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  1. happy birthday

  2. I'll just leave this here cause I believe this explains why a good chunk of people hate RE7's new take on the series. As far as my own opinion, I feel like screaming cause NOW it seems like everything I always said- because I defended and STILL defend RE6- is now being heard by bigger people in the fanbase.
  3. The only option is CAPCOM. Capcom and Sega are seriously the only option we all should be picking. All other options are horrible and Capcom is our only option. We must make this happen. We must have a real true Sonic and Mega man and Street Fighter video game.
  4. Yeah I'm GLAD I'm not the only one who thought this demo was NOT what RE is. Resident Evil is NOT walking Dead or PT or Silent Hill. Resident Evil is NOT a serious game. Resident Evil was always a campy, insane, out of control and fun game series about super heroes saving the world from evil companies trying to take over the world... with BIO WEAPONS. - not just boring zombies that take over the world in a nonrealistic way. Why nonrealistic you ask? Cause if you think about it.. how does a virus take over the world in one night like in Walking dead or any other " realistic " zombie movie.- Plot twist they DON'T. RE is actually more realistic as it was when it was crazy. Cause the government there like in reallife STOPS the viruses. I hope this gets changed cause it's not what classic RE was and people asking this are just asking for Walking dead or PT and need to go play those games and leave capcom alone.
  5. I turned off all the advance settings on my tv and it seemed to help. There's a bit of lag still there but it improved a little bit. It's hard to tell without tools and such. Kindof going about it by feel. I'll try to see if there are settings in the game to loosen up the controls as using the stick feels like it's still lagging. T.T And my poor jumping... dear god. It feels like I never played a sonic game... which is not true at all. That's how bad the lag is.
  6. I REALLY need some help, and google hasn't produced results making me think I'm going crazy or my PS4 is busted. See I'm trying to play Sonic Generations on my PS4 and I can't. The input lag is too extreme. My internet is 200 down and 75 up so it's not my net at all. Matter of fact I had this issue with this same game on 360 when it came out and on my PS3. Is there no way to fix this insane lag on this game? Cause as of now it's flat out unplayable.
  7. Uncharted 4 is a fucking 10 out of 10 for me. I'm only in like the 11th chapter but DAMN SON. This game had me screaming with joy at parts, those set pieces, that gun fight in the beginning of the game. Where you meet Sully, the lighting effects, the music, the banter. I'd marry this game if I could. Never before has a game had me SCREAM in joy. SHIT I was in a depression spike when I got my copy, this game cured my spike. That's all I'm saying. Fucking 10 out of fucking 10.
  8. Where I fight, I fight alone. Where I walk, I walk alone. - Teleports- 

  9. I added you on the CFN. I dunno if lobbies are working atm but I created one. 

    1. Hero


      Tried inviting you.


    2. Remynaka


      Yeah the network kicked me off T.T Logging on again.

    3. Hero


      Hope these matches aren't too laggy for you. 

    4. Remynaka


      Nah they are running smooth. After this last match lets go to the character select screen


      Gonna try Ryu, I've been only playing with them so far. As you can see. I can't wait til the trials come out. I need them. 

    5. Hero


      Changing the lounge settings is taking some time. 

    6. Remynaka


      You have skype Can type on there and it'll be faster.

  10. OH SHIT... I found you XD. And you're on PC. Kool. PS4 user here. CROSSPLAY.
  11. XD Oh I see where you stand. I just can't read today, we are in full agreement. I just find it funny that people forget this is normal for Capcom. And I didn't know it actually WAS released early, I DO remember capcom saying their plans for future content and whatnot. I didn't think it was cause of an early release. Honestly I thought this time was normal for them, seeing if I remember correctly Street Fighter X Tekken was released around this time, and a few years before that Super IV was around this time too. My bad for not doing my own research XD. But yeah totally agreed with you man. If you ever want a punching bag to train with hit me up. My IGN is Remynaka on the CFN. I've been playing SF for years but I still suck pretty hard.
  12. I think I agree. I'm not complaining about the bare boneness of V since I'm used to it. I think MKX just spoiled alot of people since Fighting games were not known for huge story modes like what MK has done. I'm not saying Capcom gets a complete pass, but thinking about it I'm not going to get mad at them. This is what they always do. To be honest I'm lost. I'm happy V is out, tho there is a tiny part of me that thinks people would be happier if they pushed it back. I dunno, I'm just going to blame MKX lol.
  13. I mean I'm not saying they are the same, but compared to Super IV it was extremely barebones. But if you want a better example, there's MVC3, Street Fighter 3 New generation, SFA, and the first Xmen vs Street fighter. None were as bare bones as V but they are bare compared to the add ons that followed. Which was my main point. My bad for not being clear about that. T.T
  14. Yeah I feel like people are spoiled from MKX and 9. Capcom did what they always do, release a barebones SF and add on things afterwards. The only difference is we don't have to buy a "super" version to get the new stuff. I watched a few videos and I can't say they are wrong, but are spoiled. I will say Capcom should've took note of the times and planned their release better, with MKX fresh on people's minds you can't just keep doing what you have been doing for 25 plus years. I hope this doesn't push them back too far, I'm enjoying the shit out of SFV. I would hate for it to get bombed.
  15. MIKO!

    1. Jetronic