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  1. I’m working on my lineart samples as we speak! 🤞
  2. That was actually something Jon didn’t necessarily mean to reference, but when we were figuring out colors schemes for the kids we decided to run with it!
  3. Hey guys! Here's a logo-less version of Jon's and my cover for #14!
  4. I love how the spotlight on Jen's cover shines over top of the Sonic logo! It's funny, I'd say most of the covers from 1-4 have part of a character or something edited in front of the logo.
  5. Definitely. If it wasn't for the hours and hours spent raising my Chao I probably wouldn't be as into Sonic stuff as I am now. Would love to see them appear frequently in backgrounds of the IDW comics, I loved how they would cameo in Jon Gray's pencils often.
  6. Unsure if this was shown before but this looks gorgeous! Would love to see that background colored ?
  7. For anyone interested, here's the graphic I made! The cast of Sonic is working together to promote the event! No more negativity guys, even Eggman is helping! Let's have fun!
  8. @caseykz: I think I've seen this before awhile ago! I love that panel where Shadow's super form fades away instantly as he begins to fall! @goku262002: Hey, yeah. I apologize it's been way too long. There are a lot of personal things going on with me and people close to me that have kind of smacked my SA2 motivation a bit...I don't plan on quitting, it's just a little crazy where I am right now with life and loved ones. I'll get back to it when I can, but again I'm sorry for the wait
  9. Here's a podcast where Adam Bryce Thomas is the special guest! The interview with him begins at 21:35
  10. 2 more Archie Sonic characters! Honey and Cassia!
  11. Thanks! I'm trying very hard to get in! Most of my pictures I will sketch/pencil on paper, scan the page, ink on Photoshop with the pen tool, and color on Photoshop as well! Here's Eclipse the Darkling!
  12. Hey guys! I've been around the forums a little bit following mostly the Archie Sonic stuff and showcasing my Sonic Adventure 2 Fancomic (here: Link) but I thought it was time to make a thread about all of my artwork in general. All can be found on my deviantart (http://ziggyfin.deviantart.com/) but I'll post new things here. Right now I'm working on a big Archie Sonic picture that will have every character from the new continuity! It'll take awhile so I'll be posting the individual characters as I make 'em! Here's some of my more recent shenanigans: Here's things that I colored:
  13. Battle Bird Armada When they attacked and lazered Castle Acorn.
  14. I'm so stoked you guys, @Nerfuffle's art has been fantastic so far, so this is very exciting!
  15. Yardley, Amash, and Herms are such an amazing art team. Just look at that. Beautiful.
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