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  1. Bayonetta

    I just pre-ordered the game myself. I was stoked about it when I first saw the gameplay video with the vid of the fight on a falling clock tower. Loved the Devil May Cry series, so Bayonetta will be right up my alley.
  2. What game are you currently playing?

    Devil May Cry 4 (360) RuneScape (PC/Browser)
  3. Colour-blind gamers

    Halo 3 and ODST has already given their own response to the colorblind on online multiplayer with the showing that allies will have the tag hovering over their head all the time, while the enemy will not be.
  4. Dragon Age is Gay

    Yeah, I know. I was sad when a gay love story in Mass Effect didn't materialize. I would have so gone for Kaiden.
  5. Red hot walrus lovin'

    Being homosexual myself, I'm still having a hard time bending my mind around it. Who will be his chubby? Dumbledore?
  6. Dragon Age is Gay

    For some reason, this excites me. Makes me wonder who in BioWare suggests these kinds of thing...or do they just want to appease a broader audience? Speculations abound... Wyde: I come to kill you and your little dog too.
  7. Ring drop systems

    The old system did have its place, since it was competing with Mario, where there was the one touch and you are one more touch closer away from death gig. Nowadays, it doesn't work so well anymore, although it still worked fine. As long as it stays in the 2D games, it's good. Shadow's system was a little too powerful. Collect well over 300 rings and your unstoppable since you only lose ten rings a hit. Sonic 06's was a small improvement, where one bullet hit was 1 ring, which showed that harder attacks could be more damaging, but then they brought back the old system in the mix, and with Sonic 06's tech, it failed. Unleashed 360 was good, as it was "exponential." The more rings you had, the more you would lose in a hit. Usually it was about half of your rings, but drop below 20 rings and you'd loose all of them. I don't even remember how Wii's worked.
  8. Post Your Desktop

    I've always loved this screen-shot when it first came out.
  9. Hadron Collider Shuts Down

    Maybe they should just give it up. Everything else has gone wrong. Seriously, I'm too amused at this news.
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog 4

    I hope it's a full 2.5D, like the parts in Unleashed. I was thrilled with Unleashed and was deeply satisfied with it (yes, including Werehog), so a game fully like that would win big with me.
  11. The Avatar and Signature Topic

    The symbol of the Oroborus Alpha. The snake devouring its own tail (Oroborus, or Ouroborus and Uroborus) with an alpha character in the middle. I'd tell you the significance of that to me, but I can't tell you because it's a secret.
  12. Did Sonic meet Amy or Tails first?

    I always thought Sonic CD came after Sonic 2 because of where it fell in order of release. Since when has SEGA released prequels?
  13. A silly theory about Amy

    Guys, isn't it obvious? They're the freaking Power Bracelets from Legend of Zelda! How else could see have those unbelievably strong POW attacks in Chronicles? Someone inform Miyamoto STAT!! Seriously, I always thought they were just bracelets. For Shadow, I thought they were like modified Power Rings to keep him from going berserk with power.
  14. Drunk Driver Calls 911 on herself.

    I may be twisted, but I'm sort of amused at the idea of a drunk driver calling 911 on himself or herself. Just the same, I'm impressed she had the personal responsibility to do such. Because drinking wasn't the problem. Drinking while DRIVING is. There isn't technically anything wrong with drinking, so you can't ban a person from alcohol legally. You CAN ban someone from driving since driving is a PRIVILEGE granted to you by the State. They can take that away if you don't behave responsibly.
  15. Postal Strikes called off until January!

    A shame games like Mass Effect 2 won't come out until late January there, so that may still effect them, wouldn't it?