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  1. EC Airwaves on air and live video stream at 7 http://www.livestream.com/urtheart

  2. Hey remember who taught me what ghey means, so it's all your fault =3

  3. Dagh PSN can be realy sucky sometimes, will to conisder hiring an American assitant to get me PSN codes, I just want to play Spyro ;_;

  4. Tis all good, cause I am a misrible old git anyway.

  5. FYI man got your CDs, not listened yet as I got them at 11pm after coming home from work

    Also the distressed banana is awesome!

  6. Why wage war? I thought you found it comfy, surely it would make more sense to steal it?

    ... wait...

    *puts up electric fence around bathtub*

  7. wait WTF you mean I died?

  8. Wait I've not got the first cake done yet, you want a backup one?

  9. Dagh sorry luv MSN died, speak to you another time.

  10. Shall Spam you with the power of... of... Exploding Penguins! *throws Prinnies*

  11. Thanks dude, not by best performance but glad you liked it, I'd look up one of the original versions, so much better.

  12. Same old same old, nice to see you around here!

  13. *shakes his booty at Pirate rival*

  14. Where are you? I miss talking to you on MSN = (

  15. You be de Iceman... whom evidently also trains the PKMNs!

  16. Hello good sir, would you terribly mind if I added you to my PSN friends list, mine is looking rather bare atm.

  17. Sadly the normal avatar wil have to change soon before the end of the month.

  18. You kidding right? This is prime job hunting time!

  19. Nah just shattered from a 15 hour shift

  20. Thankies, which one, the Pixel art one or hand drawn one?

  21. Aww bugger, I was hoping to get to strike that bugger, but I was at work.

  22. ... come and talk to me?

    besides you know me well right?

    I mean how well do you want to know me? XP

  23. in response to your Fuck: Buggery XP

  24. Thank you for keeping that old comment I made in your sig, I forgot where I left it

  25. In a word, Ayup.

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