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  1. I was genuinely under the impression that Sonic would be traveling to different planets, though I reserve the right to be wrong, there. Also, "Galaxy" in the Mario Galaxy series is really better stated as "planet with a lot of weird stuff drifting around it." EDIT: Funny enough, they call the large areas that contain these galaxies "Worlds." Confusing enough? One could say: In the Mario Galaxy universe, a galaxy is a planet contained in a galaxy called a world.
  2. Eggman is incredibly well rounded. olololo Sorry.
  3. I just skimmed this thread after having not seen it at all, and whether or not you mean to, you make yourself sound kinda butthurt about this. Just FYI, nothing personal, etc., your sarcasm's just a little heavy and wounded. I mean, seriously. I'm not trying to start crap here, but it's a Sonic platformer that takes place exclusively in space immediately following the completion of a mega-hit Mario platformer that does the same thing, which Sonic Team doubtlessly knew was in development for some time. There is nothing else needed for anyone with the most elementary powers of observation to draw at least some obvious parallels; having a drill item/power only quirks the proverbial eyebrow ever higher. Do I care that it's probably borrowing some elements from a specific, successful Mario game? No, because I think it'll probably make it turn out better. Maybe some of that Mario mojo will rub off! Then again, I might be letting the fun of one game hype a similar game farther than it should. There's nothing to say Sega can successfully pull off Nintendo quality merely by borrowing a few themes. But I'm reeeeally hopin'.
  4. lol, thanks for caring about me - I thought noone did :-P

  5. Hey, you got no friends or comments. BE MY FRANNND.

  6. EDIT: Post@flyboy, but I was too slow. Nahhh, I wasn't trying to imply it was entirely from status. It's just bolstered by it. I mean, I've even up-repped you several times over, to my recollection, but it was for things you said that I thought were genuinely good and poignant. Still, sorry to give you that impression; no harmed feelings intended. DOUBLE EDIT: On that note, the way I see the rep system, I don't care how much rep somebody already has. I look at the post, and if I think it's a good post that says useful information, or is funny, or whatever, I up-rep it, regardless of whether or not I just down-repped that same person five minutes prior. I cancel myself out lots like that, but I think the biggest value of it isn't affecting somebody's rep number, but showing the quality of an individual post.
  7. Aahhh, rep. My e-peen extends like Pinocchio's nose at the very sight of the color green under my posts. Anyway, doesn't help that the post above yours saying the opposite was staff/admin. I mean, it's not really staff's fault that ass kissers lurk heavily in the crowds and give them +rep for continuing to exist, do their jobs, and consume oxygen, but, you know. Them's the breaks. Also, sometimes seemingly pointless -rep incidents are window misclicks. I've done that a couple times myself (once today), but I usually find another random post by the same person to up-rep to compensate for my grievous error.
  8. Topic is win. I was just thinking about this a day or two ago. Motora / Motobug Utterly useless, pointless, and helpless, with wee, twiddly little arms. Rolls harmlessly in one direction; now upgraded with amazing turning technology as of Sonic 4. I love it. Kamakiller / Slicer My favorite robot. ... to poop on. I actually hate these guys to death with their uncanny ability to stab me in the face with scythes when I least expect it, but there was something incredibly satisfying to just killing them. They're like Sonic's own Hammer Brothers, but less tenacious. Unidus / Orbinaut / Starpointer / Pola / whatever I think this might be one of the most recurring robot besides Kiki. The Sonic series lacks a strong line of recurring, familiar mooks, but Unidus and Kiki are probably the ones we've seen most. The ones that never drop their spikes in Launch Base were extra-satisfying to kill, since it's one of the few times in the game the insta-shield is necessary.
  9. From the Mario Galaxy 2 Sonic Colours manual: "The orange one is a Co-Star Luma Tails, who will help Mario Sonic during his adventures." lol wearing out Galaxy similarities But seriously, it could happen. Maybe we'll see the return of 2P co-op, in some limited fashion. I actually think that'd be kind of cool. Imagine it: Player 1 is Sonic, player 2 is Tails. Tails automatically follows Sonic closely, but player 2 can pointer-click Sonic to airlift him (then use the stick to control), or use the pointer to attack enemies, grab items, etc. Anytime the player isn't putting in control input, making Tails walk around or whatever, he automatically (and immediately) reverts to tagging along like always.
