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  4. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Great fun so far! Having no real problems with the controls, and the resolution is only an issue with the HUD on the iPhone 4. I only experienced a framedrop once, and that was when I was thrown very high into the sky. Smooth as silk other than that! The special stages are a but daunting at first, but I was able to get an emerald the second time lying down in my bed! So just takes the initial try to get used to what's going on. I guess the main issue is you're not controlling Sonic, but the level itself. Still fun though! I don't like how the game doesn't seem to play through uninterrupted though. Each time I finish and act or special stage, I'm taking to a menu where I can (seemingly) select ANY zone and play immediately, even if I haven't 'unlocked' it by playing it through the main game. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Either way, I love it! Was worth the wait.
  6. I don't own any consoles (other than a MEGA DRIVE 2, what else do I need right?) anymore, so the iPhone version it is for me! I'm hoping it's midnight release too.
  7. SoA

    Sonic Free Riders Music Thread

    God no. His name was Ben.
  8. SoA

    Sonic Free Riders Music Thread

    The song is called 'Free.' It was written by Jun Senoue, with lyrics (I think backing vocals also, so expect a Crush 40 version if I'm correct) by Johnny Gioeli, arranged and produced by Richard Jacques with Chris Madin on vocals.
  9. SoA

    Want to feel Nostalgic?

    Wow! You're very lucky to have videos like this I felt I was sitting in your Dad's shoes there watching you open your Genesis, haha. I didn't get that luxury. My Dad was too excited to contain himself and when I got home from my Gran's house on my Birthday he was sitting there, with it unwrapped, playing it! I couldn't care less at the time, connected up a second controller and jumped into a game of Streets of Rage. Simpler times indeed.
  10. 6 years or so I did a rock remix of Boss Act 2 from Sonic and Knuckles which was fair popular. Oh, and I own and run JunSenoue.com and Crush40.net if that counts!
  11. SoA

    Super Sonic Songs

    I've added 50 more copies to the shop. Anyone who still wants a copy should head to JunSenoue.com for details!
  12. SoA

    Super Sonic Songs

    Hey guys, just to let you know that the preview for this CD goes live in 5 minutes at The Official Crush 40 Website. I hope you all enjoy it! Martin.

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