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  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. *Listens as she descends according at whatever strange, slow semblance of gravity has power in this world* *Lands in Marth's arms* Oh you miserable fools. Aaaaand then she was in a yoshi egg. Pressed against Marth like a babe clutched close by her mothers. PIKA! Listen here, mofos. I want your goddam attention. *burst out of the egg with Marth, brush herself off* "Pika. Pi." *Sign and marker from the nether space...scribble scribble.* "PI D<" *The sign consists of a female symbol and an arrow pointed towards herself*
  3. ~*Pikachu*~ Occupation: One-time creature of the vast free plains of Kanto's tall grass, Pikachu was captured most ruthlessly by a Pokedex-filling, heartless, no good and no fun SOB. This trainer kept her stored away on a PC for days and then months. Oak kept her next to the Electrodes in the compound, where she plotted with her compatriots for escape... Personality: Not your Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. This megalomaniac of a mouse is desperate to prove that she's at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, her...speech impediment is an obstacle to showing just how intimidating she is. -- Her trainer was so tiny in the long dark tunnel that Pikachu could have crushed him in one paw. Pikachu bounded through the endless hall, grinning as her little so-called owner got clsoer and closer to her outstretched arms. I'mma getchoo! I'mma getchoo, and I'mma eatchoo! EATCHOO! "PIIIIIKAAA PIIII!" Her voice boomed like the coming apocalypse as her Ash-wannabe fell on his ass screaming, raising a useless arm to shield himself from the inevitable. Meanwhile in the real world, the sleeping pikachu kicked at the air, grinning, as she warped on top of the sandbag. Moments later, Marth's sword whacked her along one of the stripes of her back. Electricity sizzled and slashed through the arena as she went flying high into the air. "PIIIIIIIIIIK--?! D:!!!"
  4. Oh goodness. I learned to read on Goosebumps, much to the chagrin of my highly religious grandparents, who were convinced that my adventures into the occult would bring on demonic possession or something. (R.L. Stine wishes he could write horror so effective). These were silly, silly books associated with an even sillier TV show. I have to say, though, after JonTron took my down memory lane with his special on the television show, I decided to see what the book series was up to in these latter-2000 day and...it seems like it's gotten weird. All the latest books bring in every imaginable villain and throws it into some bizarre overworld continuity spanning multiple novels. This movie looks like it will be touching on that nonsense. Which should be awesome o/
  5. It's not the views that are off the charts, but the way they're presented. Trolling is a matter of style.
  6. Technically, I've been lurking here since 2009 :3 He may be sincere, but them tactics is troll tactics )8 The rhetoric's just too perfectly annoying to be unintentional. ...I really couldn't believe that someone thought this was really the appropriate way to make this argument. It would hurt me too deeply ;;
  7. Turns out, I may have to vote Democratic after all this :| I know what Obama's likely to do, I think it would be disastrous, but I don't know what Romney's going to do. And if he does what he says he'll do, which he might, it would start a major war :|

  8. Hey SU, could we talk sometime soon, please? If you're not able to, I understand, but I could really use someone to talk to.

  9. Nah, I'm not saying we should never change. That's not a fair reading at all. Read this again: "I'm not saying the current arrangement is just or that no change is called for; indeed, justice is an unattainable (though intensely desirable) ideal such that there will always be a better world to (thoughtfully and carefully) strive for." I believe in change. But frequently we take what progress we have made for granted. That's not to shame people for being ungrateful, but to remind us that that progress can be lost. Institutions can change not only to become more fair and open, but also more corrupt and more oppressive--and often in the most complex, unpredictable, and counter-intuitive of ways. Such collapse almost always begins with an idealist with a new idea and the best intentions in the world. So the reason I'm saying all this isn't to justify old evils, but to be vigilant and suspicious of new ones entering on us in sheep's clothing. And again this should not be read to say that I oppose any and all change or that I believe the present state is paradise. It's a more nuanced argument than that, folks )8
  10. Honestly, it just reminds me of how much the anti-business mass has in common with folks who think the world is run by the Illuminati--as if there's a Billionaire Organization out there that colludes in its hivemind to run everything from the New Yorker to the Libertarian Party. I mean, stuff can be fairly corrupt, democratically moronic, and money-based, but if you want a really corrupt system, go hang out in China for a while. Western institutions are pretty cool in the grand scheme of things.
  11. Wouldn't really call war conservative, nor would I call giving the HUD effectively complete control of the majority holders of mortgage capital control (GSEs) "letting Wall Street run wild." Still, since Romney's as much of a hawk and a statist as Obama in these two regards, why am I talking about conservatism anyway? Econometrics is... a malleable "science" :3c It's the field that can tell us gun-laws either save or lose between 12 and 15 lives a year in a given area depending on who's crunching the numbers in what manner. Likewise, in politics, the "jobs" involved are basically imaginary functions of political spin. Oh goodie. Another HUD-esque bureaucracy. I dunno. I dislike little quotes like this. They're like the sound-bytes lawyers give in their closing arguments--they make reference to facts, sure, but they're really just a lot of rhetoric designed to manipulate an audience with half-truths as grounded in the real arrangement of things as any other kind of propaganda. It's the essence of election season in one three-paragraph essay.
  12. ah xD Well, sorry to rub a sore spot. The test may represent my views accurately compared to an American scale, and it may represent Obama's relative to a world scale. It does not, however, represent both my views and the candidates' views in comparable terms, and I suspect the same is true relative to everyone else taking the test. I guarantee my views about authority, religion, abortion, family law, ethical welfare, education, and national identity are to the right of Obama.
  13. I agree; I feel more or less the same way about Ron Paul and especially Sarah Palin, and a lot of other important politicians. They're populists or idealists who don't actually have a working understanding of the important issues. Still, he was genuinely popular and had a run at it based on pragmatic considerations of electability. Such is democracy. I still don't see this primarily as a matter of race. OK, OK |D I disagree with the evaluation, but it's not worth rage. -- Edit: Also, those candidate points are ridiculous. Anything that puts me to the left of Obama seems a bit off.
  14. I understand the "race can be of political utility" bit, but I'm not sure how the sheep bit follows from this. Is what you're saying that people like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain are more cookie-cutter, party-manufactured ideologues rather than culturally black Republicans, and that their African-American supporters are thus sheep in some way? I s'pose? I just don't see Cain or Thomas or Sowell as being good examples of this. Cain was a serious candidate for president, not just a side-show, and the other two are influential intellectuals--however we may feel about their conclusions.
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