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  1. Super sonic will make his mark soon enough. I can feel it. Like the sunshine.. but can you feel it?
  2. Also to b fair here, Sonic is literally OP in this comic... before that effect here he ran on mud while falling in the air. Don't question Archie Sonic's OPness. He is a god. lol
  3. That last pic only makes the movie version look that much off to me. Least it's better then the first version but it still a ways off.
  4. Oh I mean Eggman has plot armor... so by that alone he can never die. Sega would not allow Shadow killing him now. Thats what I meant by that, it's a plot that'll always fail due to main character plot armor.
  5. AS far as sonic killing his foes, I like to think about that like.. it's just anime. The most anime plots has Sonic killing demons, aliens and gods. I don't think we were meant to think about it this deeply. Tho to relate this to rather Sonic should've listened to Shadow or not, I think it wouldn't have mattered anyway. To be completely fair, even if Sonic were like " Fine, go off him then." Shadow would've most likely failed and Eggman would be right back where he is now and we'll still have the metal virus. I guess the long short of it I'm trying to say is while I get the debate on saying it's Sonic's fault... but did we or anyone actually expect Sonic to treat Eggman like the few demons aliens and gods he's fought before? Cause if you spin the record a sudden way you could say Sonic's been at fault since the first game. He hasn't killed Eggman after he blew up the planet THREE times, unleashed who knows how many gods/demons on the planet, blew up the moon. and did I mention he literally blew up earth 3 times? If Sonic didn't think it was worth it to kill Eggman after that alone then the metal virus is no different. I'm debating if Sonic should face judgement for that choice in the comic to be honest, tho I guess that's what the debate is actually about. And based on what I just wrote... No. I don't think he should face judgement... not for the Resident Evil like virus anyway. IT would make for a neat plotline for a little bit, but overall if we're going to say this is Sonic's fault.. then Sonic has ALOT to answer for. The Bio Hazard shouldn't even be on the list. Dude let Eggman live after Eggman BLEW UP THE PLANET. Dragon Ball Z villains can't even say they were able to do that.
  6. Heh.. I actually like the sonic in the games as he doesn't look like some odd fuzzy animal trying to be Sonic the Hedgehog. Movie sonic looks bad -still- AND he's not as cool. He's inmature and just comes off as trying WAY too hard. Game Sonic or normal sonic or SONIC himself is just fine. I can't pinpoint the thing but there's a difference and movie sonic has a LONG way to go in looks and persona.
  7. I need this issue, and so far I think this all gets solved by sonic going super. Like I can't see it any other way. Actually I think we NEED a super sonic showing soon. I really need this issue so bad now.
  8. I don't know if I'm down for a replacement but I wouldn't mind a new villain to show up with his or her own plans they made themselves. Like the storybook games, someone with their own desires and whatnot that Sonic has to take down. I'll be down for that, It'll freshen up the world and give us more things for Sonic to go up against.
  9. I wish I could get inside Ian's head and see how he plans on plotting this arc out. I've been MIA from Sonic for awhile so I'm legit catching up on everything in IDW sonic. Next paycheck I'mma have to order all the past issues so I'll have my collection. Or to start my collection. After watching Archie Sonic die I kindof left the product for awhile. So being back... Time to catch up. Also I'm odd but - Metal Virus- is fun to say in an upbeat tone lol.
  10. While the updated design is better, I still hold my opinion that this movie would've been better if it was 1. Animated fully, and 2. Stuck more inline with the actual video games. We have games with fun, deep and some dark themes in them already. They could've redid or retold Sonic Adventure in full 3D. How cool would've it had been to see a full fight with Perfect Chaos and Bio-Hazard at the big screen? Why do we NEED tom the boring cop to stuff Sonic in a bookbag for cheap laughs instead of Sonic cracking jokes running from an oversized monster truck tearing though Station Square? Why place Sonic on boring stupid normal earth when we could be seeing the zany out of control earth that's in the games? I will never understand the -NEED- to put him in the human world and make that the POINT. WE already have sonic in the human world.. it's called every sonic game on Dreamcast. SA1 and SA2 to my point. I guess in other words it wasn't a point we needed to explain. He was just THERE and it WORKED. Paramount has no respect for the canon and choose for worst to make up some boring plain fish out the water plot where they could've went completely SciFI and gave us a true sonic story where Sonic goes up against Eggman and all his kool insane mechs. Rant over. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are the movie for me. Not CareBears/Smurfs/boring the teddy bear retold with a sonic the hedgehog wannabe rip off model :c
  11. I mean one of the covers has Sonic literally charging at Eggman with the craziest shock/pissed face I've seen Sonic have xD. It's currently my BG on my S10 plus now. The cover with just their faces on it. I'mma try to find a linko Sonic vs Eggmans
  12. LOL. The raids man. THE RAIDS XD. Back on topic tho... I want issue 23 now. Think Sonic will try to infect Eggman?
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