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  1. I wished they listen to the first bit of backlash. But if showing me the rings and how the animations are gonna cause those people massive overtime is posed to make me feel sorry for them. I wont and dont. This isnt sone free movie given to us. They want us to pay for it. So if you want my money. You make a product that's worth it. Period.
  2. I'm not gonna lie, I was beyond abit emotional with my last post. But my point still stands, this should've NEVER got this far and to be fair I did state that who ever idea it was to make that turd of a design needs to lose his job. I also did say it needs to be delayed hardcore cause this is just ... look there's no other word for it but stupid. They dont get a pass cause they worked hard. I'm sure Rise of lyric workers worked hard. I'm sure Sega making 06 shadow, and forces worked hard. Doesnt mean we take that crap. This should've been burned MONTHS ago. They knew this design was trash, they knew about the backlash. Sega... delay this crap, get it away from paramount. Just use the stuff from sonic unleashed and make an animated fully movie. Pull a SE,only make it good. Seriously. Stop making stupid choices with your IP. PLEEEASE!!!
  3. They should've thought about that before they approved that crap. Cancel it, delay it I dont care. They just need to fix it period. And shame on Sega for letting them go this far. :c
  4. Buck that. I dont care if the animators have to work overtime. Sonic has a real basic motherbucking design across 5 cartoons, over 50 games plus AND 3 to 4 comic book series. There was and is NO excuse to get his design so wrong. I'm glad they are fixing it cause who ever thought that getto mess of butthole crap was decent needs to lose their job money and respect. It should've never hit the drawing board. Why are people this stupid? When sonic freaking 06 is better then you, then you lost ALL respect. The fuck.
  5. Just cause 99.9% of this fanbase hates a design that lacks any good traits and doesn't look like sonic at all and want better of this film doesnt make us toxic. It makes us fans with standards.
  6. I wouldn't be ok with that. It sounds like the animators are just lazy and dont want to keep him on model. :c
  7. Still looks MILES better than that insult of a design. Sorry you're not winning us over here. Detective Pikachu proves you wrong anyway.
  8. They should just use game sonic 100% and lose this realistic or butt ass ugly design. Why must producers be so fucking stupid. Leave the design alone. Good God I hate Hollywood.
  9. I think sega and paramount have no respect. It's nothing but egos saying this is what -I- think without actually understanding what makes the design work at all. It's like movie producers forgot how to produce and are only making fab fiction crap they somehow think will sell. Poor sonic.
  10. Because Sega and everyone who touches this series has no respect. Like how hard is it to put the actual freaking CORRECT design in this movie? They need to kill their stupid egos cause that's all this is. EGOS! And it's not even a case where you can go. " I see why they did this" . Kill the ego, respect the design, make a damn good product you can be proud of. Its NOT hard Hollywood.
  11. What the actual buck is this? No excuse for this mockery of a sonic design when we live in a world where we can see a live pokemon and they still look like pokemon. Yet sonic has to out of it's way to -fit- in? Get the hell out of here, the design sucks and if Sega wants to save face they need to put their foot down and MAKE them change that horrible excuse for a design. As an artist this insults me, as a fan this kills me and as the literal face of sega, it should make them see no respect was shown to THEIR design. I give up. Nintendo take sonic from sega.
  12. To be fair... FFXIV has you collect 7 colorful birds and when you collect all 7 you get a golden bird. No I'm not making this up. It feels like a flat out sonic meme in that mmo lol.
  13. The big question is does IDW or any other company WANT to do sonic comics? That's what I'm worried about, and can anyone else do the comic justice and not make it into a for kids only book that'll last for only like a season? I think Archie got away with so many issues - actual comic issues - is cause Sonic was their best selling book. I don't think Sonic would sell well under any other company.. I could be wrong but who knows. I'm just throwing snow balls here' - insert chicago accent-
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