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  1. Don't know if anyone has seen this, but I found a Christmas-themed Sonic music video I really like featuring a great track by yuletide music heroes Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Enjoy!
  2. Last month I was in Asbury Park for about a week with my old man, and during my visit there, we went to a pinball museum, and ever since then, I've been on a pinball kick and I've been buying and playing LOTS of pinball games. I came across a program called "Future Pinball". There's many different free tables available for it. Legally re-created versions of real pinball machines and fan-made ones. It's a great program, but many of the tables are ridiculously difficult, even the re-creations of the real pinball machines are alot harder than they should be. And none of SEGA's pinball machines have been re-created for it yet, and that's a bummer, because I'd love to play Apollo 13 and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein on it. But at least some of Data East's have been re-created for it
  3. This is freaking hilarious, because it's a character from a game targeted at kids in the attract mode for a pinball machine that's based on a TV show targeted at adults XD See attached image. Image courtesy of ipdb.org
  4. Well first it was The Beatles, then Bruce Springsteen, then the Rolling Stones, and I've finally found my next artist or group to associate with Sonic, and that is AC/DC! Here are some songs I've picked out so far for each character: Sonic:Shoot To Thrill (or Thunderstruck) Tails:It's A Long Way To The Top Knuckles:Kissin' Dynamite Amy:Sink The Pink (because she's such a stupid b-tch XD ) Shadow:Back In Black (this one is too obvious) Rouge:You Shook Me All Night Long
  5. *sigh* Just when I think someone here has given me feedback, it's just a post saying that the thread was moved... X_X
  6. Made it this afternoon, and I've gotten excellent feedback on it so far. One person I showed it to thought it was beautiful, and another said they were blown away! It's a video about Heero & Relena with "The Closer I Get To You" by Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (yeah, experimenting a little)
  7. I heard about the Megadrive vinyl, but didn't know about the Dreamcast one or the Sonic R one you just mentioned. Still either way, hearing a song from a VG on wax is awesome.
  8. So I'm subscribed to this guy on YouTube that I'm also friends with. And last night, one of the videos he uploaded was THIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gAmD1mHiqU If that doesn't say kick ass, I don't know what does!
  9. What the hell is our government trying to do to us? Do they just think "Oh well, SOPA failed! Let's try and get the same law passed only in a different form, and if it gets rejected, we'll keep doing it until people start getting tired of hearing about it!"?
  10. We can only hope..... Capcom has however ported Megaman X to the iOS recently, but that doesn't equal redemption. It's a step in the right direction, but still.
  11. Because there was no DLC back then. That's the only reason they could get away with it in the past.
  12. What can I say about Capcom? I used to be a fan of theirs, but ever since 2011, they've been making alot of bad business decisions, and they've been treating their fans like garbage. Really sad. So I consider the Capcom I used to know dead. They cancel Megaman Universe, they cancel Megaman Legends 3 and blame the fans for it being cancelled (not to mention Keiji Inafune wanted to continue the project, and they wouldn't let him), they release an update of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 only 9 months after the original game came out with a bunch of stuff that should've been DLC instead of a new physical game disc, they sold Devil May Cry to Ninja Theory, they remove the option to delete save games from Resident Evil:Mercenaries, it's sad like I said. So, I put together a tribute video to the Capcom of yesteryear for everyone to remember that they didn't use to be as bad as they are today and used to make quality titles. I'm aware that I left out several important titles, but you can only fit so many games into a 3 minute video.
  13. Your Tails avatar is cute.

  14. I've played a few other NASCAR games, and they all sucked. This is the first one I've played that I actually enjoy playing! The version I've been playing is the 3DS version. This is like Hardcore NASCAR, because you get points for smashing other cars, destroying road signs, running over traffic cones and cause other kinds of destruction. And you can make rivals during a race too. This is crazy insane fun! Finally a NASCAR game that's actually good! I hope I can eventually get the Wii version in the future!
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