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  1. whew!! Last few months have been a nightmare! Second MARS page is up! also here's a Boom!knuckles that I drew in Medibang Paint, and an Evil Jim (from the Earthworm Jim cartoon) in Sai from november because I'm really proud of him
  2. After being stuck in photoshop hell for nearly a month, here is the first page of Sonic Mars!!! Hoping to upload the next entry in a fortnight!
  3. I feel like super bad with myself because I said I'd get the first page of my fancomic up within a week but I still haven't finished it because of outside factors.


    I'm trying to work on it now but I'm just... physically struggling to focus on it. Maybe I'll move on to the line clean up of the other pages and then do the coloring and text by next week.

  4. And now for more SONIC MARS content! It's not all cover arts, I swear! Hoping to get a page or two out within a week!
  5. My username is actually an amalgamate of E-102 Gamma and Kagamine Rin. I felt as though a combination of my two favourite characters of all time would represent me best.
  6. I've gotten into collecting game soundtracks, specifically SEGA and Vocaloid ones, but I'll probably venture into Nintendo and film media ones soon too. Would love to get the SEGA TUNES box set but that'll probably make me bankrupt haha.
  7. Just had a flick through some of your art. REALLY love your use of textures, especially screentones/halftones, they really make your work pop out. Real good stuff ?
  8. Recently gone back to uni and I've realized how much I miss 3D modelling. I'd like to welcome it back into my my life with open arms but then there's the UV mapping that accompanies it and I am really not a fan of that XD

    1. Nepenthe


      UV mapping is garbage tier work.

    2. Maddnsk


      Nobody likes uv mapping it sux :v 

    3. FaultyWindmill


      Oh forget the mapping. I like my UVs to be in entirely uncharted territory. You have to take these risks!

  9. Playing with making an older Sticks design atm, with my main focus being on her attire... And something that I finished a little while ago is this Sonic Battle-styled Miku. And lastly, it's everyone's favourite robot- EggRobo !
  10. Ahhhh these are so good!! They all look really authentic as if they COULD have been in a 16-bit Sonic. I especially love the CD Labrynth and your Oasis zone concepts. The crystals reminds me of the ones from the Ristar bonus rounds: Cannot wait to see more!
  11. Drawing Sonic characters with semi-detailed mouths just looks really wrong...

    Screenshot (42).png

  12. So here's a preview of a thing that I'm currently working on... More details to come but for now all you gotta know for now is that this is set in the SONIC BOOM universe, but I hope it's something that people who aren't BOOM fans will also enjoy.
  13. Really good stuff!! I love your lineart and the genderswaps of Sonic and Shadow are actually kind of cute! Your most recent painting reminds me of the 2d style in Sonic and the Black Knight. Think it's probably the overall warmness and dark shadows. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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