  10. I started out as a diehard Tails fan when I was a kid. I didn't think Sonic 1 was all that hot, then Sonic 2 came along, and he was the cool new guy and all. Then I got into the comics, and SatAM, and all that, and I was like, "UGH, SONIC IS URKEL, 'LET'S JUICE,' HE'S SO LAME, TAILS FLIES AIRPLANES AND PILOTS SUBMARINES, HE'S COOL" and liked Tails all the way through Sonic Adventure. Couldn't stand Sonic in Sonic Adventure, either. Then one day, long before I had any strong taste for the internet, and was thus isolated in my fandom, I noticed the game had Japanese voice tracks, and switched it just for giggles, because I was bored. And, I did a double take. Suddenly, it became clear that Sonic wasn't even talking a lot of the time he was saying stupid things in English. Suddenly, Sonic was more short-spoken all around. I started looking up actual translations, and then I realized, hey, their Sonic is supposed to be kind of cool and badass. Then Sonic Heroes happened and even his JP version was yelling WEEE AUHH SOHNEEK HEERWOES, but by then I was like yeah wuteva. But even now, I think I still like Sonic the most. Knuckles probably comes in second for me, while I still have a small soft spot for Tails.
  11. For the love of... I think we all know from your last fifty other posts that you really mean "Metal Sonic can't compare to Shadow." If you'd pull your salivating face out of Shadow's imaginary hedgehog crotch for longer than the scant few seconds it takes you to make these thoughtless posts, you might find yourself able to appreciate some other characters, too. I'm just sayin'. Metal Sonic has his high points and low points, but I sincerely doubt this power level BS of yours is making anybody's day brighter. (Also, I'm not the one who downrated you, 'cause it looks like you've gotten enough of that lately. I'm trying to play nice, but I think I'm lapsing.) Anyway, I personally look forward to seeing how they handle Metal Sonic in his upcoming appearance (if that's actually true; I can't remember if it was really confirmed). I really hope they finally have him just go head to head with Sonic without the monster gimmicks and stuff. He's transformed into a giant, deformed version of himself what, twice now? He's a character with a lot more fun-potential than I think they've properly utilized. I don't see why he can't attack more head on, ala Hyper Metal Sonic from the OAV/OVA/whatever. I'm not even a big fan of the OAV, but it was cool to see him actually move his gnarly metal limbs a little. The games would make you think they were just decorative.
  12. May be different from region to region, because the US is a big place, but I can second this for the southeastern US. You won't likely find Sonic outside of Hot Topic unless you just get lucky in, say, a Sears or JC Penney or whatever. Mario shirts are in freakin' Wal-Mart, though. It sounds like Sonic is rockin' the UK, but yeah, I don't really encounter much of anything Sonic-related in my day-to-day shopping here, even when I go to shopping malls. Sonic still has a lot of power as a franchise, and I'm sure it'll be that way for a long time, but it's been ages since he was any kind of sensation, and the last time I remember any big promotions going on here, I think it was that thing with McDonald's years ago. Meanwhile, the UK is getting roller coasters rebranded, and crap like that. Go fig.
  13. Almost as bad as a black and red Sonic with guns and hoverskates mirite I kid. But seriously. My favorite side character... Well, let's see, I like, uhhh. ... Hm. This is telling. Oh! Would we consider Gamma a "side character"? He was pretty much badhard to the asscore. Plasma-missile-launching gunarm and laser targeting system, wheels for heels... I don't think there's been a bad-guy-gone-rogue-good-guy I've liked as much in a long time. He thinks, "Eggman's a bad guy. I feel a natural connection to little birdies. I'm going to reprogram myself and go blow the hell out of everything that stands between me and my little birdy friends," and does it all without the raging and general dark edginess of his successor, Omega. Don't get me wrong, Omega's aight; I can't dislike a robot with machineguns, flamethrowers, and missile launchers, who stomps around being angry and blowing things up, but, still. Gamma had this class and elegance that you don't see too often from chicken-legged egg robots. That, and he whipped up on Sonic a little, which is unprecedented for a generic Eggman mook bot.
  14. Aaahh, okay. It's more about just being disgusted with the attitude, not so much the outcome of the opinions and junk. I get where you're comin' from, then, and agree.
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