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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  2. Having opinions is fine, forcing it on others isn't and that is all I'm going to say on the matter.
  3. EC Airwaves on air and live video stream at 7 http://www.livestream.com/urtheart

  4. Hey remember who taught me what ghey means, so it's all your fault =3

  5. Uber Bump the 2nd Final redition, eventually titled the Babes of Batilthion. Heavy crit if you can on this one. I still luffs mah girls =3 In order they are Blondie, Aisling and Phia Did this tonight, again harsh crit if you can.
  6. Dagh PSN can be realy sucky sometimes, will to conisder hiring an American assitant to get me PSN codes, I just want to play Spyro ;_;

  7. Some very impressive stuff. Rules do state though one art topic per person, so I've merged this with your old topic.
  8. Tis all good, cause I am a misrible old git anyway.

  9. FYI man got your CDs, not listened yet as I got them at 11pm after coming home from work

    Also the distressed banana is awesome!

  10. Sorry to hear you don't like it here mate, sadly no room for topics like this.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  13. Why wage war? I thought you found it comfy, surely it would make more sense to steal it?

    ... wait...

    *puts up electric fence around bathtub*

  14. The choice ain't changing, couple of members who've had similar names before we changed it we allow to keep em, everyone else try and think of something that'll let us identify you, not that I put much effort into mine.
  15. There isn't one available to the public and if you are not on their list of accepted contacts your email will most likely be filtered as junk.
  16. Simply put, you are wasting your time. While the idea is nice, you lack any major support, no major company in the world will listen to the plee of a single person, the cost of developing the game and publishing it just isn't worth it. I've noticed you've got a petition for this cause too. That is a better starting point but again you need the support. The NiGHTS guys have got their own one going, http://www.nid15.com/ and that one has over 2000 members supporting it. I doubt this is enough still, as valient as the effort is, again to make a game for 2000 people is just a waste of money as you can't make a profit off it, so why make it in the first place. Sorry to crush you here but that's just the way it is.
  17. Authority assertion, some people believe that their view is right and should be followed as law. Regardless of if they are right or wrong they'll make sure they are known. Same reason peopple made such a fuss about Sonic's eye colour in Sonic 4.
  18. I will point something out to you guys, almost unrelated. Since we do not charge you to use these forums, you are a guest. The rules and regulations the admin put down are in theory non-negotianable, this includes the inclusion of word filters and such. Now to be fair we DO take you comments into consideration, as Dread is showing on this topic. However in the end you either have to respect the choices made, live with it or leave. In response to the actual issue at hand I couldn't give a flying three headed monkey and I personally do not see the need to demand a change simply for convinience when a little effort goes a long way. I have no opinon on TSSZ as a whole except I wish they would not use my full name, no one uses it, for the most part everyone calls me Urth both online and RL.
  19. wait WTF you mean I died?

  20. Wait I've not got the first cake done yet, you want a backup one?

  21. It's an old Cornish name means one without heart and my ancestor had it, I am as far as I am aware the only person living carrying that name anymore. Ok here are my thoughts on what people classed me (if I've missed you I'll catch up later) Dabnikz: Process of elimination, fair enough although I have no idea who Daria is. Chris: Epic Fail, also I'm not negative, I just have grumpy old man complex syndrome. Noir: *claps* You remembered my name, dunno how you found out about the 2 shiny Ralts, I remember saying I had 1 but I only got the 2nd as a gift recently. Pumpkimarafan Hill: Oi what's wrong with Urtheart as a name? Gunthidoodles:... so I like watvhing girly cartoons do I? *loads shotgun* Arron D. Cuthbert: A good guess on the batman side, sadly I know Cornish Gealic not Irish. Erebus: Pin the tail on the donkeh YoshiUnity: Hang on, you pointed out Urtheart was my middle name, yet then said I can't be 4 since I don't use my name... FAIL. However your guess was interesting, but yeah dating sims? Swiss: What's a Sharpie? Actually you're not too far off, I have been in a band, but I passed my driving stuff first time =D
  22. Well it depends on what contract he was on, it is possible to be on a contract where you own certain parts of creation (as we've seen with the whole Mighty Fiasco), but Archie was already set up and successfulish then (I think) so I doubt they would have made that mistake. However if the article is to be believed the US law has actually given him persmission to claim the copyright, but I have no idea how US law works so I'ma keep my mouth shut on that one. I r educated!
  23. Ok I am pretty sure Ken is infringing, or certainly would be if he went solo releasing ones using character he created, on what is known as a "Registered Design". Basically SEGA own the design style of the characters used in the Sonic Series. Basically all fan characters infringe on this but SEGA don't care too much about those as they are non profit and big the series up yadda yadda. However characters like Lien and Rob'o etc all fall under that "Registered Design" and I assume that most of em had to go through SEGA for approval anyway. As such by using them outside of the Sonic Series, certainly for a profitable view which he obviously wants, would be illegal. Yay for Games Legal and Business subject in Uni! *gets popcorn* I want to see how this turns out, if someone doesn't get set on fire I'll be disapointed.
  24. They also revealed the new Shotgun, people guessed right about the new one in the Mac advert. http://www.teamfortress.com/engineerupdate/ Not sure what I think of it tbh, have to get it in my hands, but the idea is a good un.
  25. Dude wasn't an attack at you, we're laughing our butts off at your analysis. If we put our info up on here then it is meant to be seen. All I meant by my comment is sometimes the most obvious answer is correct, sometimes it isn't. You've dun bugger all wrong. More importnatly you have achieved what we set out to do, give you some fun.
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