyone knows how to rush a game, It's Sonic!"). The Maze was Easy, that Flappy Bird mini game though... (Died too many times to admit) The fishing game was pretty cool too, though, that might just be me. I give the game a 10/10. Would play again.
  9. I like to believe that Sonic doesn't even have a home (Likes to sleep outside? Trees maybe?) but if he needs a roof to sleep under it's usually Tails's
  10. I honestly hate Shadow the Hedgehog so much it makes me cry sometimes. He should've stayed dead.
  11. wtf it's so many people's "birthday"'s today??

  12. Big would fit in a series like Sonic Boom tbh. But we kinda already have Knuckles, so...
  13. Silver in an Easter bunny outfit (or just plain bunny ears.. I can't predict what they'll do) is an amusing thought.
  14. Suddenly I remembered this one: "Let's make like Eggman's hairline and recede!" -Sonic, Sonic Colors.
  15. And from what I'm seeing on Tumblr, it's probably mixed reviews. I'm getting more hate posts though. I've never played a FF game in my entire life, but heck, I'm just happy for all those people who wanted to see Cloud in Smash Bros. Cloud was just WAY too unexpecting, though.
  16. Oh yeah, true. Oops. I picked it because you rarely see sonic fans talking about it nowadays or they have completely forgotten about the song. And thanks, dude!
  17. Dragon Dance, oh golly, how I love Dragon Dance.
  18. Two minor things from me on this episode: Charlie looks young, like "he shouldn't be old enough to marry" young. Might just be me though. Plus Tails getting shot by Charlie's weapon, freezing him in place, and saying he hasn't seen that before? Pretty funny.
  19. ...Didn't we already have an argument discussing Sonic's attitude during Designated Heroes a few pages back? Or was that a different episode? I doubt it. Anyway, Kinda can't wait for the next new episode tomorrow, because I have no clue what's it gonna be about and I don't even know the title for it. Ssh, don't tell me anything.
  20. lmfao, didn't even notice how funny it was until now. I was always too busy laughing at Amy's running animations.
  21. Hey. you, we think alike, I like you. Anyway, as much as I love Boom, Sorta glad it's stopping for a moment, I won't have to wake up early to see it/have to watch it the following day if i miss it. I feel like they'll start posting episodes on TV when they're done making all the episodes, like they did with this season. I have no idea who had the most time as the "Star" of the show, but Sticks needed more episodes based around her. She just... felt there sometimes. Sonic is the titular character, so yeah, I hope for more focus on him, too. Rouge is also one of my favorite characters. so I'd be down to see her in Boom.
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