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  1. He reviewed it. And his opinion kindof changed on it so far.
  2. SUP sonic fans :D Friends of video games and life and hopefully icecream. :o What.. icecream is fun. It takes the monsters and lawsuits away.

    1. Mightyray


      What's up fellow ice-cream fan?

    2. Remynaka


      Not much. Just kindof moving by today. Kindof a slow day. You?

    3. Mightyray


      I've been bumming around the net, chatting to my partner.

    4. Remynaka


      Play some M-flo in the background. It'll jam up any and all convos. 

    5. Jetronic


      I wish I had some mint ice cream.

  3. yeah XD I goofed so hard there. Ultimate Fail, Game Over, no more continues. I must start from 1-1 now.
  4. Wrong person I'm qouting here... crap. I mean I get it. I understand why they made the move in this direction. Everyone in the main cast is OP, You can' believeable put anyone of them in this setting and expect to be scared, it won't happen. Chris or anyone else would laugh at the threats in this house. I mean they are pretty much super heroes at this point. But they were always abit OP snce the first game as they were above the "normal police officer" and were trained by Wesker himself. So I get it. I still don't like the game tho but that's just me. I can only hope we get more of what the series has become with 6 as I love how the game played and everything. Yes it was an action game but I don't feel like thats a bad thing. Going back and turning it into a first person shooter throws me over board and I can't get behind that choice, nor do I care about nobody main character here. I would've rather gone back to how the first game actually was and stayed in 3rd person with tanks controls and prerender backgrounds. If they went to what the games actually used to look like I feel like THAT would've been a bold move. Not just copying what every other "scary" game is doing in being in first person. But to each their own.
  5. I'm going to be that guy and say I didn't like this game. The game works, - but all of them worked- but it just didn't do it for me. I dunno I liked what Resident Evil became, it made sense with the plot so far. This just feels like they wanted to make SH fans happy. Again this is a sound game, I just feel like they wasted the title and should've used something else. Now i'm looking forward to the new animated movie.. that should've been RE7. I mean an entire game with a Leon and Chris teamup? Instant buy.
  6. Buck " wlecome to the family son" My fav saying is from the upcoming movie vendetta. " Our time is now, I want revenge" I want this movie so BAAAAD. Leon and Chris with Becca in a new movie TEAM UP!! CAPCOM YES!

  7. Capcom. With Devil may cry gameplay. What? I can dream.... T.T stop giving me that look it makes me sad.
  8. I'll just leave this here cause I believe this explains why a good chunk of people hate RE7's new take on the series. As far as my own opinion, I feel like screaming cause NOW it seems like everything I always said- because I defended and STILL defend RE6- is now being heard by bigger people in the fanbase.
  9. The only option is CAPCOM. Capcom and Sega are seriously the only option we all should be picking. All other options are horrible and Capcom is our only option. We must make this happen. We must have a real true Sonic and Mega man and Street Fighter video game.
  10. Yeah I'm GLAD I'm not the only one who thought this demo was NOT what RE is. Resident Evil is NOT walking Dead or PT or Silent Hill. Resident Evil is NOT a serious game. Resident Evil was always a campy, insane, out of control and fun game series about super heroes saving the world from evil companies trying to take over the world... with BIO WEAPONS. - not just boring zombies that take over the world in a nonrealistic way. Why nonrealistic you ask? Cause if you think about it.. how does a virus take over the world in one night like in Walking dead or any other " realistic " zombie movie.- Plot twist they DON'T. RE is actually more realistic as it was when it was crazy. Cause the government there like in reallife STOPS the viruses. I hope this gets changed cause it's not what classic RE was and people asking this are just asking for Walking dead or PT and need to go play those games and leave capcom alone.
  11. I turned off all the advance settings on my tv and it seemed to help. There's a bit of lag still there but it improved a little bit. It's hard to tell without tools and such. Kindof going about it by feel. I'll try to see if there are settings in the game to loosen up the controls as using the stick feels like it's still lagging. T.T And my poor jumping... dear god. It feels like I never played a sonic game... which is not true at all. That's how bad the lag is.
  12. I REALLY need some help, and google hasn't produced results making me think I'm going crazy or my PS4 is busted. See I'm trying to play Sonic Generations on my PS4 and I can't. The input lag is too extreme. My internet is 200 down and 75 up so it's not my net at all. Matter of fact I had this issue with this same game on 360 when it came out and on my PS3. Is there no way to fix this insane lag on this game? Cause as of now it's flat out unplayable.
  13. Uncharted 4 is a fucking 10 out of 10 for me. I'm only in like the 11th chapter but DAMN SON. This game had me screaming with joy at parts, those set pieces, that gun fight in the beginning of the game. Where you meet Sully, the lighting effects, the music, the banter. I'd marry this game if I could. Never before has a game had me SCREAM in joy. SHIT I was in a depression spike when I got my copy, this game cured my spike. That's all I'm saying. Fucking 10 out of fucking 10.
  14. Where I fight, I fight alone. Where I walk, I walk alone. - Teleports-